Britannia Road Environmental Assessment Completed

Update JULY 2014

Here is the most up to date information from Halton Region regarding the Britannia Road widening project.


Further to our recent discussion, the following is an update on the work underway to implement the water, wastewater and road improvements on Britannia Road from Tremaine Road to Regional Road 25.

The EA for the Britannia Road improvements through the entire corridor from Tremaine to the 407 is being finalized for filing in late September.

The detailed design of the water and wastewater mains between Tremaine and Regional Road 25 is proceeding for tendering this Fall, with construction scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2015.

The detailed design of the widening of the road and the CN Grade Separation east of Tremaine Road is also proceeding and construction of the road works will commence immediately following completion of the water and wastewater works.

A detailed communication plan will be implemented as we get closer to the start of construction.


The environmental assessment for expansion of Britannia Rd is complete. A report to be presented at the Planning & Public Works meeting on March 19th will outline the details of the EA.

This now opens the door to get shovels in the ground to expand Britannia Road from Tremaine Road to HWY 407.

This project was accelerated back in 2008 by Halton Region as it was originally slated to START in 2021 if you can believe it. The EA process has been long due to dealing with property acquisitions AND funding.

It wont be done right away but at least we can look forward to this long awaited and much needed project to begin sometime in 2015 if everything goes to plan.

For more info on this project visit the Halton wesbite page

Oh the weather outside is frightfull….

Its that time of year again Milton.  SNOW IS COMING.

Well some of it is here now is small doses but the weather reports are showing that the GMA (Greater Milton Area) is slated for a little dusting of the white stuff over the course of the weekend.  With this in mind, I thought it prudent to give you a link to the Town of Milton website showing some information on snow plowing, when it happens, and what you can do to help everything out.

One of the BEST things people can do during a snow fall is to keep their cars off the road as to allow the snow plow to clean your streets properly.  We saw last year during a big snow fall, there were a number of people who parked their cars on the road and ended up ticketed or snowed in because the plow had to move around them.  Lets hope we dont have this happen again this year.

Here is the link to the Town of Milton SNOW PAGE and if you DO have any questions, please email or call.  If we do get a large amount of snow, please take this into consideration when calling as you might have to leave a message but we will do our best to get to your street.  In a recent presentation to council, engineering services outlined many improvements to our snow clearing policy and procedures, including using GPS to track each of our plows and ensure things are done as quickly as possible.

Here is an outline of our snow plowing response times for each type of street in Milton.

Hopefully this will give you some information on how things are done and what you can do to assist in helping our crews get to every street as quickly as possible.  This coming weekend might not be a HUGE storm, but this is Canada and it WILL happen.  Bookmark this page and share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook to keep it handy if and when the big one comes.

NOW…Im out to shovel what little came down today and lets hope for a safe, snow free weekend.

I’ll see you at the doors.

Blue Bins With Lids? Could be coming soon.

Coming up at tomorrow’s Region of Halton Planning & Public Works meeting will be a report on the Blue Box Litter Containment Study.  As some might remember this past spring, there were a number of days that were very windy not only in ward 6 but everywhere in the town of Milton.

During these windy days of spring, a number of people came home daily to piles of recycled waste all over lawns, in parks and along the sides of many roads.  It almost came to be expected that whatever day your garbage was to be collected, the wind would blow it away.

I never really saw it as much of a problem since the Blue Box program began many moons ago, but this time it felt different.  Every week the number of email’s I received would increase.  “Why is the garbage all over the place?” “What is the town going to do with all the flying garbage?”

Garbage collection in Milton is handled by the Region of Halton and after a few windy weeks, it was brought up at Regional Council and hence this report was prepared.

From the report the recommendation is as follows:


1. THAT Council approve the 22 gallon Blue Box as the new standard Blue Box in Halton Region as outlined in Report No. PW-65-12 re: “Blue Box Litter Containment Study”.
 2. THAT Council authorize staff to issue a Request for Proposal for the manufacture and supply of a 22 gallon Blue Box with an affixed lid.

