UPDATE On Construction Louis St Laurent

I know I havent been updating my blog as much recently and I thought occured that I do one REALLY BIG one.  Sort of an omnibous blog post.  Theres so much going on in Ward 6 and surrounding areas it would be too much to read and to post.  So stick around, you’ll see more updates coming including information on the most recent public meeting on the Milton Education Village, updates on the new Blue Boxes that are coming from the Region of Halton as well as changes to the bag limits for collection.

As many people in Milton have now noticed, the intersection of Thompson Road and Louis St Laurent has been under construction from Sept 29th to most recently today.  That intersection should be fully operational by the days end, which I know is a relief to those who live on Kennedy Circle on both sides of Thompson.  I know that because many of you have called and emailed me.  We thank you for your patience during this process and the construction was only extended an extra day (TODAY) so they were pretty good at keeping their deadline.

The contstruction will continue westward on Louis St Laurent towards Hwy 25 (Ontario Street – Bronte Road) to complete the water main installation from the Region of Halton.

Stay tuned to my Twitter account for up to the moment details of road construction in and around Milton.  Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on Twitter and email about the information I post here and on other forums (Facebook, Hawthorne Villager) in keeping with my promise of informing residents of whats happening in town.  I really do appreciate them.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience, and I’ll see you at the doors.

Thompson & Louis St Laurent UPDATE

I have received a few postings on my Facebook page (Click on the Facebook logo to the right and join up!) about the status of Thompson Road and Louis St Laurent.

During the last municipal campaign, we talked about trying to get a signalled pedestrian crosswalk in front of the Metro mall so it would make it easier for people on the east side of Thompson to go to the splash pad and soccer fields instead of getting in their vehicles, going across Thompson Road, park and enjoy the wonderful area there.  Likewise, people on the west side of Thompson told me that they have to get in their cars, cross Thompson Road and then park to go shopping at the mall.

We were notified by town staff recently that the intersection of Louis St Laurent and 25 will be completed soon and traffic will flow east and west now, which will help alleviate some congestion on Britannia Road.  Paul Cripps brought this up at one of our recent meetings and in response I asked about traffic lights at Thompson and LSL.  He informed us that they are pushing to make sure the lights are installed at the same time LSL and 25 is complete.  Once that intersection is complete, traffic along LSL will increase which will require

At this coming Monday’s town council meeting there is a purchasse that will be authorized to get the materials needed for Thompson and LSL traffic lights, which shows its on the move.

HOPEFULLY this will help pedestrians cross the road safer.  There will be lines for pedestrians to cross at this intersection and I urge EVERYONE instead of crossing mid-traffic to the park to use the intersection and cross there.  I will continue to monitor this intersection after its done to see if it helps the problem of pedestrian traffic.  If not, I’ll be asking town staff to look into the possibility of a signalled crosswalk.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me their concerns and I hope we can continue the conversation as these changes happen.  I’ll keep everyone in the loop as to the exact date we will have the lights installed, but it looks like late June as a possibility.



As at 1300 hours, Union Gas advises that approximately 400 homes have service restored. They hope to have the remainder completed this afternoon.


Just received a call from Hawthorne Village PS and school classes are on for today despite the fire damage and Union Gas workers across the street. 


It looks like half the homes have been brought back online throughout the night by Union Gas workers.  Many of you have emailed me around 2 or 3 AM saying that they were there…wow thats amazing.  Union Gas stated this morning they are looking at getting everyone back up by later on this morning.  If someone can stay home today as they go around or if you can have a neighbour with your key it could speed things up.  If not, they will leave a contact number and as soon as you get home … call and they will have someone out very soon.

Again, I will try to find out how we can help this family out because I along with other people have been blown away by the tweets, emails and phone calls of concern and support fo this family, especially at this time of year.  I was just on air with Scott Fox from Z1035 Morning Show (click HERE for the interview)and HE’S been called as well by hundreds of people on how they can help out.  THIS is why Milton is the best place in the world!  Updates will be coming soon.


Some gas services have been restored for homes in the affected area.  I was at the warming centre at EC Drury earlier this evening and spoke with the represetnatives at Union Gas.  The number of homes affected are approximately 500, instead of the originally reported 1200.  They are running into some delays due to water in the pipelines that has to be removed.

Ive asked them to send me updates as the process goes and I’ll do my best to update this site as it comes in.

I spoke with Regional Chair Gary Carr (who is at the warming station as we speak) and he updated me that the union gas worker who was injured suffered second degree burns to his face and is at Milton Hospital with family.  Everything looks good so far.

I also wanted to say big thanks to other Milton Councillors who came out to the warming station to lend a hand.  Regional Councillor Colin Best, Ward 2 Councillor Greg Nelson and Ward 8 Councillor Zeeshan Hamid.  We have a great team and this just proves it more.

