Budget Input Session July 11 2011

Don’t forget to mark your calendar on July 11th starting at 7:00pm for the first of what I hope will be many informal 2012 budget input sessions.

In addition to yours truly, the local councillors from Wards 1, 7, and 8 will be joining me in an informal budget input session for feedback from the community on a number of issues ranging from transit, taxes and the hospital expansion levy.  This will be a time for YOU to tell US what you think.  This is a natural extension from the Town of Milton online survey (which I hope you’ve taken the time to fill out – usually about 5 minutes) and will dive a bit deeper into some the issues raised.

The meeting will be in Room 4 of the Milton Sports Centre on Monday July 1th, 2011 starting at 7:00pm.

We hope to see you there.  If you have any questions, please email me mike@mikecluett.ca

I have also begun to deliver the “Mike Cluett – Ward 6 Report” and hopefully over the course of the next month or so, each household will get a copy (and hopefully personal visit from me 🙂 )  If you cant wait for me to come over, email me your address and I’ll have one dropped off for you.  In order to stay current on Milton news and town council updates, just stay right here 🙂

Milton Canadian Champion Reports On Possible 4.41 % Increase

Here is the Champions take on the meeting last Monday. When the title says taxes could rise by 4.4%, it means that staff has assessed current services already provided combined with the MPI (Municipal Price Index) could result in a budget increase of 4.4%

This total doesnt include new services that will be debated throughout the year and at budget time by the budget committee/council.

Some of the other items I brought up at the meeting was a request to staff to not only consider the MPI, but also to take into consideration the CPI, inflation etc that is being projected for the next year as well.  The US economy isnt moving forward (in fact in some cases seems to be moving backwards) fast enough and could easily slip into a further recession putting extreme pressures on our economy as well.

There are way too many factors in play to consider Canada’s economy and local economy’s out of the woods yet.  This is why we have to tread carefully in our 2012 budget process and keep taxpayers in mind with potential budget increases and the effects on their pocketbooks.

I also confirmed with staff during the meeting that the hospital tax levy installed on your 2011 tax bill IS included in that amount.  Should the budget committee and in turn town council decide to remove the levy from the tax bill and find other sources of funding for the hospital expansion fund, the overall increase in current services will be lower.

Its important that taxpayers know of all the options available to council during this process and send their input to their respective councillor.  This measure passed with no public input whatsover during the 2011 budget debate and I, along with a number of my collegues heard from you.  Some supported the measure and many opposed it.  The common theme I heard from taxpayers was they were not told about it and they voiced their displeasure.  As reported in the survey 40% of respondents supported the levy (actual number 71) while 38% opposed (actual number 68) leaving 21% (actual number 37) unsure, it by no measure is a mandate for council to continue this levy without extensive feedback from the community.

You will see at the end of the article, an announcement of the informal budget input session slated for Monday July 11th at Milton Sports Centre (Room 4) starting at 7pm.  If you cant make it, please email me your comments, questions and concerns to mike@mikecluett.ca


Taxes could rise by 4%

Christina Commisso, Milton Canadian Champin

A 4 per cent tax hike, but no increased services.

That’s the gist of the budget call report presented to the Town’s administration and planning committee Monday.

Town staff have estimated a 4.41 per cent tax hike is needed next year to maintain existing service levels in town.

The report aims to provide guidelines and direction for preparing next year’s budget, and if this week’s meeting was a preview of things to come, the 2012 budget deliberations could be heated.

The first question posed to Town Treasurer Linda Leeds following her short presentation was what the impact of removing the 1 per cent hospital levy, introduced in the 2011 budget, would have.

“The hospital tax levy was a pretty contentious issue,” said Ward 6 Councillor Mike Cluett.

He was one of five councillors who voted against the levy, which narrowly passed by a 6-5 vote in January.

Leeds said the report assumes the 1 per cent levy would continue in 2012 and it wouldn’t result in a tax increase. She said if the hospital tax wasn’t carried forward, it would result in a tax decrease.

Councillor Cindy Lunau quickly reminded those in attendance that funding the local share of the Milton District Hospital expansion, when it’s approved by the Province, is a reality council will have to one day deal with.

“To remove the hospital levy would result in a decrease in the overall tax rate, but we certainly had comments around this table that there’s nothing more important we should be putting our tax money towards than the hospital…As we get to that point, let us hope we have some idea where the money for the hospital will be coming from.”

Added Councillor Rick Di Lorenzo, “I can go down the list and if we remove everything we added last year, every program and service, that would also mean the tax increase would be lower than 4.41 per cent,” he said.

Councillor Sharon Barkley reminded council members the point of the report is to provide Town staff with budget direction, “and I’m not sure if we’re doing that,” she said. She asked Leeds what a 4 per cent increase in municipal taxes would mean on her tax bill. As the Milton share of the property tax bill represents 29 per cent of the total, Leeds said a 4 per cent local increase would have a 1 to 1.2 per cent impact on the total tax bill.