The report outlines a number of different options in order to handle the flying recycling debris problem that Milton has faced over since this past spring, including lids on the blue boxes, accepting recycled materials in clear plastic bags, or going to the “new standard” 22 gallon blue box.

Obviously there will be additional costs to the Region to order, produce and deliver these new 22 gallon Blue Boxes which will be subsidized by taxpayers.

Is this something you feel is needed at this point?  Can the Region provide better communications / instruction to homeowners to better pack their blue boxes in order to avoid this flying debris problem we’re just now facing?

To give you an idea, here’s the financial impact from the report:


Based on the annual average number of Blue Boxes distributed each year, the cost increase as a result of implementing the 22 gallon Blue Box as the new standard is an estimated $28,600 per year.

The annual purchase of 2,000 Blue Boxes with an affixed lid is estimated to be $30,000.

As a result, a total of $58,600 will be incorporated into the 2013 Budget and Business Plan for consideration.

Let me know what you think in the comments or email me – on Twitter Facebook!


Milton Strawberry Fair June 23rd

Its that time of year again folks. The best combination is summer time and strawberries.

On June 23rd will be the 32nd annual Strawberry Fair at the Milton Fairgrounds in support of the Milton District Hospital Auxiliary.   For more details you can visit this page.  Thousands of people attend every year for some strawberries and ice cream as well as sample from vendors across the region.

Fun for the whole family – bouncy castles, games, prizes, baking, vendors marketplace, rides, entertainment, strawberries, ice-cream, shortcake and daiquiris all day!

Strawberry pancake breakfast by The Optimist Club of Milton

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience one of Milton’s great traditions and make sure you attend this years Strawberry Fair in support of the Milton District Hospital.

McHappy Day In Milton A Success

WOW!  Thats all I have to say.  Thank you to everyone who took part in the McHappy Day in Milton on May 2nd. 

The McDonalds restaurant was packed from noon onwards.  I was privilegedto be a part of a wonderful event.  You might have seen me near the drive thru’s asking for your change and smiles. :) Everyone was so generous in purchasing “boots” for the wall, balloons for the kids and simply taking your spare change and dollar bills and donating it to the cause. 

One of the McDonalds employees Mark shared some great information with me today:

Hey Mike, Just thought I would share some numbers with you from Yesterday’s McHappy Day here in Milton. We raised $8294.00 for the Milton District Hospital Foundation & Ronald McDonald House Hamilton!!! That blows away last year’s total by over $2700!! We sold the most Happy Meal’s out of any of the 1400 McDonald’s stores in Canada for the 3rd year in a row! Hopefully I will have a solid number for donations across Canada by mid afternoon!

Thanks again for your Support! Hope to see you around town!

That total is awesome and thanks to Mark for posting that on my Facebook Page.  (You can go there too, click LIKE and be informed of things that are going on in Milton that affect you.)

In addtion to myself, other local officials came out to help including Mayor Gord Krantz, Brian Penman, Greg Nelson, Rick Di Lorenzo, Arnold Huffman (and if Ive missed any Im sorry) as well as KISS 92.5FM Host (and local Miltonian) SCOTT FOX was there too.  Scotts a trooper as hes always on the end of my jokes because of his boyish good looks :)

Lets keep up the good work Milton and hope that next years total is over $10,000!!!!


Changes to Parking Bylaw Coming

The Community Services Standing Committee proposed some changes to the parking bylaws that will affect Miltonians.

Back in November, Ward 5 Councillor Arnold Huffman asked staff to prepare a report on the current parking bylaw to see if it would be valid to change it from the current 3hr maximum parking and change it to 5hr along with adding no overnight parking.

I don’t have a vote on the committee but I mentioned last night that if we are to change this bylaw there should be a compelling business case to do so.  And in my opinion, there wasn’t such a case made.

The staff report concluded that it would be beneficial to keep the current law and if it was changed to 5 hours there would have to be significant changes made to the shift of our bylaw officers.  The parking bylaw services are contracted out, meaning they are not Town of Milton employees.  Here is the text of the report.

