Tigerfest 2011 Prevails over Mother Nature

Match Results:

Main Event – Sonjay Dutt & Muhammad Hassan DEF Robbie McAllister & Tyson Dux (w/Manager DJango2000)– In this surprise main event Tiger Ali Singh organizer and commissioner of the event found that there was some shenanigans with the referee being “bought off” by McAllister and Dux.  Crowd favourite Sonjay Dutt amazed everyone with his high flying spots and Hassan got a measure of revenge against Dux from an earlier loss (via fast count and feet on the ropes).  Referee Tiger Ali Singh let the boys have at it, but with more interference from DJango2000, Tiger took matters into his own hands.  He DDT’d McAllister and followed up with a “TIGER STUNNER” on Dux.  Hassan and Dutt took to the corners for HUGE frog splashes while Tiger counted both heels out with the 1-2-3!!!!  The hundreds in attendance exploded as the victorious team had their hands raised by ref Tiger Ali Singh.

Robbie McAllister (w/DJango2000) DEF Sonjay Dutt (feet on ropes/fast ref count)– In a high flying match, Sonjay Dutt who was definitely the crowd favourite, took on former WWE superstar Robbie McAllister in a hard fought match.  Lots of back and forth action with McAllister benefiting from a lot of interference from his manager and a “distracted referee”.  The match ended when McAllister pinned Dutt with help from the ropes in the corner and a fast count.  Fans around ringside were upset, especially when they saw a transfer of funds from DJango2000 to the ref. 

Suddenly the opening chords of “EYE OF THE TIGER” blared through the facility and the crowd exploded when they saw Tiger Ali Singh make his way down to the ring to right the wrong made.  He then booked the main event revenge tag team match.

Team Superstars (Bushwhacker Luke, Kiyoshi & Tatanka) DEF:  Team Powerhouse (Boris Brezhnev, Pierre Shadows, and James Champagne) – In a great 6 man tag match with these 3 veteran superstars, they over powered Team Powerhouse in a hard hitting event.

The TEXTBOOK Tyson Dux (w/DJango2000) DEF Muhammad Hassan – In another great display of mat wrestling and hard hitting action former TNA wrestler Tyson Dux managed to squeak out another victory over Hassan.  The crowd was into this match as DJango2000 found his way into the match by cheating when the refs back was turned, giving The Textbook the advantage.  Hassan came back several times in the match giving Dux some hard fought competition but the match ended when Dux, using the advantage of his feet on the ropes and a very fast count from the ref for the win.  Hassan was great in this match and its easy to see why the WWE is looking at this future superstar in this sport.  Dux also showed why hes won championships and has been a contender in every region hes worked in.

Ladies Match:  Gabriella Vanderpool DEF Jodi DiMilo

6 MAN SCRAMBLE MATCH:  Milton’s own JASON CHASE DEF Anthony Fiasco, Brent B, Marcus “The Great” Marquez, Sebastian Suave and Vega


MILTON, ON — Throughout his legendary career, Tiger Jeet Singh faced off against a number of hard opponents. On Saturday, he faced one of his toughest yet in the form of Mother Nature. With help from a number of tag team partners, he was able to come up with another victory, ensuring that Tiger Fest 2011, his annual wrestling fundraiser show, was a major success.

The wrestling show was scheduled to be held at an open air venue in downtown Milton, Ontario. The lot, owned by Troy’s Diner, had been converted into a makeshift arena, with bleachers set up around the ring where the evening’s event was going to take place.

Unfortunately, rain had been falling all afternoon, and the rumblings of thunder in the distance put the show in jeopardy. Not only would it be unlikely that fans would want to brave the elements, but even if they could, it would pose too much of a risk for the wrestlers to perform. Consequently, with less than two hours to belltime, the event’s organizers made the call to move the show indoors.

Led by head trainer Rob Fuego, the roster of Squared Circle Wrestling tore down the ring, transported it down the road to the CrossFit training facility, and set it up again, all in record time. In the meantime, Tiger Ali Singh (former WWE star, and Tiger Jeet’s son) started the mass communication efforts to inform fans that the show was still on, albeit in a different venue than originally planned. Judging from the hundreds in attendance, the message was clearly received. And it’s a good thing, because those in attendance were really treated to a great event.

Before the bell, were some presentations to the winners of Tiger’s High School Challenge — an athletic competition for local high schools — and speeches from various political dignitaries, sponsors, guests, and finally Tiger himself. Next up were some songs from Canadian recording artists Prita Chhabra and Khalel, and a rendition of Oh Canada from some local students.

The main event of the wrestling show saw former TNA star Sonjay Dutt square off against former WWE star “Highlander” Robbie McAllister. After some dirty tactics, Robbie stole a win, to the outrage of the predominantly East Indian crowd. From the crowd, though, Tiger Ali Singh could see the referee had made a mistake and went into the ring to let him know. After some targeting questioning revealed that the referee had been paid off, Tiger took matters into his own hands. He made an impromptu match, teaming up Dutt with Farhan Hassan (aka Farhan Faruqui) to face McAllister and Tyson Dux, since earlier in the night, the same corrupt official allowed Dux to cheat to beat Hassan. During the match, Tiger showed that he still could go, dropping McAllister with a huge DDT and Dux with a Stunner, giving the East Indian duo the victory.

