Halton Region Lifts 3 Bag Limit Until Jan 31st

What a crazy week its been in Milton.  After two full days of freezing rain & snow, many parts of Milton were left in the dark as power lines were damaged due to the weather.  Many of us in wards 1, 6, 7 & 8 were spared the trouble of the long term power outage, there were pockets of darkness in the rural areas of town.

Over the last few days I have met with many of you to talk about the challenges we faced and what can be done in the future to ensure that in case this does happen again, we are going to be better prepared going forward.

Was it a perfect process? Not at all.  There were some issues regarding communication from Milton Hydro that I feel were addressed quickly and if you followed them on Twitter and their website, they did improve as the work continued connecting people back to the grid.

Many thanks goes to our field workers at Milton Hydro for their hard work and dedication to get the power back up as quickly as possible. From their most recent account it looks like almost everyone is back up and running.

With all of this in mind the Halton Region has decided to temporarily lift the 3 bag limit until January 31st so that homeowners affected by the ice storm can get their household waste out & aid in the clean up of broken branches around their properties.

From the Halton Region website

In order to assist with clean-up efforts after last weekend’s ice storm, Halton Region is lifting the three-bag limit for garbage pick-up, allowing households to place as much as six bags of garbage for collection on their scheduled collection day until January 31. Brush debris will also be picked up on the same day as garbage from January 6-31 in designated urban areas. For rural areas, Halton Region is coordinating additional resources.

Until January 31, residents and contractors can also drop off brush debris at the Halton Waste Management site free of charge. Large bins are also available at Lowville Park and Ella Foote Hall for residents to bring brush and wood from downed trees.

“I want to thank residents across the Region for their patience as we continue to work to clean up after the storm,” said Gary Carr, Regional Chair. “Halton is a compassionate community and I also want to thank the many staff from the local municipalities, councillors, utilities and the hundreds of volunteers who have gone above and beyond to help their communities.”

Storm clean-up is expected to take several weeks and crews will work each day to collect as much debris as possible. However, due to the volume of brush to be collected it will take time and all debris may not be picked up in one collection. In order to assist with the clean-up, residents are asked to pile branches with a maximum of 7.5 centimetres (3 inches) in diametre and 2 metres (6.5 feet) in length on their regular garbage day.

For more information about Regional efforts related to the ice storm, please visit www.halton.ca/severeweather.

The Regional Municipality of Halton serves more than 500,000 residents in the City of Burlington, the Town of Halton Hills, the Town of Milton, and the Town of Oakville. Halton Region is committed to meeting the needs of its residents through the delivery of cost-effective, quality programs and services, including water and wastewater; Regional roads and planning; paramedic services; waste management; public health; social assistance; children’s and seniors’ services; housing services; heritage programs; emergency management and economic development. For more information, dial 311 or visit Halton Region’s website at www.halton.ca.

Oh the weather outside is frightfull….

Its that time of year again Milton.  SNOW IS COMING.

Well some of it is here now is small doses but the weather reports are showing that the GMA (Greater Milton Area) is slated for a little dusting of the white stuff over the course of the weekend.  With this in mind, I thought it prudent to give you a link to the Town of Milton website showing some information on snow plowing, when it happens, and what you can do to help everything out.

One of the BEST things people can do during a snow fall is to keep their cars off the road as to allow the snow plow to clean your streets properly.  We saw last year during a big snow fall, there were a number of people who parked their cars on the road and ended up ticketed or snowed in because the plow had to move around them.  Lets hope we dont have this happen again this year.

Here is the link to the Town of Milton SNOW PAGE and if you DO have any questions, please email or call.  If we do get a large amount of snow, please take this into consideration when calling as you might have to leave a message but we will do our best to get to your street.  In a recent presentation to council, engineering services outlined many improvements to our snow clearing policy and procedures, including using GPS to track each of our plows and ensure things are done as quickly as possible.

Here is an outline of our snow plowing response times for each type of street in Milton.

Hopefully this will give you some information on how things are done and what you can do to assist in helping our crews get to every street as quickly as possible.  This coming weekend might not be a HUGE storm, but this is Canada and it WILL happen.  Bookmark this page and share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook to keep it handy if and when the big one comes.

NOW…Im out to shovel what little came down today and lets hope for a safe, snow free weekend.

I’ll see you at the doors.

2014 Halton Region Budget Documents Available

Its budget time! I know, I know you’ve all be waiting on this moment each and every year. www.halton.ca/budget is where you can find the full 562 page budget document for Halton Region.

The Town of Milton 2014 budget is expected to be released November 25th on or about so that will give you LOTS of time to review this one.

OR, I can save you some time and review it for you. I know at THIS point it isn’t technically my job (that can be fixed on or about October 27, 2014) but I will do my best to review this one and provide some commentary.

So far it looks like Halton Region will continue its trend of 0% increases given the amount of growth with only a 0.4% increase allotted to Police Services. I’ll have more details as I continue to sift through the document. If there are any questions people have, please feel free to let me know.

Road Closure Louis St Laurent & Ferguson

Please be advised that MADD Canada will be coming to Milton again this year to film an educational video entitled “Killer Blog”.

They will be filming on Thursday October 24, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and on Tuesday October 29, 2013 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.

During these filming times the intersection of Louis ST Laurent and Ferguson Drive will be closed and residents to the north will be detoured.

The Town will be installing Advanced Road Closure signage and setting up the detour.

The filming was a great success last year thanks to the efforts of Milton Fire Department and Halton Regional Police Services.

The filming company will be hand delivering the attached notices and will be obtaining signatures for overnight filming from residents that are directly affected by this filming.

#TheIssue Airs on TV Cogeco Every Thursday

I just wanted to say how much fun it was being a part of the panel on TV Cogeco’s new show, The Issue.

Its a current affairs program for the Milton area and this past Thursday I was honoured to be part of the show.  I was a panelist along with moderator Mark Carr, Robert Duvall of RDC Networks and the President of the Milton Chamber of Commerce Richard Bolton.  We spent the hour long show talking about growth in Milton and the challenges it faces for both residents and businesses alike.

If you have Cogeco TV, I urge you to tune in every Thursday night at 7pm (its repeated throughout the week as well) and engage in the conversation.