United Way of Milton EXCEEDS Our Fundraising Goal

As I sit here and reflect on what was a simply amazing evening for the United Way of Milton my thoughts turn to someone who was a good friend to many and a true driving force behind the United Way … the late Mario Belvedere.

As we turned around the numbers in front of a packed house at the Velodrome, I could see the biggest smile in the room belonged to Mario.

He was a passionate supporter of the United Way and one who taught us that nothing was impossible…dream it, plan it and do it. And we did.

Mario my friend, God bless you and this one was for you. Thank you for being my inspiration to continue to work with this amazing organization.

There are others who also deserve a lot of the accolades for tonight. There are two women who simply wouldn’t give up this campaign. At some points it looked bleak and it might not happen. Kristy Elizabeth and our proud CEO Katie Holmes didn’t give up. It wasn’t an option for them. There were 24 hours in a day but they found a way to use every second in this chapter of the United Way and they never gave up.

Thank you Kristy and Kate for YOUR hard work. As we turn the page in the chapter of the history of our organization, you two can be proud of everything that’s been done and will be done going forward. You’re simply awesome.

And finally, but not least at all we have to thank our coaches, our motivation and our inspiration. Shawn Saulnier and Bridget Saulnier drove the United Way to the next level. For years we were raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet they saw something more. With the tenacity of pit bulls they saw what could be for Milton. Something that was a pie in the sky thought just a few years earlier became closer to reality last year. 200k more was raised than ever before. But they said “no we can do this” and set the goal for one million again.

More hours than we can count they made presentations, speeches and would talk United Way to anyone who would listen.

Thank you Shawn and Bridget for everything.

Our board of directors is the best I’ve ever seen and everyone pulled their weight and more so to the United Way Milton Board of Directors. Thank you.

Thank you Milton for everything. All your hard work. All your encouragement and all your donations have made this campaign the most memorable of all.

Thank you!!!!!

Here is my Facebook Live Video of our announcement.

United Way Christmas House Tour This Weekend

Thinking of something to do this weekend?  Looking to get into the Christmas spirit before the annual Milton Santa Claus Parade on Sunday?

Why dont you take some time this Saturday to take the United Way Christmas House Tour through Milton.  Tickets for the Friday limo driven event have been sold out for some time but you can still take advantage of some tickets that are still available for Saturday’s self guided tour.

Six Milton homes have been specially decorated for this event and the tickets only cost $30, which is a great deal.  Each year this event gets better and better and its an amazing way of getting to know some neighbours and get into the Christmas spirit.

Call (905) 875-2550 to get your tickets today.

Milton United Way 5K/10K Event October 6th 2013

The race is just over a month away and pledges are now open for the 2nd annual United Way 5K/10K run and 5K community walk on Oct 6th.  I’ll be participating this year so feel free to pledge your support here.

Need some incentive?

Meet Ronaldus Maximus of Milton United Way fame.  Notice the hair?  Im sure everyone who meets him notices it.  Here’s the deal.

If I get to $1,000 in pledges I’ll wear a Ronaldus Maximus wig for the race!

All for the United Way of Milton.  So pledge NOW and post a comment to let me know you did.

I would appreciate any support you might be able to give so please be generous and take into consideration that next to being Dave Hester from Storage Wars for Halloween last year, THIS will be something hard to live down.  Again, its all to go help the 1 in 4 Milton residents who use a United Way service.  As our town continues to grow, the need for funding grows as well.

Lets all help be part of the CHANGE … it starts here.