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Britannia Road Environmental Assessment Completed

The environmental assessment for expansion of Britannia Rd is complete. A report to be presented at the Planning & Public Works meeting on March 19th will outline the details of the EA.

This now opens the door to get shovels in the ground to expand Britannia Road from Tremaine Road to HWY 407.

This project was accelerated back in 2008 by Halton Region as it was originally slated to START in 2021 if you can believe it. The EA process has been long due to dealing with property acquisitions AND funding.

It wont be done right away but at least we can look forward to this long awaited and much needed project to begin sometime in 2015 if everything goes to plan.

For more info on this project visit the Halton wesbite page

What to do on Family Day in Milton 2014

Wondering what to do on Family Day in Milton? Here’s a list of events for February 17th.

You can come meet Toronto Rock lacrosse player Garret Billings who is going to hold a clinic as well to show kids this great game (AND Canada’s official game to boot)  Im looking forward to seeing this great new facility as well, so join me at the opening of the Milton Indoor Turf Centre.

ALSO…keep in mind that at the Milton Sports Centre there will be an event with big screens showing our VERY OWN Travis Gerrits as he goes for gold at the Olympics. If you are going to that event, please wear RED AND WHITE to show your support.

Show your Support for Travis Gerrits!

Cheer on Milton’s own Travis Gerrits as he competes for gold in freestyle aerial skiing at Sochi. Catch all the action on three big screens in the lobby, gymnasium and Banquet Room of the Milton Sports Centre. A DJ will also be spinning tunes to get you into the spirit of the games!

Don’t miss this opportunity to support a hometown hero! Travis is scheduled to compete at the following times:

8:45 am: First round qualifier
9:30 am: Second round qualifier
12:30 pm: First round final
12:55 pm: Second round final
1:12 pm: Third round final

In celebration of Sochi 2014, various Olympic events will be screened between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. Olympic-themed family games will also be available in the gymnasium from 10:15 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 to 3:00 pm.

Milton Education Village Getting Closer?

According to an article in The Toronto Star, it looks like the provincial government in Ontario is making headway to possibly choosing more than the 3 promised campuses for post secondary institutions.

But the province no longer specifies it will fund precisely three such projects — despite the Liberals’ pledge for three new satellite campuses during the last election — but rather says now it will fund as many as required to meet the need.

“It could be more than three, it could be less, but the focus is on those high-growth areas that are currently underserved (by higher learning), where Ontario students are waiting to get into undergraduate programs,” said Emily Hedges, spokesperson for MPP Brad Duguid, Ontario’s minister of training, colleges and universities.

For the last couple of years you have read on my blog that Milton Education Village is one of those potential locations.
Here is some information from the Town of Milton website on the status of the Milton Education Village, the plans, who will be involved and the potential job opportunities that will be available, not only from the campus location but the Milton Innovation Centre being located there as well.

As Milton has grown rapidly over the last decade, the amount of new business development has fallen further behind our residential development.  This puts even more pressure on the residential tax base to fund programs and future infrastructure as we rely less on business taxes & fees and more on property taxes.

Milton Town Council has been working hard with other levels of government to ensuring this becomes a reality.  There is no end to the positive impacts this will have in Milton in driving new companies and jobs to Milton….something that we need.

Here is a link to the Star article.

By: Louise Brown

Queen’s Park will fund new satellite campuses and possibly expand current sites to make room for thousands more undergraduate students in boom areas where space is falling short of demand.

But the province no longer specifies it will fund precisely three such projects — despite the Liberals’ pledge for three new satellite campuses during the last election — but rather says now it will fund as many as required to meet the need.

“It could be more than three, it could be less, but the focus is on those high-growth areas that are currently underserved (by higher learning), where Ontario students are waiting to get into undergraduate programs,” said Emily Hedges, spokesperson for MPP Brad Duguid, Ontario’s minister of training, colleges and universities.

The ministry said it will soon call for proposals for expansion projects that each have space for at least 1,000 new students to start, with room for 5,000 to 10,000 more in the next 20 years. Proposals are expected to provide at least 6,500 new square meters of space (70,000 square feet).

Already several universities have said they hope to be considered for a new satellite campus. Sudbury’s Laurentian University has its eye on a campus in Barrie, where it currently offers some programs together with Georgian College, and Wilfrid Laurier University hopes to open a satellite campus in Milton, and there are others.

In recently released guidelines called the Major Capital Expansion Policy, the province said it will favour sites that offer a range of undergraduate degrees as well as student services, something satellite campuses sometimes lack.