AGAIN…there is a warming centre at EC Drury set up for people with no heat and they will put families up at the Best Western overnight so please, if you are at home and its cold especially with small children, head out to that area.  Union Gas is doing what they can to get people up and running and it might be by the early hours of the morning before all service is restored.

Stay tuned!


Ive uploaded CHCH News coverage of todays events.  They were there on the scene and did extensive coverage of today’s fire and have an interview with the home owner as well.  Great Job CHCH News.


Regarding homes that are currently in the process of having their gas turned off, PLEASE NOTE that there is a warming centre at EC Drury School on Ontario Street.  It will get cold tonight and if youre by yourself, or dont think you can stay warm PLEASE go to the warming centre.  Better safe than sorry.

More updates to come.


For some more information on today’s events go to MILTONSEARCH.COM and their coverage of the fire.  Between tweets of todays events, phone calls from obviously stressed out and scared residents in Ward 6, its been a busy day.  Many people have been asking how they can help this family out.  From what Ive been told by Councillor Colin Best is that the Red Cross has been called in and taking care of the immediate needs of the family.  I should have more information tomorrow on how you can help out.

From the last news release I’ve received Mayor Gord Krantz is still on the scene from about 630PM onwards reviewing the progress.  Thanks to everyone who tweeted, re-tweeted updates from myself and others on the scene and for your generous inquiries to help people out.  THIS is what makes Milton the best place in the world.

Say a prayer for the family involved and I will have some more information tomorrow.



December 15, 2010

Structural fire contained in Milton’s Beaty neighbourhood 

On Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at approximately 2:30 p.m., a structural fire occurred at the intersection of Clark Avenue and Bennett Blvd in Milton. The fire is suspected to have been caused by damage to a natural gas line.

The fire has now been extinguished by the Milton Fire Department, and the area is safe for residents.

Three of nine interconnected townhomes at the intersection of Clark and Bennett have been affected by the fire. Approximately 10 to 20 homes in the area were evacuated.

Non-life threatening injuries were sustained by one Union Gas worker, who is currently in hospital.

As part of the repair process, natural gas service to approximately 500 customers in the area may be temporarily interrupted. The natural gas supply has been shut off to the affected residential area of Yates Blvd to the north, Thompson Road to the west, Clark Blvd to the south and Bennett and McDowell Avenues to the east.

Please note that Union Gas representatives will need to enter affected homes and businesses to safely turn on all natural gas appliances and equipment. Union Gas employees or their representatives showing proper identification will be going door-to-door to do this. If residents cannot be at home, please consider leaving a key and access instructions with a neighbour.

In the unlikely event that your home has no heat and you do not have friends or family nearby to visit, Halton Region has opened a warming centre in the auditorium of E.C. Drury High School at 215 Ontario Street South in Milton. The centre will be open as long as needed. Families are advised to bring books, activities, etc., to keep children entertained during their time at the centre. No pets will be allowed in the warming centre.

Please ensure at least one member of your household remains at home as Union Gas representatives need to turn on all natural gas appliances and equipment in affected homes in order to restore gas service.

For continued updates, contact 311 or visit www.milton.ca until the situation has been resolved. For Union Gas customer service, call 1-877-969-0999.

– 30 –

For further information, please contact:         On Duty Staff Sergeant

                                                                        Halton Regional Police Service
905-825-4777 ext. 2400

                                                                        Andrea Stass

                                                                        Manager, Public Affairs and Media Relations

                                                                        Union Gas Limited


Today Is Election Day

Its been over 10 months since I began my campaign to become the local councillor for ward 6.  On January 11, 2010 I visited town hall and filed my nomination papers and started what was to become a tiring, yet satisfying campaign.

Over these past 10 months I have met many of you, a couple of times over, and heard what issues you find to be important.  In this time I spoke about 3 main things…responsible financial management, neighbourhood safety and accountability.

The first item of business for the new council will be to review the 2011 budget which has a projected 6.91% increase to the mill rate.  You have told me you want value for your dollar and you want your taxes spent wisely and this rate increase is simply too much.  Council needs to review line by line each item in the budget so we can see whats working, what isn’t working and where we can find savings.  I have made the promise I wont support the 2011 budget if the increase is over the rate of inflation.  I hope my council colleagues will work hard over that budget process to see if we can find the savings and give you value for your tax dollar.

We’ve talked about neighbourhood safety at length as well.  Im glad my opponent has been reading my blog since he started his campaign mid September and now understands this is an important issue.  Over the months and in fact the last few years, I have been talking about the importance of neighbourhood safety on our roads.  The town of Milton wants to become a pedestrian friendly town, but we need to look at options like traffic calming devices and other ways to slow down vehicles in the residential area so that all pedestrians are safer.  We’ve discussed the idea of a signalled crosswalk near Kennedy Circle and Thompson Road as there are people who would like to take advantage of the great splash pad and soccer fields on one side or others to go to Shoppers Drug Mart or Metro or the Dollar Blitz to shop without packing the kids in the car to travel less than 500 metres.  Over the next four years I want to bring these ideas forward and I need your input and help to get it done.