Report to: Chair and Members of Community Services Standing Committee

From: M. Paul Cripps, P.Eng., Director, Engineering Services Date: March 5, 2012

Report No. ENG-003-12

Subject: Parking Enforcement – Three Hour Limitation, Parking Considerations, First Attendance

RECOMMENDATION: THAT Staff Report ENG-003-12 regarding Councillor Huffman’s request to review raising the three hour parking limit to five hours, while not permitting parking from 2:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m., along with reviewing the parking consideration program be received;

AND THAT the existing three hour parking by-law remains in effect and that the parking consideration and first attendance programs continue to operate as noted in Report ENG-003-12.



Currently, the parking by-law within the Town of Milton is three hours unless otherwise posted. The three hour parking by-law is fairly standard throughout many municipalities in the surrounding area, with the exception of the Town of Halton Hills, which recently changed their on street parking by-law from three hours to five hours.

The three hour parking limit has been developed to provide short term parking for guests and to encourage clear, uncluttered residential streets. The three hour parking limit also:

• encourages residents to provide off street parking for the number of vehicles they own;

• allows for road maintenance activities including road repairs, snow removal, sanding/salting, street cleaning;

• helps to facilitate the weekly collection of residential garbage;

• helps to minimize the difficulty of backing out of, or accessing a private driveway;

• controls the problem of derelict vehicles;

• improves the traffic flow on residential streets


Three Hour Parking By-law

Staff surveyed a number of area municipalities with respect to their parking by-law and their exemption program. The following Cities/Towns have been surveyed: Towns of Halton Hills, Oakville and the Cities of Burlington, Vaughan, Cambridge, Brampton and Mississauga. All of the surveyed municipalities have a three hour parking by-law with many of them prohibiting parking from 2:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. (yearly or seasonally) with the exception of Halton Hills, which has a five hour by-law and No Parking 2:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. November 15 – April 15. It should be noted that with the new five hour parking by-law in Halton Hills, when a complaint is received for on street parking, the officers will issue a warning tag first, prior to issuing a tag. All surveyed municipalities have parking consideration programs similar to the program within the Town of Milton.

It should be noted that the Town of Milton also has a program that allows residents to apply for extended 15 hour parking on their street involving a petition and questionnaire process. This program has been available since 2003 and to date there are only eight locations within the Town of Milton where extended parking has been approved, while over 150 streets have been reviewed. The lack of positive response to the questionnaires issued by the Town related to extended parking would indicate that the majority of residents support the current three hour parking by-law.

Over 90% of the enforcement requests (approximately 1150 from 2011) that the Town has received are for enforcement of the three hour parking by-law, particularly overnight parking. Residents tend to use their garages for storage instead of parking of a vehicle.

The Engineering Services Department doesn’t support changing the on street parking by-law from three hours to five hours, as this would create enforcement issues for the Town and be operationally disruptive. It should be noted that the three hour parking bylaw is enforced on a complaint basis similar to surrounding municipalities. Currently, our parking enforcement officers work an eight hour shift. The first three hours of their shift is used for chalking vehicles and after the chalking has been completed, the officers can then return to the streets to issue parking infraction notices. Enforcement of the three hour limit takes up the majority of the night shift for the officer and it should be noted that the Town receives several new requests for enforcement each day. It is also important to note that the same officer that chalks the vehicle has to issue the parking infraction notice. If the parking by-law was changed to five hours, this would only allow our officers approximately one hour to chalk; therefore all of the complaints would not be attended to, resulting in a decrease in level of service.

In 2003, the parking by-law in the Town of Milton was three hours unless otherwise posted and parking was prohibited from 2:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m., November 15 – April 15 for winter control. This was subsequently changed to allow three hour parking at anytime, because if a storm occurred at night, the plows would be concentrating on clearing the arterial and collector roads first. With the introduction of the “Allow the Plow” campaign the number of vehicles tagged for impeding snow removal has been reduced.

Parking Considerations

With respect to the parking consideration program, residents who are having driveway or home renovations completed are currently required to use their 18 parking considerations per plate per year. Parking Enforcement does approve extensions under extenuating circumstances, such as relatives living with family until a new home is built (with proof), university/college students home for the summer, etc. This process has been in place for a number of years with very few complaints from the residents.