“Satellite campuses can sometimes become a two-tier system where students don’t have the supports they need, from health counselling and disability services to academic counselling and a writing centre,” said Queen’s University student Allison Williams, a member of the steering committee of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance. “So we’re happy to see the province is requiring these services should be in place.”

It’s also crucial to ensure satellite campuses have some senior, tenured professors who conduct research — not just instructors on short-term contracts with little time to prepare, noted University of Waterloo Professor Kate Lawson, president of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations.

“We’re happy there is a policy now on how satellite campuses will work, because we have seen problems before where they haven’t had decent libraries or labs, and sometimes even scramble to throw classrooms together,” said Lawson. “If you’re a student paying good money for an education, you want to make sure the quality is preserved wherever you are.”

Alastair Woods of the Canadian Federation of Students Ontario warned students at a satellite campus should be able to complete their entire degree at the satellite — which is not always the case.

Emily Hedges said this focus on degrees needn’t squeeze out community colleges, noting the province could consider new sites with degree programs offered jointly by a college and university.

Update on Road Conditions in Milton

Over the past few days I have received a number of calls and emails about the road conditions in Milton due to the cold snap “Polar vortex” we have been experiencing.

Town of Milton staff have been working very hard to get the roads as clear as possible for traffic and in our neighbourhoods and we all appreciate your patience in this matter.

Here is a quick update we have received from our engineering staff:

Mayor and Members of Council,

Our efforts to keep all roads in a usable and safe state have been generally successful however, not to the normal visual standard everyone is used to at this point in time following the end of the precipitation event.

Salt stops being effective as an ice melter at approximately minus 10 degrees C. Air and pavement temperatures have remained consistently below minus 10 C since the flash freeze that occurred Sunday night.  This flash freeze was preceded by heavy rain, which prevented the pre-storm application of anti-icing liquid which would have stopped the ice from bonding to the asphalt surface of the roadways.  We are still working on removing this stubborn ice layer,  which is more of a nuisance while driving over it due to its rough nature, than a hazard as it does exhibit some degree of friction.  In addition to various snow removal operations, we had graders out last night working on the arterial, collector and Regional roads where this ice layer exists in an attempt to improve their condition prior to the morning rush hour. Winds causing blowing snow and streamers have also been a major factor during this time period that  the crews have had to deal with.

Temperatures are expected to rise in the next few days, starting today, with winds subsiding and prevalent sunshine, which will help alleviate the situation and aid our efforts.  We continue to ask that citizens drive with care and thank them for their understanding and cooperation as we continue to provide winter control services to the community.

According to the forecast, we should be heading into a period of “warmer” weather towards the weekend with temperatures in the plus range, which will go a long way to getting rid of the ice packs at the end of our driveways and improving the quality of the roads.  If there are any specific concerns you might have about the past few days and snow clearing, please feel free to email myself or

I think we can all say that we are all looking forward to warmer weather coming up to give us a break from this cold, arctic weather. Thank you again for your patience.

Post Ice Storm Clean UP

Here is some information from the Town of Milton website for you to keep in mind if you have collected the broken tree branches and dont know what to do with them.

Post-Ice Storm Cleanup

The Town has been working with Halton Region and Milton Hydro on cleanup efforts following the ice storm that occurred between December 20 and 23, 2013.

Reporting Damaged Trees

The Town has been working diligently to resolve all known and reported damaged tree issues since the ice storm. Issues causing hazardous conditions are being addressed first, followed by non-hazardous issues requiring cleanup.

Town-owned trees

  • The Town will be looking after damaged Town-owned trees and larger tree limbs (greater than 15 cm/6 inches in diameter).
  • We ask residents to please report damaged Town-owned trees that still require attention to Engineering Services at 905-878-7252, ext. 2500 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or by using the online reporting form:
  • Tree damage reporting form

Privately owned trees/large branches

  • For privately owned trees,  residents are encouraged to hire a local contractor to cut and remove debris from personal property and wires. These skills are specialized and Halton Region/Town of Milton staff do not have the equipment or expertise to perform them.
  • Residents can also deliver them to the Regional Land Fill site on Regional Road 25. Please note that Halton Region has waived all tipping fees in conjunction with the clean-up.
  • Residents may wish to contact their insurance company to check if their coverage can assist with the cost related to storm damage on their property.

