Stunts failed

As I mentioned last post, the Green Party of Canada has been doing its best to get “into the picture” and be relevant to Canadians.

A few months back, Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion came up with a “deal” that she would run against Peter MacKay and the Liberal party would run no one against her to help her win in Nova Scotia. Whether that works or not is a different story. Personally I think she’ll fail.

Just recently, a former Liberal (booted out of Dions supposedly “democratic” caucus) joined the Green Party to make history and be the first official Green Party MP in the House of Commons.

These stunts were pulled off with the intention of getting Elizabeth May in the leaders debate in the present Federal election campaign. Thats all it was…a couple of stunts to “raise awareness”.

Problem is, it didnt work. The broadcasters in charge of the leaders debate said, no Green Party. Supposedly 3 of the 4 party leaders said “HELL NO” to Elizabeth May. NDP Leader Jack Layton, said nothing. Bloq…same thing. Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper was a bit more direct than others by saying that given the “deal” between May and Dion, the Green Party is just another version of the Liberal Party…and shouldnt be included in the leaders debate.

Id much rather have a discussion about the environment without all the BS and the tree huggery that goes on. Instead Elizabeth May has turned the GP of Canada into a joke, deal making party instead of the option it should be for Canadians.

The Green Party is missing something. Its missing a leader that can sell environmental issues to business. No one wants to be preached to. No one wants to be told what to do. Thats what the current leadership of the Greens does.

The message the GP of Canada has is important and needs to be heard. But it doesnt have to come at the expense of tricks and smoke n mirrors. If people would sit down and read what the GP of Canada has to offer they’d read that there are more to the GP than environment. Theres tax issues that need to be discussed. Incentives for businesses to help them move towards a better policy.

Jim Harris started this upward swing towards legitimacy. Too bad the party took a step back with Elizabeth May. As a business person, if you say something that makes sense, both environmentally and fiscally, Im going to listen. Elizabeth May, however good her intentions, fails miserablely.


  1. Irvine September 9, 2008 at 1:00 am

    I’m all for being green, but without the “Greenpeace” tree hugger crap. Rather than punish people (taxes, etc), how about giving them incentive to become more environmentally friendly.

  2. mikecluett September 9, 2008 at 1:30 am

    We shouldnt have to be guilted into doing something. If it makes economical sense then business will do it.

    We all want to do the right thing. Why do we need to be “nagged” into it? When its preached to us to do the “green” thing, it will meet some resistance.

    If its spelled out, in common sense….you will find that most people listen. ID listen if it made sense.

    The GP of Canada doesnt have that leader yet. And before it gets the opportunity to be at the leaders debate, it needs to make people listen. Make the media conglomerate listen…that ya…they NEED to be heard. Not for the wrong reasons, but a common sense reason. We need another common sense revolution when it comes to the environment. – Mike

  3. Jennifer Smith September 10, 2008 at 11:59 am

    This isn’t about whether or not you like the Green Party or its policies or its leader. This is about allowing Canadians to make an informed choice on election day. Part of making that choice is having the opportunity to watch all the major party leaders in a debate, and like it or not, the Green Party has become a major player.

    The Greens are running candidates in almost every riding (unlike the Bloc), they are out-polling the NDP in several of them and have a serious shot at winning at least one or two, they have an MP in the House of Commons, they have the support of a significant percentage of Canadians, and believe it or not, they have a distinct and comprehensive policy platform that differs significantly from every other party.

    Most importantly, the vast majority of Canadians want to hear what they have to say in a televised debate. Who are you, or the networks, or the other party leaders, to tell them who is worthy of their consideration?

    Thanks Jennifer…I hope she does get the message out. Dont get me wrong. Its just the WAY the message gets delivered bothers me. The only problem with having a leader of an unelected party taking part in a leaders debate, representing parties already elected in the House of Commons, is where do you end. The PC Party (Progressive Canadian party) also polls well in some ridings and as far as I know is running a lot of candidates. Whether or not its all 308 is beyond me…they havent updated their site. There are dozens of parties, like the Green party, using that logic, that deserve to be heard. Rhino Party, Marxist party etc…where do you end. Its bad enough we sit through 4 leaders banter back and forth in both official languages striking some blows here and there. Now we have 5.

    I hope she does well now that shes been allowed in the debates. I hope they discuss their platform from top to bottom and try to sell it to Canadians and focus that they arent just an environmental party. Shes been unsuccessful up until now as most Canadians “like” what she has to say but couldnt mention a second policy of the Green party if their life depended on it. Elizabeth May has a few weeks to prepare so we’ll see how it goes. – Mike

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