New Years Levee 2013

This year we continued our tradition of members of town council “serving” the public…literally.

Every year on January 1st Mayor Gord Krantz and members of town council host a levee, a meet and greet of sorts, for members of the public.  This has been a tradition for many years but since 2010 its had a bit of a change.  In the past, members of the Milton Historical Society have handled the event, from the coffee and snacks, to music and everything in between.  In 2010 members of council lead by Clr Cindy Lunau decided it would be fun if WE would take on those duties.

All the snacks and drinks were donated and arranged by members of council for the public.  So thanks to Tim Hortons (Steeles/Thompson Road) and LaRose Bakery for the coffee, tea and snacks.  I along with others took the time to serve drinks and greet residents as they came in to have a chat.  Thanks to Clr Colin Best and management of town staff, we had a display in the Milton Room of town hall to show residents the many projects underway in Milton which was a big hit.

Many thanks to everyone who came out this year to share in the holiday cheer, have some coffee and chat about important issues in town.  This is one of my favourite parts of the job and I know the other members of council feel the same way.

So on behalf of the Mayor and Town Council, thank you to all who came out New Years Day and the night before for the annual bell ringing as well.  We wish you nothing but the best for the upcoming year!  HAPPY NEW YEAR MILTON!

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