Brush Pick-up

Urban Areas

  • Halton Region’s regularly scheduled garbage, recycling and green cart pick-up is continuing – with delays in some areas due to the volume of materials and inaccessibility of streets.
  • Until January 31, households may place out as many as 6 bags of garbage for collection on their scheduled collection day.
  • Brush debris will be picked up on the same day as garbage from January 6 to January 31 in the designated urban areas.
  • Branches are to be no longer than 2 metres (6.5 feet) in length and no wider than 7.5 cm (3 inches) in diameter.
  • Note: in some cases, all brush debris may not be picked up in one collection. Staff will try to pick up as much debris as possible each day.

Rural Areas

  • Halton Region will collect brush piles placed curbside in the rural hamlets of Campbellville, Brookville and Moffat. Collection will commence in Campbellville on Monday, January 6 and it is expected that this will take many weeks to complete.
  • Branches are to be no longer than 2 metres (6.5 feet) in length and no wider than 7.5 cm (3 inches) in diameter.
  • Note: in some cases, all brush debris may not be picked up in one collection. Staff will try to pick up as much debris as possible each day.

Brush Drop-off

Halton Waste Management Site

  • Residents and contractors can drop off brush debris at the Halton Waste Management Site free of charge through to January 31.

Mohawk Racetrack

  • Beginning Saturday, January 4 at 9 a.m., Mohawk Racetrack will be available as a brush debris drop-off centre.
  • The drop-off will be in Parking Lot A, which is located south of the main entrance, between Guelph Line and the main grandstand.
  • Signs will be placed on Guelph Line, and at the entrance road leading into Mohawk, directing people to the site.
  • The drop-off centre will be open for several weeks (closing date to be announced).


For questions related to waste and/or brush debris collection, please contact Halton Region by dialing 311 or by email.

Election Campaign Announcement

Earlier this morning I filed my nomination papers to run for the position of Local & Regional Councillor for wards 1,6,7 & 8.

This might come as no surprise to many as it’s been apparent that residents in our area have been under-represented during the last term.

I look forward to the campaign and meeting as many residents as possible and details on how you can support my campaign will be posted soon.  You can click on the Facebook link to the right and that will take you to a campaign page where you can comment, like and hopefully SHARE with all your friends and neighbours in Milton.

As resident of Milton for more than 10 years and the Local Councillor for Ward 6 since 2010, I have built a solid reputation as an active community member (United Way Milton, Milton Community Resource Centre) and an advocate for accountability and delivering efficient, cost-effective services.

I’m known for being engaged and accessible to residents and am seeking to represent Milton as the Local and Regional Councillor for Wards 1,6,7,8 to continue my tradition of open, transparent and accessible governance.

I am committed to protecting the taxpayer, building safe, strong and healthy neighbourhoods and engaging with my constituents to ensure that the needs and concerns of our growing community are well managed by Halton Region.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement in running for this position. There are so many challenges Milton faces in the upcoming years and it’s vital that we have strong leadership both at the local level and at the Region as well.

If you have any questions or if you would like to volunteer/donate to my campaign, please feel free to call or email me at

I’ll see you at the doors.

Town of Milton New Years Levee

Wondering what to do on New Years Day of 2014? Why don’t you come down to Milton Town Hall for the annual Mayor’s New Year Levee.

All the fun starts at 1pm and goes until 3pm.  Lots to see and do, so I look forward to seeing you then.

From Michael Gregory at the Milton Canadian Champion

Milton town councillors are inviting residents to join them for a festive kick-off to 2014 at the annual New Year’s Day Levee.

The traditional celebration will take place Tuesday, Jan. 1 from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at Milton Town Hall.

“Milton council is pleased to continue this tradition,” Councillor Cindy Lunau said in a news release. “We invite Milton residents and their families to join us in celebrating the new year.”

The event will feature musical entertainment and refreshments from La Rose Bakery and Tim Hortons.

Milton residents will also have a chance to discuss Town projects, and learn about council initiatives for the upcoming year.

Levee festivities date back to the mid-17th century when the governor of New France hosted an event to update citizens of the happenings back in Europe.

The tradition continues to be celebrated by many municipalities across Canada.

New Years Eve in Milton

Please join Mayor Krantz, myself along with other town councillors at 1130PM-12:30AM on New Years Eve at Milton Town Hall for the Annual Bell ringing in Victoria Park.

For over 100 + years Miltonians have joined in at the midnight hour to ring in the upcoming year.  Its always a great time to be had by kids of all ages.  Rain or snow or cold weather doesn’t matter…we want to see you out there on New Years Eve.