Last but not least, we talked extensively about accountability.  About being there when you call or email and giving you a quick response.  Ive promised, as I have done over the last 4 years, to update you on whats going on in Milton, at Town Hall, and how it affects you using this website/blog and other forms of social media like Facebook & Twitter.  During some important council meetings  you can find me sending updates through Twitter on what was going on, and when the decisions are made.  Its something I will do my best to continue as councillor, even though I’ll be sitting at the table, Ill make sure you can follow along.  Either by Twitter or what we hope to do is stream the meetings online so you can see whos working for you and asking the questions that need to be asked.

So now the brochures have been delivered and the doors have been knocked on and I’ve done my best to meet as many of you as I could over the last 10 months.  I leave it in your hands to make the decision on who you feel is the best candidate to represent all Miltonians at the council table.  If you havent made that crucial decision yet, I ask that you review my website and that of my opponents and see who has the plan for a better Milton.

You can vote today starting now at 10AM to 8 PM tonight.  If you live north of Clark Blvd in Ward 6 you will be voting at Guardian Angels on Bennett Blvd – and if you live south of Clark Blvd you will be voting at Hawthorne Village School also on Bennett Blvd.

If you have any last minute questions, call my cell (647) 888-9032!

Thank you everyone for making this a fun campaign.  Ive enjoyed meeting everyone and discussing the issues and while some of us disagreed we still came to the conclusion that the dialogue needs to continue and we need to work together to make Milton a better place.  I am humbled by the support I’ve received and the pledges of support and the volunteers who have worked endlessly to help me get the message out and for that Im eternally grateful.

I’ll update the blog once the polls close and the results come in.  Afterwards I will be at Ned Devines celebrating with other candidates, supporters, friends and family so feel free to drop by tonight (I’ll be there roughly after 9ish) and say HI!

Until then….I’ll see you at the polls.

Update On New Lights & Kudos

I haven’t been able to get official confirmation from the Town of Milton on the exact start date, but as per my previous post on NEW LIGHTS COMING it looks like work has started.

They were trying to get these lights installed and running by the end of July, but as projects go I guess there have been delays.  By adding lights at Clark & Thompson Road it should help regulate the flow of traffic and hopefully help slow down drivers heading north or south on Thompson.

The area of main concern on this street for me is still the intersection of Thompson Road and Louis St Laurent.  I know that work on LSL heading towards 25 is nearing completion but something needs to be done fast in that area.

Residents are taking their lives in their hands as they try to cross from either side of Thompson when traffic is going.  People in ward 7 wanting to walk to the Metro mall run the risk of crossing several lanes of traffic in an area that doesn’t have a lot of lighting.  There are also a number of residents in ward 6 that I have heard from while knocking on doors who are also concerned about that area.

Many of the ward 6 residents say they have to take their cars to drive across Thompson Road to use the park, instead of their preferred choice of walking or taking the kids strollers.  The Town of Milton spends money promoting physical activity and the benefits of an active lifestyle but yet in this area, that option isn’t available and there’s nothing helping them do this safely.

Drivers coming north on Thompson Road (80km/hr zone) dont slow down as much as they should when entering the 60km/hr zone north of LSL and there is the risk.

Once I get official confirmation and an approximate finish date for the new lights at Thompson Road and Clark Blvd, I’ll update the blog right away.

I also wanted to recognize some good work by town staff as well.  Myprevious entry informing residents of the potential road closure of 4Th Line from LSL to Britannia garnered a lot of email response and responses on the Hawthorne Villager as well.

The Town of Milton issued a notice on their website informing Miltonians that from September 2010 to December 2010, 4Th line will be closed to traffic  to allow the Region of Halton to install a much needed water main.

At this point James Snow Parkway from LSL to Britannia is almost complete and it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever if 4Th line is closed before that stretch of road is opened.

In response to my blog, Heide from the Town of Milton sent me an email last night around 10PM informing me of this.

From: “Heide Schlegl” <heide.schlegl@milton.ca>

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 22:03:21 -0400

To: <mike@mikecluett.ca>

Subject: Fourth Line Closure


Just to let you know Fourth Line won’t be closed until the lights at James Snow Parkway and Britannia Road are functioning. Therefore the closure of Fourth Line may not commence exactly on September 1, it may be delayed by a week or so.


I just wanted to publicly acknowledge Heide in getting back to me so quickly.  She could have very well waited until Monday morning to send me that but she took it upon herself to let me know right away.  To me it shows dedication to her job and the quality of people we have working at Town Hall.  Sometimes they get bashed when they shouldn’t.  Thanks Heide.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.