Record Donations for Milton Stuff A Bus

Milton Transit’s Holiday Stuff-a-Bus BREAKS record for donations

Milton Transit held its most successful holiday “Stuff-a-Bus” to date on Sunday, November 18, 2012 during the Milton Santa Claus parade.

In total, over 4,350 lbs of food were collected benefiting the Salvation Army food bank in Milton and thousands of dollars worth of toys in support of Toys for Tots.

“On behalf of Milton Transit, I would like to thank our generous Milton community and the many volunteers who helped make this year’s holiday Stuff-a-Bus such a great success,” said Milton Mayor Gord Krantz.

Milton Transit will hold its next “Stuff-a-Bus” early March 2013, in time for Easter celebrations.

For more information on Milton Transit, visit, e-mail or call 905‑864-4141.

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MOCKTAIL Competition May 12th at Milton Mall

A number of my councillor collegues have entered into a MOCKTAIL Competition on Saturday May 12th, 2012 at the Milton Mall.

Yours truly along with Mayor Gord Krantz, Councillors Zeeshan Hamid, Rick Di Lorenzo, Greg Nelson, Colin Best and Cindy Lunau will be providing our best mocktails for your sampling pleasure and you end up voting for the best ones (HINT Cluett Cool-Aid) with proceeds going to the Salvation Army as part of a nationwide food bank promotion.  The way it works is simple.

You sample the Mocktails from our group (HINT Cluett Cool-Aid) and place a donation for the corresponding mix. (HINT Cluett Cool-Aid)  Then you mock the rest of the group and CHEER for Cluett Cool-Aid!  Well, dont mock them as its not their fault.

I’m kidding.  It will be a blast and hopefully we can raise some money for the Salvation Army and our local food bank in Milton.

NOW, Im sure you’re going to ask this.  What if I cant make it?  THAT’S EASY!!  You can make a donation at anytime before hand, just send me an email and I will come pick it up from you.  Its that simple.

Each vote costs $2.00 but you can donate as much as you want either that day or before hand.  The more the better as I want to make sure the rest of my friends around the council table know that Cluett Cool-Aid is the ONLY way to go.

Santa Claus Parade Needs Volunteers


In yesterday’s Milton Canadian Champion the word went out that this years installment of the Santa Claus parade needs volunteers to help.  If you are interested, please contact Samanta Attew at (905) 693-0369.

You can find out more about the 2010 Milton Santa Claus Parade by going to which contains information on sponsors, the parade route and contact information if you would like to help out.

Last year over 20,000 people attended the parade and this year looks to top that number.  Sunday November 21st is the date.  There will be a bus that collects food for the Salvation Army, so please bring some non-perishable items and it will be collected along the parade route.  Letters to Santa are also welcome from the children and will be “express deleivered” to the big guy himself.

If you would like to download a map of the parade route, click here.  It’s the same route as last year (the date on the map is 2009)

I’ll look forward to seeing everyone there at the parade.