Special guests arrive every year as a surprise, so be prepared!

I look forward to seeing you there around midnight so we can ring in 2014 together.

Halton Region Lifts 3 Bag Limit Until Jan 31st

What a crazy week its been in Milton.  After two full days of freezing rain & snow, many parts of Milton were left in the dark as power lines were damaged due to the weather.  Many of us in wards 1, 6, 7 & 8 were spared the trouble of the long term power outage, there were pockets of darkness in the rural areas of town.

Over the last few days I have met with many of you to talk about the challenges we faced and what can be done in the future to ensure that in case this does happen again, we are going to be better prepared going forward.

Was it a perfect process? Not at all.  There were some issues regarding communication from Milton Hydro that I feel were addressed quickly and if you followed them on Twitter and their website, they did improve as the work continued connecting people back to the grid.

Many thanks goes to our field workers at Milton Hydro for their hard work and dedication to get the power back up as quickly as possible. From their most recent account it looks like almost everyone is back up and running.

With all of this in mind the Halton Region has decided to temporarily lift the 3 bag limit until January 31st so that homeowners affected by the ice storm can get their household waste out & aid in the clean up of broken branches around their properties.

From the Halton Region website

In order to assist with clean-up efforts after last weekend’s ice storm, Halton Region is lifting the three-bag limit for garbage pick-up, allowing households to place as much as six bags of garbage for collection on their scheduled collection day until January 31. Brush debris will also be picked up on the same day as garbage from January 6-31 in designated urban areas. For rural areas, Halton Region is coordinating additional resources.

Until January 31, residents and contractors can also drop off brush debris at the Halton Waste Management site free of charge. Large bins are also available at Lowville Park and Ella Foote Hall for residents to bring brush and wood from downed trees.

“I want to thank residents across the Region for their patience as we continue to work to clean up after the storm,” said Gary Carr, Regional Chair. “Halton is a compassionate community and I also want to thank the many staff from the local municipalities, councillors, utilities and the hundreds of volunteers who have gone above and beyond to help their communities.”

Storm clean-up is expected to take several weeks and crews will work each day to collect as much debris as possible. However, due to the volume of brush to be collected it will take time and all debris may not be picked up in one collection. In order to assist with the clean-up, residents are asked to pile branches with a maximum of 7.5 centimetres (3 inches) in diametre and 2 metres (6.5 feet) in length on their regular garbage day.

For more information about Regional efforts related to the ice storm, please visit

The Regional Municipality of Halton serves more than 500,000 residents in the City of Burlington, the Town of Halton Hills, the Town of Milton, and the Town of Oakville. Halton Region is committed to meeting the needs of its residents through the delivery of cost-effective, quality programs and services, including water and wastewater; Regional roads and planning; paramedic services; waste management; public health; social assistance; children’s and seniors’ services; housing services; heritage programs; emergency management and economic development. For more information, dial 311 or visit Halton Region’s website at

Oh the weather outside is frightfull….

Its that time of year again Milton.  SNOW IS COMING.

Well some of it is here now is small doses but the weather reports are showing that the GMA (Greater Milton Area) is slated for a little dusting of the white stuff over the course of the weekend.  With this in mind, I thought it prudent to give you a link to the Town of Milton website showing some information on snow plowing, when it happens, and what you can do to help everything out.

One of the BEST things people can do during a snow fall is to keep their cars off the road as to allow the snow plow to clean your streets properly.  We saw last year during a big snow fall, there were a number of people who parked their cars on the road and ended up ticketed or snowed in because the plow had to move around them.  Lets hope we dont have this happen again this year.

Here is the link to the Town of Milton SNOW PAGE and if you DO have any questions, please email or call.  If we do get a large amount of snow, please take this into consideration when calling as you might have to leave a message but we will do our best to get to your street.  In a recent presentation to council, engineering services outlined many improvements to our snow clearing policy and procedures, including using GPS to track each of our plows and ensure things are done as quickly as possible.

Here is an outline of our snow plowing response times for each type of street in Milton.

Hopefully this will give you some information on how things are done and what you can do to assist in helping our crews get to every street as quickly as possible.  This coming weekend might not be a HUGE storm, but this is Canada and it WILL happen.  Bookmark this page and share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook to keep it handy if and when the big one comes.

NOW…Im out to shovel what little came down today and lets hope for a safe, snow free weekend.

I’ll see you at the doors.