Milton Santa Claus Parade A Success

The weather was perfect.  Chilly but not too cold.  The sun was shining and the streets of downtown Milton were PACKED all along the parade route for the 2012 Santa Claus parade.

The parade began with a fly over of planes that never ceases to amaze me how they can fly in such perfect formation and so close to each other.  The cheers of the kids and parents alike could be heard blocks away as the parade began.  This year the Stuff a Bus was close to a pipe and drums band which helped in getting people excited.  Yours truly of course was being the “Mouth of Milton” leading people in Merry Christmas cheers as members of the Milton Fire Department and other volunteers picked up food and toy donations for the Salvation Army.

I dont have an official total yet but the bus was stuffed a lot more than last year.  This is just one of the reasons why Milton is a great community to live in.  The generosity of the families that call Milton home continues to grow and this Christmas season is no different.  We recently celebrated Thanksgiving and families and friends met to remind ourselves that we are indeed lucky to live where we do.  Miltonians also realize that there are others who need a hand up one in awhile and the Salvation Army is a great organization with wonderful volunteers helping those in need this holiday season.  I’m very proud to be part of it again this year.

There were some new floats and parts to the parade but there were also some great traditions continued as well.  Mike Boughton, known as Mike the Barber and former councillor for Ward 2 continued HIS tradition of offering hot chocolate and coffee to people along Main Street.  Knox Milton was also out in force with some warm beverages and smiles in front of our newly renovated church.  The last two parades saw a fence surrounding the property as they were doing work on repairing the roof and this year no fence was to be found thankfully and we were open for business.  I cant wait until St Paul’s United Church is finished their renovations as well so the fencing of Main Street can be over finally.

All I can say is that the numbers of people along the parade route continue to grow every year and my gut instinct is that this year was the best attended parade yet.  After our bus made its way to the Salvation Army HQ on Nippissing, I walked back along the parade route to catch a glimpse of the big guy himself….Santa.  I got a lot of feedback from people saying that this years parade was the best one yet…it moved along quickly, the floats were well done, people had lots of energy and it was a great kickoff to the Christmas season.

My congratulations go to the Santa Claus Parade committee for yet another job well done.

The following comment was posted on another thread from 2010 but it has pictures from this years parade and a link to them.  Thanks to Kevin Vagg for posting this and take a look at his Facebook page for more Santa Claus Parade pictures.

Great post.

I had the chance to attend the parade, and I must say that everyone should be proud. I also had the chance to take some photo – they’re at:

Sorry for the long web address – unfortunately it’s what Facebook uses.

Hope you enjoy.

Thank you to all Miltonians who took part in the parade, volunteered their time and efforts to making it a magical day in Milton and putting smiles on the faces of thousands of children (and parents too)

Looking forward to next year already.

Merry Christmas Milton!

Shop MILTON First

The Milton Canadian Champion has an interesting editorial on the benefits of shopping local, more specifically Milton.

Despite what some people think, Milton has everything to offer from the smallest of gifts to the big ticket items.  Its worth checking out what Milton has, especially in our downtown core.  Just imagine going Christmas shopping and finding all that you need.  Lets take downtown for instance.

Anyone with a knitter in the family (and there are a lot of knitters out there) they can go to see Carolyn at Main Street Yarns at Carriage Square Mall.  While there you can drop into Coffee Culture and have one of their amazing brews of coffees and teas.  Another good choice is Pasqualino’s Cafe & Bistro.  If youre shopping for a loved one and are looking for flowers….Oceana Whispers is the best choice for quality flowers, excellent presentation and wonderful one on one service.  If youre looking for some high quality leather goods or shoes, you can go to Milton Shoes and Leather Centre.

If youre hungry while shopping there are a number of places to eat along Main Street from The Ivy Arms to Thai House Cuisine.  In the need of a hair cut, you can go to either Mike the Barber or Tony’s Barber Shop.  Your printer run out of ink or need some specialty paper for your Christmas cards, Harris Office Pro.

Endless choices for everyone.  If you need to buy a computer for your kids, or just service the one you have, Crave Systems is a great place for all of those needs.

And Im just hitting the tip of the iceburg.  There are hundreds more stores to go to find exactly what you need for the holiday season.

For the record, no one listed here has paid for anything. 🙂

You can go to for a full listing of businesses that can serve you.  If anyone has any other companies they would like to promote…let me know.  Feel free to comment as well.

Lets make it a great holiday season for Milton retailers.

Please shop local this holiday season

Canadian — and specifically Milton — retailers are hoping for a ‘green’ Christmas this year after weathering (we hope) one of the worst economic years on record. We also hope that local consumers this holiday season think of Milton first when dashing about for their shopping.

This town has a wide variety of stores. Our local merchants could certainly use your patronage.

While shopping in town, you can pause awhile at the many cafes or restaurants. You can take in old-fashioned Christmas displays and appreciate store owners who are proud of the goods they sell and spend the necessary time answering customers’ questions.

Remember, spending dollars locally helps our entire community. Local businesses are the ones that sponsor your child’s soccer team, contribute to the arts and donate to any number of worthy and charitable causes.

The spin-off effects are tremendous.

Also this holiday season, consumers should be in a better mood to spend (at least moderately) than last year as the economic climate continues to improve while interest rates are at a record low.