Some Observations As Term of Council Ends

cropped-cropped-IMG_0000008712.pngLast night we had our last Administration and Planning Committee meeting for this term of Milton Town Council. 

It’s been a pleasure to serve on that committee for the last four years along with the chair Colin Best. 

It did strike me as odd that with the election just over 30 days away that there were very few candidates for Milton Town Council in attendance. Over the last few months, the public gallery has had a number of candidates for positions attend on a regular basis.  It brings me back to the last election campaign for me, when from early January to the last meeting I attended each one.  

The best piece of advice I received when I first thought of running for public office was to attend the meetings and see how the process works.  It will give you a better understanding about the job, what it entails and the demands it will have on your time.  After I started attending regularly back in 2010, many other candidates showed up as well.  The ratio of those who won vs who didn’t is actually pretty good.

It’s because they were able to speak to voters with the understanding of what a local councillor does and that goes a long way.  They were able to make promises to voters as to what they could or could not do.  Knowing about the job is important for everyone who puts their name on a ballot.

Over this last year there have been a few candidates who attended regularly which is good.  Some however have not.

Out of the candidates who are vying for the position of Local and Regional councillor for wards 1,6,7 & 8, aside from one who attended less than a handful of meetings, no one has shown up.  Even the former councillor who was ousted from office back in December (see the link here and here)  and who made promises to attend meetings has not once shown his face at a meeting.

Some will claim “I watched the meetings online”  If you want the job, you make the effort to attend and take part in the conversation.  There should be no excuse at all for not wanting to be prepared for the job you’re spending money on trying to get.

None of the candidates for the position I’m running for have spoken on ANY issues they claim is important to them.  When it comes to town input sessions on budgets, community services, infrastructure or parks that both myself and the town have hosted…Nothing.

For over the last year I have attended the Regional Council meetings to prepare myself and be ready to start working day one. None of my opponents have.

Their lack of attendance should speak volumes to voters this coming election. Where have you been all this time?

The choice is clear for voters in wards 1,6,7,8. Mike Cluett is ready to start working Day one.

I’ll see you at the doors.

Milton Strawberry Festival This Weekend

This weekend marks the first official weekend of the summer.  For Miltonians for many years this means Strawberry Festival!

For 33 years running the Milton Hospital Auxiliary has been putting on this amazing event that never ceases to amaze.  Lots of fresh strawberries, ice cream, smoothies … you name it, its there.

The festival is held at the Milton Fairgrounds and goes from 8AM to 4PM.  Get there early for some strawberry shortcake and other goodies.

Milton Trails & Cycling Master Plan

Public Input Session: Trails and Cycling Master Plan Update

The Town of Milton is developing an updated Trails and Cycling Master Plan. The revised plan will build upon the Town’s existing system of roads and trails, as well as consider those planned in and surrounding Milton.

Members of the public are invited to review the project’s progress and provide comments at a public input session:

Thursday, June 27, 2013, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Milton Sports Centre (Banquet Room), 605 Santa Maria Blvd., Milton.

For more information about this event, including a list of presentation topics and additional ways to get involved, visit the Trails and Cycling Master Plan Update page.

We Want Your Input Budget 2014

Its that time of year again.  No, not just getting the lawnmowers out and warming up the BBQ’s.  Its time to begin the process of providing input on the 2014 Town of Milton budget.

As readers of this blog know, this is an important part of the process and I urge all residents to contact me and the town with their opinions on the direction of the towns finances.

Its the beginning stages of this process and there will be more to come as the year moves on.  As always, I will be having my public budget input sessions in the later part of the summer / early fall so please keep that in mind.

You can forward your comments as always to me directly or through comments on this blog, or on social media as well. My Twitter handle is @Mike_Cluett so feel free to tweet this post, share it with your friends and colleagues and lets get the discussion going on what you would like to see or not see in the 2014 budget.

You can also go to this link to complete the Town’s official survey.  It only takes a few minutes to answer so I would appreciate if you would take the opportunity to complete it and send me your thoughts as well.  Too long?  Too short?  Better questions to ask?  All feedback is good.

From the Town of Milton

Town of Milton seeks community input on 2014 budget

The Town of Milton is inviting members of the community to provide input into the programs, service levels and priorities for the 2014 Operating and Capital budgets.

The annual budget assigns financial resources to various municipal services, programs and infrastructure projects within the community and establishes the associated tax levy that is required to meet these needs. The budget is developed by staff within the guidelines approved by Council in July and takes into account input received from the public in person, by written submission and through an online survey. Council will deliberate and approve the 2014 budgets in December 2013.

A brief public input survey will be available on the Town’s website at from Tuesday, May 28 to Friday, June 28, 2013. Residents and business owners are encouraged to complete the online survey to express their opinions of Milton’s municipal services. The results of the survey will provide information to staff for consideration in preparing the 2014 budgets, including satisfaction with levels of service, recommendations for new services or elimination of existing services, and level of support for property tax increases.

A presentation will be made at the beginning of the Council meeting on Monday, May 27 at 7 p.m. to introduce the 2014 budget process. The meeting takes place in Council Chambers, Milton Town Hall (West) at 150 Mary Street, Milton. Those wishing to provide input in person are required to register as a delegation by filling out a Delegate Request Form, available at the Town Clerk’s office (Town Hall West, 150 Mary Street, Milton, L9T 6Z5) or on the Town’s website, Completed forms must be submitted to the Town Clerk’s office or faxed to 905-876-5022 by 10 a.m. on May 27.

For more information, visit or call 905-878-7252, ext. 2470.

– 30 –

For further information, please contact:

Linda Leeds – Director, Corporate Services and Treasurer

905-878-7252, ext. 2142

Liliana Busnello – Communications Specialist
905-878-7252, ext. 2154