The report points to the Main Street grade separation and construction of the new Milton fire headquarters at Derry Road and Savoline Boulevard as the two highest-priority items on the 2012 capital budget.

The projects, slated for completion next year, are estimated to cost $18.4 million and $2.9 million respectively in 2012 and $35.6 million and $5.2 million in total.

Staff included comments on a budget survey — available on the Town’s website until the end of August — in the report.

Of the close to 200 responses received so far, the majority said they’re satisfied with the current level of service the Town provides and 72 per cent said there are no new services or programs that could be offered.

For new services or to increase existing service levels, 40 per cent of respondents don’t support a tax increase, 38 per cent do support an increase and the remainder of respondents were unsure.

The survey asked about support for the hospital levy — 40 per cent were in favour of the tax, 39 per cent weren’t in favour and 21 per cent were unsure.

Hosted by councillors Zeeshan Hamid, Cluett, Barkley and Di Lorenzo, an informal budget input session is set for July 11 at the Milton Sports Centre (Room 4) at 7 p.m.

Budget Input Session July 11th 7pm Milton Sports Centre

As I have mentioned many times in this blog, I feel its important that the community get involved in our budget process.  I cant begin to count the number of times during the last municipal election I heard from residents that they dont know whats going on and want to have a say.

We as a new council wanted to make sure this changed.  The changes started recently with our online survey, which is still active, to get a feeling of what Miltonians want from their local government.

The full budget call report with the summary of comments can be found here.

During the last campaign, I promised to be as open and accountable as possible when it comes to feedback from taxpayers on our budget and along with other councillors in the “Hawthorne Village” area, we have scheduled an informal “Budget Input Session” to hear what YOU have to say.

The date has been finalized and the room has been booked.  Monday July 11th at 7pm at the Milton Sports Centre (Room 4) we will sit down and listen to your opinions on what services you would like to see.  The topics will range from transit, community services, parks, taxes, and the hospital levy that was implemented by council in the 2011 budget.

The online survey gave an overview of what Miltonians were thinking.  A majority of those surveyed felt that council should keep potential tax increases to 1-2%, maintain many services at their current levels and was pretty much split on the hospital levy.  Given the fact the response was down the middle regarding the levy, many of the comments showed that more public input was needed before passing such a measure.

Also, if you have not been able to submit your thoughts through the survey, it is still open at the Milton site for you to complete.  The deadline was for submissions to be included in the Budget Call report, but they will keep the survey online until August 18th.


If you have any comments or questions before hand, please email me mike@mikecluett.ca

We look forward to seeing you on the 11th

Hawthorne Village 2012 Budget Input Session

After consulting with Rick Di Lorenzo (Ward 7 Local Councillor) and Zeeshan Hamid (Ward 8 Local Councillor), and Sharon Barkley (Ward 1 Local Councillor) we’ve come up with a date where we want to hear from you.  Of course all other councillors in town are invited to join us but we wanted to have a focus on issues in our area that needs to be heard.

Thursday night June 30th at 7pm (location to be determined) If we get a lot of interest we might move it to the Sports Centre or somewhere larger but it could also be Symposium or Hawthorne Cafe.

The budget call process has started and thank you to everyone who filled out the survey online but thats not the only way to give us your input.

Sharon, Zeeshan, Rick and I want to hear from you in a “tell us what you think” format. We dont want to go on about what OUR priorities are just yet.  That will come in time for sure.  We want to hear what yours are.

Of course we can provide direction on the topics, like transit, community services, parks, taxation, budget increases, etc but the floor is yours.  Once we complile the opinions from everyone, we can send out a summary and these comments will be sent to staff as part of this process.

As always you can tell us what you think via email if you cant make it and each one of us encourages that.

So RSVP here or email one of us to let us know you can make it.

Its your time to speak and comments made there at the meeting and here on the Villager and in emails to us will be used in this budget call process. We can all agree this hasnt happened much in the past…lets change that.

Hospital Rally Signs


CupcakeMommies were out in full force recently getting signatures on the petition for THE TIME IS NOW rally for Milton District Hospital.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

You might have noticed over the weekend that there are a number of “The Time Is NOW” signs popping up on lawns in Milton.  Many thanks to those who allowed their lawns, especially during a federal election, to be used to host this important message.

You can pick up yours by emailing me mike@mikecluett.ca and for more information you can go to www.growmiltonhospital.com

The rally is slated for Saturday April 16th at 10AM by town hall.  Signatures for the petition are also gaining speed and you still have time to sign.  Contact us and maybe YOU can join others in letting the provincial government know that The Time Is Now to Grow Milton Hospital.

More pictures of town councillors signing the petition to come!

Councillor Ward 7 Rick Di Lorenzo signs the petition.
Councillor Ward 8 Zeeshan Hamid signs the petition.
Councillor Ward 2 Greg Nelson signs the petition.
Anthony Cluett with the big THUMBS UP!