Residents/guests are able to obtain a parking consideration by calling Parking Enforcement directly or on the Town’s web site. Some municipalities actually sell permits to residents/visitors once they have exhausted their permitted parking considerations. Implementing a process such as this would not be feasible due to limited human resources. It is therefore recommended that the parking consideration program remain as is and residents requiring extended parking considerations continue to contact Parking Enforcement and their request will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Effective immediately, should a resident be having home renovations or driveway work completed by a contractor, they will be required to use five (5) of their 18 parking considerations per plate per vehicle and then can apply for an extended permit if required. They would be required to send Parking Enforcement a request with all of the required information (name, phone #, address, license plate numbers of vehicles that require on street parking, and proof from the contractor that work is being done and when it will be completed).

First Attendance

Currently, the Town of Milton operates a First Attendance Facility, which allows the recipient of a parking infraction notice to come to Town Hall and fill out paperwork should they wish to dispute their parking infraction notice. This process must be done in person, which is consistent with all other municipalities and the same as someone disputing a Highway Traffic Act charge. First Attendance is not the type of program that can operate online. Presently, Parking Enforcement doesn’t fax or e-mail the First Attendance forms to recipients. Effective immediately, should a recipient of a parking infraction notice wish to have the First Attendance forms e-mailed or faxed to them this can be done, saving them some time when they appear at First Attendance.

Financial Impact

There is no financial impact associated with Report ENG-003-12.

Respectfully submitted,

M. Paul Cripps, P. Eng.

Director, Engineering Services

Staff advised the committee  last night that these changes will bring about potential increases in the cost of providing the service to Milton residents.  He said the cost increases could be in the range of $32,000 to $64,000 per year given the changes to the contract we have.  Mayor Gord Krantz asked staff last night if this is a money making venture, does it lose money or does it break even.  He felt that this is something we shouldnt be making money on and Mr Cripps advised, not knowing the numbers he felt this service broke even.

Whats going to happen after this?  If the costs go up, revenue must increase to make it a break even venture.  More revenue means more tickets for Milton residents.

In my opinion, there wasnt a compelling case made to change the bylaw from 3 to 5 hour parking.  In my time as councillor for the ward I have received a few emails and calls regarding parking issues in ward 6.  Mainly these have been issues with commercial vehicles and neighbour “feuds”.  The facts outlined in the report last night stated every surrounding municipality with the exception of Halton Hills has a 3 hour parking bylaw including Oakville, Burlington, Brampton & Mississauga.  As Milton grows in size comparable to these areas, we should be looking at what works for them.

I along with Councillor Rick Malboeuf asked staff that a lot of the issues regarding parking tickets can be fixed by using common sense.  Things like not ticketing at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Grey Cup and other special events where friends and families are visiting.  The worst ticket being someone whos had a few drinks and they do the responsible thing by taking a cab home or staying over and for that getting a ticket. 

There are measures in place for parking considerations as outlined in the report.

You can go online and get a parking consideration in a matter of seconds and in cases where you are having renovations made and cant use your driveway extra time will be considered.

I questioned staff on the number of considerations per plate (currently 18) and if they might think about increasing the number of considerations to encourage their use.  He felt that the Town of Milton is quite generous compared to other municipalities in this matter but I honestly think that if we want people to use them regularly and not be inconvenienced by running out of them during the year, we can give more considerations.

I personally think the wrong decision was made by the Community Services Standing Committee as there will be more confusion with residents and will result in an increase in parking infractions, not to mention an increase in the cost of providing the service.

But as always, I DO want to hear from you.

This decision will now come before council on March 26th to be ratified.  I encourage you if you dont want these changes made, to make your feelings known by emailing me and other members of council and also by becoming a delegate at the meeting to speak your mind.

2012 Town of Milton Budget Documents are HERE!

It’s that time of year again Milton.  No, not the long lines at the shopping malls, the honing of Christmas lists of your kids and the never ending list of holiday parties to attend.  Its budget time at the Town of Milton.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a fun time for your local councillor as well.  Over the last year I have talked with you on what your budget priorities are.  This past summer myself along with a number of other councillors sat down with you to discuss the issues you found to be important.  I have received close to 100 emails over the course of the year of you letting me know what you would like to see.

