There Was A Miracle On Main Street

Yesterday was the 4th annual Toy Drive in Milton put on by the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation and supported in a large part by Troy Newton of Troy’s Diner.  As Ive said many times before, you dont have to be in Milton very long to know about Troy’s.  Great food, great service, amazing staff and Troy’s impact on our community can not be measured.

I was happy to help out in supporting the Miracle on Main Street this year and every year it just gets bigger and better.  There were reindeer, Santa Claus himself came down from the North Pole to say hi to the kids, live entertainment by Milton’s own Jon Abrams as well as Prita Chhabra, a merry go round, silent auctions, the worlds most famous hockey dad Walter Gretzky and thousands of toys for the toy drive.

On a personal note, Ive known Troy for as long as I’ve been a Miltonian and he does have a heart of gold.  He was asked by Jennifer Valentyne from BT yesterday why does he do this and his reply is simple but very telling of who he is.  Isnt it what we should be doing?

Troy and his team help out at so many community events and when called upon, he’s there no questions asked.

I havent heard an official total yet from the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation of what the total amount raised but I heard yesterday from Mayor Gord Krantz that the total was close to $200,000!!!! WOW! That will bring more smiles to kids faces this Christmas than before. An outstanding effort by a group of outstanding volunteers. The team should be commeded for their efforts yesterday.

And to top it all off, yesterday morning in front of the diner Troy was presented with the Queens Diamond Jubilee award for his years of community support.  It gets said so often but its so true with this…there is no other person that deserves this honour more than Troy.  Congratulations and Im very proud to call you my friend.  Check out the video below of the presentation live on Breakfast Television.

Troys Toy Drive Huge Success

Even in the early hours of Monday morning you could feel the excitement.  I got to Troy’s Diner Best Western location shortly after 6AM to a full parking lot and over a hundred people running about.

City TV’s Breakfast Television was setting up their live feed as the toys were being put into the trailers for their journey to the Salvation Army, Sick Kids Hospital and Halton Womens Place to put smiles on childrens faces for Christmas morning.

They actually had to call in another trailer as the two they had in place were filled to the brim and almost overflowing.

Among the notables in attendance was Canada’s most famous hockey dad Walter Gretzky who worked the room non stop talking to kids of all ages, signing autographs and smiling for pictures.  This man has no ends to his energy and is truly a classy gentleman.  Johnny Bower was also running around to the delight of Leaf fans in the room.  Santa-Tiger Ali Singh could be seen signing autographs with his father Tiger Jeet Singh recounting their years in professional wrestling. 

Even I got a picture with “The Champ”

The tables were filled with silent auction items that ranged from signed merchandise by Walter and Johnny to Raptors Tickets and other great prizes.  Congratulations to Troy, his staff and all the volunteers that put countless hours of effort to make this drive the best yet.  I havent heard any official numbers but I do know last years total was blown away BIG TIME.  This event also wouldnt be what it is without the efforts and dedication of Tiger Jeet Singh and Tiger Ali Singh and their family.

Its heartwarming to know that there will be a few more smiles on kids faces this Christmas morning because of the generosity and love of all those involved.

Great job by all.  Merry Christmas.

Troy’s Toy Drive

We spent Saturday morning walking up and down Main Street in Milton for their 2nd annual Tots on Parade Halloween Party for kids.  Hundreds of the little ones lined the streets in the day light to get treats from store owners courtesy of the Milton DBIA.  It was a fun time and the kids left with bags full of candy and smiles across their face.  It almost felt like Christmas.

For those who know me well, I normally don’t get into the Christmas spirit until much later in the year, much to the shagrin of my wife (who would put up decorations NOW if she had the chance) but this year is a bit different.  While shopping later on with the family, my trusty phone started buzzing away.  It was a message from Troy Newton of Troy’s Diner in Milton.  When Troy calls … you answer!

Troy is now planning this years Troy’s Toy Drive scheduled for December 20, 2010 at his location at Best Western Milton (401 and 25) and this year looks to top last years monumental success.  Each year during this campaign, they raise close to $30,000 in toys for the Salvation Army, Sick Kids Hospital and Halton Women’s Place and Troy wants to beat that number … BIG TIME.

You know an event like this will bring out big time names in our community and there are two no bigger names than Tiger Jeet Singh and Tiger Ali Singh.  You’ll remember the Tigers as just this past summer they put on the first of many Tigerfest live wrestling action during the Downtown Milton Street festival raising over $35,000 for the Milton District Hospital.  Last year the most famous hockey dad in the world (and a guy with the biggest heart in the world) Walter Gretzky was there, and this year it looks like there will be lots of famous names helping out that day and I have the flyer up at the bottom of this post.

If you want to send a donation, make it payable to “Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation, c/o Troy’s Toy Drive”and drop it off and either of the Diners locations on or before the 18th of December.  Breakfast Television will once again make it out to cover this event on the 20th with Jennifer Valentyne hosting the live eye coverage.

Let’s help show the world that Milton is the best place in the world and support Troy’s Toy Drive on December 20th, head on down to the Best Western location from 6AM to 12PM and maybe YOU can be on TV.

You can also get more details as well as video from last years event at Milton

Post a comment telling Troy, the Tigers and everyone in Milton that you will be there!!!