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Smitherman ignores Halton's needs

Voting has started in the Canadian Blog Awards where yours truly has been nominated as “BEST LOCAL BLOG”. First round voting continues later this week and hopefully I can make it to the second round and beyond…so vote early and often 😉


As reported in the Milton Canadian Champion, Ontarios Energy and Infrastructure Minister George “Future Toronto Mayor” Smitherman says that Haltons growing pains “aren’t unique” and cant promise any additional funding. He proclaims that his government under Premier Dalton McQuinty has provided more funding for infrastructure than any other government. If they have, ID like to see it.

This comes on the heels of a proclamation from the Region of Halton to halt any future developments until this matter is resolved. Growth is mandated by the Province and the Liberal government is telling regions, like Halton, to grow to meet the needs of the people. They are however telling them to do it, with little or no help from them.

The Oakville Hospital expansion has been delayed … yet again … with no clear course of action on Milton’s hospital and the needs of the fastest growing municipality in Canada. More and more people are moving here and the heels of our municipal leaders seem to drag further and further with no end in sight.

According to the article, “The region has repeatedly argued that it can’t accommodate the thousands of new residents called for in the province’s Places to Grow plan without significant funding help for infrastructure.”

It can be argued that the growth in this region, being led my Milton, IS unique to the province and requires a long term plan and more focus by the provincial government. You simply cant say to the regions “build” and then sit by and not provide the funding.

With the economy in the tank and deficits coming from both provincial and federal governments, we in Halton can look forward to more delays as they will most certainly use the “we cant afford it” excuse. Infrastructure has been an issue for years and will continue to be an issue until we have a government that will take it seriously.

Also, the Region of Halton took further steps on this issue by a unanimous resolution to potentially slow down development in Oakville and Milton if the province doesnt provide any potential solutions to the problem other than they are “not unique”.

This isnt over yet…