All of the comments received were sent to staff and what you will see here is a list of the budget documents.  This budget will come before council on December 12 and 13th for review/debate/approval.  Members of the public are more than welcome, and encouraged to take part in this process as well.  If you’d like to know how you can be a part of this important process, please email me for more details.

Over the course of the next week or so as I dive into these documents, drink lots of coffee and find more dark circles under my eyes due to lack of sleep, I will be posting more details, my thoughts and attempt to get as many of your comments ready for the budget committee meeting on the 12th.  If you want a hard copy of the budget, they can be purchased at Milton Town Hall as well.  Email me for details.

A quick overview of the budget will find that it recommends at 4.18% increase in the tax rate.  That doesn’t mean your taxes will go up by that amount, its the rate of increase in budget spending.  In the past I have stated I wouldn’t support a budget with an increase over the rate of inflation and I look to keep that same commitment here.  That rate doesn’t include education, the Region of Halton, the Library levy or DBIA. 

I’ll post more details on what can be done to reduce the impact of the tax increase in the coming days.  Again, if you have any questions at all, please email or call me anytime.  With over 400 pages in the budget document, odds are I will be up late reading it.

Here are the links online from for the 2012 Budget Documents

Operating and Capital Budgets

The Town’s annual budget is developed by staff in consideration of the guidelines approved by Council in July and input received from the public. Council deliberates and approves the budget in December of each year ensuring an approved budget is in place for the start of the new year.

2012 Proposed Budget Documents

McDuffe Park Cleanup – Sunday Oct 2nd at 11 AM

Thanks to the efforts of some ward 6 residents, there is another clean up of McDuffe Park event scheduled for October 2nd at 11AM.

As you might remember from earlier on this year, on a very cool brisk morning, Kim Macdonald, Fred Decarolis, myself and others took to the park to pick up trash, bottles and paper from the parks natural section as well as the surrounding playground.  It was on Milton Makeover Day and was featured on Milton Today TV too.

Ward 6 resident Asaf Maruf has taken the lead with this event and hopefully we will have lots of people out Sunday morning to help clean up the park and make Milton an even more beautiful place to live.  I’m so happy with the response so far and also glad to see Miltonians willing to roll up their sleaves and help beautify our town.

McDuffe Park is located on the south west corner of Clark Blvd and 4th Line in Ward 6.

See you on the 2nd of October everyone!!!

Council Meeting June 27 2011

The next meeting of Milton Town Council is on Monday June 27th starting at 7pm at Milton Town Hall.

The governing body of the Town of Milton is Town Council, consisting of the Mayor and 10 Councillors who represent Milton’s eight wards.  Milton residents elect members of Council for a four-year term of office.  You can find a link to watch the Town Council meetings here.  The meetings are also broadcast on TV Cogeco (Channel 14).

Town Council deals with:

  • Matters requiring policy direction
  • By-laws or by-law amendments
  • Responses or actions to pertinent issues

Council also makes decisions on the recommendations of Milton’s two Standing Committees of Council:

  • Administration & Planning Committee
  • Community Services Committee

The link to the agenda can be found here.  Some of the highlites of tonights meeting include:

Hope to see you there or watch ONLINE as well via

Admin. & Planning Committee Meeting June 20 2011

This coming Monday June 20th is the Administration & Planning Standing Committee meeting at Town Hall starting at 7pm.  

This Committee consists of five Councillors and the Mayor. Committee members review all reports, formulate policy and make recommendations to Council on matters over which Council has authority under the Municipal Act, the Planning Act and other legislation. Recommendations are made in the areas of corporate administration, personnel, legal issues, planning and finance.

The Administration and Planning Committee reviews the operating and capital budgets as well as various financial matters affecting the Town of Milton.

The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

Some of the highlites include:

As always you can watch online on Monday night at 7pm.  If you have any questions or comments for any of these reports, please email me