More Crosswalk Talk

As I’ve discussed before, there has been a lot of talk about a possible crosswalk near the Metro Plaza.  Over the past few weeks door knocking in the area, I have talked to many Ward 6 residents who are deeply concerned about safety in that area.

Its not just a Ward 6 issue, as fellow candidate Rick Dilorenzo found out.  Rick is running for local council in Ward 7 and through emails and discussions with residents on the west side of Thompson, he is hearing the same things.

Rick posted on his blog recently an email he received from Hawthorne Villager contributor and Ward 7 resident Graham W about his concerns with traffic lights and possible crosswalks in the area.

Just to update those concerned residents, Rick and I are both in contact with the engineering department of the Town of Milton to find out what indeed has to be done to ensure safety of pedestrians and drivers in the area.  It really doesn’t make sense for someone less than 500 meters from the Metro Plaza having to get into their car, drive to the mall to go shopping when crossing the street and walking is so much easier.

The reason why people don’t walk is the potential dangers of crossing Thompson during high periods of traffic, especially on the weekend and during the summer months.  Many residents have children playing soccer and want to take advantage of the great park that’s been built, but again, walking isn’t as safe for people at times and they are forced to drive their cars.

As we get more information, both Rick Dilorenzo and I will be updating our websites and of course we welcome comments and concerns from people in the area.  You can email me

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.

New Lights Coming

As I mentioned in a previous entry, there have been a lot of concerns raised while out at the doors about the area around Thompson Road and Kennedy Circle/Louis St Laurent.  After talking with some candidates in the ward across the street (ward 7) those concerns are shared by a lot of people.

I received an email from the engineering department at the town of Milton informing me that some changes are coming.  They told me there will be a set of lights installed at the intersection of Clark Blvd and Thompson Road, possibly up and running by the end of July.  Further studies have been and will be done again for the following intersections:  Thompson & Hepburn, Thompson & Kennedy Circle and Thompson & Louis St Laurent.

Now before the “too many lights” people start raging, this doesn’t mean that there will be lights at each of these intersections.  In order for that to happen that intersection needs to meet certain warrants (traffic totals in each direction) before anything happens.

I got further clarification of what is required for a signalled crosswalk, the most popular choice of people living in these areas, to be installed.  During a period of study there needs to be approximately 200 pedestrians crossing the street in an 8 hour period.  I don’t know exactly when these studies were done in the past but Im sure it comes close to that amount during the summer time.

People on the west side of Thompson Road directly across from the Metro Plaza have repeatedly told me and other Ward 7 candidates that its a challenge to walk to that mall.  While they live less than 1KM from the plaza, they are forced to get into their cars and drive over for the fear of crossing Thompson Road.  The same goes for the people on the east side of Thompson (our ward 6) trying to take advantage of the beautiful park and soccer fields.  We shouldn’t have to get into our cars, to go to a park or go shopping when we live so close.

A signalled crosswalk would be beneficial for these and other people who want to walk in the town of Milton.  Who knows when the lights will be put in at Louis St Laurent.  LSL is slated for a major expansion this year and next in order to keep up with the growth of the Boyne Survey.  There needs to be something at this location sooner.

Send me your email at to add your name to a list of people interested in finding out if and when we can get a signalled crosswalk there sooner.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.

It’s About Communication

This time I put on sunscreen.  I had an opportunity to go knocking on some doors before the Community Services Standing Committee at Town Hall last night and I spoke with some people who live on Barr Cres.

Some people I talked with were “amazed” that I was out this early knocking on doors introducing myself as the election is a few months away (October 25, 2010)  I replied, its what they can expect from me as their town councillor as well.  Although it seems like a daunting task to many, its part of the job that should be done more often.  This is just one way to get people engaged in the community and aware of what is going on at Town Hall.  The municipal level of government touches our lives more directly in many cases that others and residents should know whats going on and how future changes will affect them in both the short and long term.

What were they talking about?

Those who I did speak with brought up their main concerns as safety in our streets.  Almost everyone I have talked to in this area brought up the fact they try to cross the street to the park on the west side of Thompson Road but almost always have to take their cars, because there isn’t a real safe place to walk across.

The Town is working on getting a light set up at Thompson and Louis St Laurent but even that wont help in the short term.  A lot of the residents I’ve spoken with would relish the idea of a crosswalk.  There are some on the west side of Thompson who feel the same way as they need to go to the Metro plaza but again, have to take their cars instead of walking 200 m.  Main reason?  Safety.

I will definitely be bringing this to the attention of the traffic department of the Town of Milton as it seems to be a growing concern.  People should be able to walk across the road instead of taking their cars…it just makes sense.

Another topic that was uniform among everyone I spoke with is communication.  They would appreciate more information from the town.  As Rob told me, that’s what my councillor should be doing.  From when road construction will begin to discussion on official plans its important people stay informed and get involved.

If elected, my pledge is to continue using my website and blog as a communication tool for residents to stay up to date on whats happening.  With the Boyne survey (south of LSL) now in the works, eventually bringing another 55,000 new residents to town, people need to know whats going on and have a say in those plans.

I also ran into Audrey who was out enjoying the nice weather as well who just moved to Milton a few months ago.  “I LOVE IT” is what she told me.  Milton is a great place to live and will continue to be a great place to live.  I introduced her to a great site called The Hawthorne Villager to introduce herself and her family’s business as well.

If you haven’t visited or read through the site, you should.  You will probably find a few of your neighbours online.  Its just another way of bringing our community a little closer together and help continue make it a great place to live.

I’ll see you at the doors.

Somebody Likes Thompson Road

You cant read through a Milton web forum on the internet without stumbling over someone complaining about the roads, and more specifically Thompson Road.

There are usually a variety of complaints about it, but the one that stands out the most is that there are too many traffic lights in a short period of time.  Personally, I find that its hit and miss.  There are somedays I stop at every one of them, while most times, its clear sailing.

Reading a letter from the Champion this weekend, there is another person who likes Thompson Road.

Here she is.


At last, the Thompson Road work is done. What a beautiful job.

My only hope is that it’s kept that way. I would like to see more garbage cans put along Thompson, at least at the bus stops. I walk my dogs along the path and find more and more garbage being tossed along the way.

While I attempt to pick it up, I think more garbage cans would reduce the trash being tossed.

This summer, enjoy the beautiful sod that was laid because by next spring it will be all weeds without weed control. Too bad.

Here’s to a quieter summer along Thompson.