Changes to the way we vote!

I was speaking to a few people while door knocking yesterday who brought up some interesting questions.  It made me realize that the changes to the way we vote municipally in Milton haven’t been communicated as well as they should.

First off they thought there were two councillors elected, as it was the last time around.  That has changed.

With the ward boundary review complete, starting with this election there are no longer 4 wards.  There are now 8 wards.  Now instead of electing two councillors per ward we elect just one.  You have one choice for each position.  For example, you would cast one vote for local councillor in ward 6 (preferably for Mike Cluett).

As the election date draws closer, people are beginning to see a number of signs appear on our lawns and roadways.  There are a number of positions up for grabs on October 25th and they are the following.

  • Mayor (one to be elected)
  • Regional Councillor Wards 1,6,7,8 (one to be elected)
  • Local Councillor for each ward (one to be elected)
  • Public School Board Trustee (one to be elected)
  • Separate School Board Trustee (one to be elected)

There isn’t a race this year for Regional Chair as Gary Carr was acclaimed and will serve another 4 years.

I have some information on my Election 2010 page regarding the boundaries of ward 6, polling locations and advance poll dates as well.  Click on ELECTION 2010 to see where you will cast your ballot on or before the 25th.

So, my friends and neighbours in Ward 6 will see a number of signs popping up over the next couple of weeks.  They will contain a number of names running for the other positions and its important you do some research, check websites, call the candidates and read their literature that comes to the door.  Hopefully the candidate will see the importance of visiting you face to face, as I have over the last several months – and continue to do up until election day and beyond.

Hopefully later today or tomorrow, the candidate speeches from TV Cogeco will be online and I’ll make sure I get my 3 minutes of fame up on the website for you to see.

Remember to do your homework and ask the tough questions of the candidates on what their vision of Milton is, and how they will get there.  Ive talked several times about my plan of action:

Financial Management – The first job of the new council will be to approve the 2011 budget.  Town staff has recommended a potential increase of 6.91%, that’s almost 3 times the rate of inflation!  This election, we need someone who will ask the tough questions and do what they can to keep the increase at or below the rate of inflation.

Neighbourhood Safety – Protecting our children is vitally important.  Milton Town Council needs to review speed limits in residential areas and look at other ways to control traffic such as crosswalks, traffic calming tools, radar boards and the promotion of a neighbourhood watch program.

Accountability – Your elected representative needs to be accountable to you!  My commitment is to continue to update my website with important information that you will need to stay informed as Milton changes.  I will also knock on doors, hold regular town hall meetings and issue newsletters in between election campaigns, not just during them.

Thank you to those who have shown their support for me up until today.  Thank you for putting a sign on your lawn to let your neighbours and friends know that you are supporting me this election.  For those who remain undecided, I am available for you if you’d like to chat about my plan and the ways we can help secure Milton’s future, together.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.

Round 2 Begins

Ward 6 only seems like it’s the smallest ward.  Over the past several months I have taken to hitting the doors for this campaign and it’s taken a few months, but I’ve personally canvassed/literature dropped every home in the ward.

Now on to round 2. 

I hope that I can meet as many of you before Election Day on October 25th and discuss issues that are important to you.  Many of the people I have talked with have similar concerns about growth in Milton, where everything will go when it’s all said and done, infrastructure and neighbourhood safety.

There are less than 80 days now until the election and before then, I hope to make it around the ward once more.  This is what you can come to expect from me as your councillor as well.  I am the only candidate in Milton who has made a promise to continue to knock on doors in between election campaigns, and not just during them.  It’s a commitment I made back in 2006 for the last election, and although I wasn’t successful then, over the last 4 years I have continued to talk with you directly and find out what issues are important to you.

Many of the incumbents on council now think I’m crazy.  I’ve been told that it’s impossible to knock on doors because I will be as busy as a councillor.  I don’t think it would be that hard to knock on every door in the ward over the course of 4 years if it can be done in a matter of months.

Communication is key for the democratic process.  You can’t be successful having a one sided conversation with anyone, especially the tax payers of Milton.  There are a number of major initiatives that will happen over the next 4 years from intensification of Main Street, the Boyne survey that will add over 55,000 new people in town and infrastructure demands that need to be addressed.

Council needs to be more proactive when it comes to these issues.  They can’t continue to be reactionary when issues arise and need to take the time and solicit input.  The other part of this equation is you…the taxpayer.

We need your input as well.  We need to you let us know your opinion and concerns when these decisions are made. 

That’s why I am asking for a small commitment from you.  A commitment of 15 minutes of your time on election day (or the advance polls) to come out, vote and take part in the election process.  I’ll return that commitment of working directly with you for the next 4 years.

Check out my election information page for the dates/times/locations of all the advance poll dates.  There will be 8 days prior to October 25th that you can take advantage of the advance polls, shorter lines and less stress to go and vote for your choices.

So, if I didn’t get a chance to speak with you on my first time around the ward, I hope that I get a chance to speak with you before Election Day.  If at anytime you have any questions or concerns, please email me or call me (905) 878-1327 or directly on my cell (647) 888-9032.  You can also leave your comments on my blog.

Until then, I will see you at the doors.