In other matches, Milton’s own Jason Chase won a match for the first time, using his hometown advantage to beat Anthony Fiasco, Brent B, Marcus “The Great” Marquez, Sebastian Suave and Vega in a 6-man scramble; Gabriella Vanderpool beat Jodi DiMilo, and the team of former WWE superstars Bushwhacker Luke and Tatanka and former TNA star Kiyoshi beat a powerhouse team of Boris Brezhnev, Pierre Shadows, and James Champagne.

After the match, every fan was able to get an autograph and picture with each of the wrestlers on the show, as well as The Destroyer (Dick Beyer), who was in attendance, Tiger Ali Singh, and Tiger Jeet Singh.

Proceeds from Tiger Fest 2011 will be donated to McMaster Childrens’ Hospital, the Halton Learning Foundation, the Salvation Army, and towards the Japan Relief Campaign.

For more information, visit tigerjeetsinghfoundation.com

Tigerfest Returns June 4th 2011

From the Milton Canadian Champion

TigerFest returns to festival – High school strength challenge added to pro wrestling show

Wrestling fans, the countdown is on.

Just over two weeks remain until the return of TigerFest, which — as part of the Milton Downtown Street Festival — attracted more than a thousand onlookers last year.

Put on by international wrestling legend Tiger Jeet Singh and his son Tiger Ali Singh, this year’s event — set for Saturday, June 4 across from Troy’s Diner on Main Street — promises to pack ’em in once again. But not just because of the squared circle action.

Local teens are sure to come out in droves to watch their peers take part in Tiger’s High School Challenge, which will see five-guy, five-girl teams from each of the three high schools test themselves in strongman style competition.

Along with bragging rights, the challenge — culminating with a giant tire flipping contest — will serve as a fundraiser for the schools.

TigerFest t-shirts, with personalized school colours, will be sold leading up to the event, with net proceeds being donated back to each of the schools by the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation.

The idea originated from Milton District’s request for assistance in its ongoing efforts to raise money for a new fitness room.

Set to begin around noon, the high school challenge kicks off a full slate of TigerFest activities, which continue with boxing and CrossFit demonstrations by Milton’s FirePower and performances by pop recording artist Prita Chhabra and Milton’s own soul singer/songwriter Khalel.

From there, the pro wrestling — which is scheduled to include former WWE stars Tatanka and Robbie McAllister and ex-TNA star Sonjay Dutt, as well as some notable names from the independent circuit — gets underway at 5 p.m.

Wrapping up with a wrestlers autograph session, the card won’t include a competitive showing by Tiger Jr. this time around, as an Achilles injury will keep him out of action.

However, an in-ring cameo role by the former WWE heel — who won last year’s card-ending battle royal — is a distinct possibility.

While the event is free, organizers are asking for a minimum donation of $5 for a spot in the provided seating area. Proceeds from this will go to the Milton Salvation Army.

In conjunction with this, Miltonians are asked to drop off non-perishable food items to local Scotiabank locations starting in mid-May in support of the food bank.

TigerFest t-shirts will also be sold during the day, with the money raised going to the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation in support of the Japan Relief Campaign, Halton Learning Foundation and McMaster Children’s Hospital.

For more information and regular updates on TigerFest, visit www.tigerjeetsinghfoundation.com.

Wrestlers Announced For TIGERFEST June 5th 2010

As everyone knows who reads my blog, Saturday June 5th 2010 will be a huge day in Milton.

It will be the 4th annual Milton Street Fest and as with every year, this year looks to be the best lineup so far.  Music bands as far as the eye can see will be in attendance Saturday at a number of different locations.  These lineups can be found here.  From rock to country to cover bands … whatever your taste there will be something there for everyone in the whole family.  For more information on the full days events go to www.tigerjeetsingh.com

And speaking of family entertainment, the first annual TIGERFEST will be held in front of Troy’s Diner in an all day event.  All the proceeds of Tigerfest will be going directly to the Milton District Hospital Foundation.

Later in the evening there will be live pro-wrestling matches which will include the following wrestlers.

The “King of Old School” and former NWA, AWA & ECW World Champion Steve Corino – Former TNA wrestlers Sonjay Dutt and Tyson Dux – Former WWE Superstar Robbie McAllister – Former WWE/F & NWA Legend Greg “The Hammer” Valentine – and finally internationally renowned …  former WWE Superstar and Milton Walk of Fame member … our own TIGER ALI SINGH!

The “LIVING LEGEND” … an internationally known superstar … and Milton Walk of Fame Member TIGER JEET SINGH will also be in attendance!

According to Troy Newton of Troy’s Diner, the wrestlers will be available for autographs during intermission and after the show and they will stay as long as needed to ensure everyone who wants an autograph gets one.  All wrestlers will be signing the event program for $5.  They will also be selling TIGERFEST water, T-Shirts and lanyards during the day and ALL MONIES will be dontated to the MDHF.

King of Old School Former NWA World Champion Steve Corino

Former TNA wrestler "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt

Former TNA wrestler Tyson Dux

Former WWE Superstar and Highlander Robbie McAllister

Former NWA US Champion/Tag Team Champion, Former WWE/F Tag Team & Intercontinental Champion and WWE HALL OF FAMER Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

THE LIVING LEGEND & Milton Walk of Fame Inaugural Inductee TIGER JEET SINGH

Former WWE Superstar & Milton Walk of Fame Inaugral member MILTON ONTARIO'S OWN TIGER ALI SINGH

As the late great Billy Red Lyons would tell you… “Dontch dare miss it!”

Saturday June 5th 2010, Downtown Milton @ Troy’s Diner!  All day at the street festival!