Council Meeting May 30 2011

The next meeting of Milton Town Coucil is on Monday May 30th starting at 7pm at Milton Town Hall.

The governing body of the Town of Milton is Town Council, consisting of the Mayor and 10 Councillors who represent Milton’s eight wards.  Milton residents elect members of Council for a four-year term of office.  You can find a link to watch the Town Council meetings here.  The meetings are also broadcast on TV Cogeco (Channel 14).

Town Council deals with:

  • Matters requiring policy direction
  • By-laws or by-law amendments
  • Responses or actions to pertinent issues

Council also makes decisions on the recommendations of Milton’s two Standing Committees of Council:

  • Administration & Planning Committee
  • Community Services Committee

You can find a link to the agenda for this meeting here.

Some of the items for discussion tonight are:

You can register to be a delegate at the meeting if you have any questions or concerns regarding these or any other item on the Town Council agenda.  Email for more information.

I look forward to seeing you there.  If you cant, please watch online via

Do You Have Your Wristband?

Recently the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation started a fundraising campaign to help the families and children of Japan affected by the massive earthquake and tsunami.  The Tiger’s are international stars with a very large following in many regions around the world including Japan and they have never forgotten this.  They were touched as other Canadians were at the plight of families in Japan and in the hope of helping them out, they are raising funds through their foundation by selling these wristbands.

From the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation site:

Tiger Jeet Singh’s connection to Japan is longstanding. He has spent the majority of his 45-year wrestling career in Japan and his son Tiger Jr. made his professional debut close to twenty years ago in Tokyo. Both fondly refer to Japan as their second home and have also held the country, and even more so the children of Japan, in a special place in their hearts. That is why this event focuses on the students’ contribution along with corporate support, to provide emergency supplies and relief to help those young lives following this disaster.

The Foundation will provide Halton schools with customized red and white wrist bands symbolizing the colors of the Canadian and Japanese flags, and decorated in a manner to demonstrate support for the students in Japan. There will be an inscription of “KIDZ 4 KIDZ – United We Rise” illustrating the children supporting one another and paying tribute to the Japanese flag of the ‘Rising’ Sun. There will also be a Japanese inscription, which translated means “We Pray for Japan”.

You can help support these efforts by purchasing your wristbands either through the Foundations website or by going to Troy’s Diner in downtown Milton and each one costs only $5 each.

All proceeds from the sale of the wrist bands will go towards the Japan Relief Campaign. The bands are available for $5 each and are offered in both small (7″) and large (8″) sizes.

Customized red and white wrist bands symbolizing the colours of the Canadian and Japanese flags and decorated in a manner to demonstrate support for the young students in Japan. There will be an inscription of “KIDZ 4 KIDZ – United We Rise” illustrating the children supporting one another and paying tribute to the Japanese flag of the ‘Rising’ Sun. There will also be a Japanese inscription, which translated means “We Pray for Japan”. 

Please help support the campaign and ask Troy for your wristband and together we can help families and the children of Japan.  You can find out more information by going to

Milton Farmers Market Starts THIS WEEKEND

Vegetables at Farmer's MarketIt’s BAAAAACK!

You know that winter is gone and summer is approaching when the Milton Farmers Market is back open for business.  From 7AM to 12PM you can sample more than 40 vendors fresh produce, great food, fantastic people and even catch a glimpse of Milton’s own treasure, Ann Kornuta, as she works her magic and paints another great masterpiece while entertaining the crowd.

From the Chambers website:

Every Saturday morning from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM
From May 14 to October 8, 2011
Downtown Milton on Main Street from Martin to James

Check out the 2011 Farmers’ Market Vendors

Nestled in the foot of the scenic Niagara Escarpment, the Milton Farmers’ Market has been bringing farm-fresh goodness and old-fashioned hospitality to Main Street, in downtown Milton, since 1972. Our farmers proudly display “picked fresh this morning” produce and the streets come alive with artisans and flower vendors. The Milton Chamber of Commerce operates the weekly Saturday morning event from May through October and is one of Ontario’s best outdoor Farmers’ Markets. The 2010 Market will host over 40 vendors.

The most popular spot at the market is the Chamber Scholarship Café, home of the “bacon-on-a-bun” the café sells this delectable treat to all visitors to the market. The Café is also operated by the Chamber and generates funds for the Chamber Scholarship Fund which offers annual scholarships to all local high schools. A great breakfast for a great cause!

For questions, comments, a list of vendors or to reserve a booth email

I know I’m excited about the start of the Market.  If you havent had the opportunity to take it in, I strongly urge you to head out to Downtown Milton and take in the atmosphere.  And yes, the “bacon-on-a-bun” is AWESOME!

See you there.

Will The Race Go On?

Here is an article from Christina Commisso from the Milton Canadian Champion about last Monday nights Community Services Standing Committee Meeting.

Farmer fears race will hurt business

Plans for Milton to host the premier race during June’s Canadian Road Cycling Championships are in jeopardy, following opposition from a local strawberry farm.Saturday, June 25 is the date elite riders are to take to Milton streets for grueling 157 and 180-km races that could very well determine which Canadians will be heading to the 2012 Summer Games. Among these cyclists will be Canada’s golden girl Clara Hughes, a two-sport Olympic medalist.

June 25 is also one of the busiest days for business for Springridge Farm on Bell School Line.

With road closures planned for throughout the day and a route that runs on Bell School Line — Springridge’s home for more than 50 years — owner John Hughes is worried the race will have serious implications on his business.

During Monday’s community services meeting, Hughes asked the committee to say no to the race.  “This is not a charity race, but an elite race with talk of the Olympics down the road for some. For Springridge, the strawberry season is our Olympic season.”

Hughes said the hundreds of bikes that will hit Milton streets combined with the 1,000 to 1,800 cars and anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 strawberry pickers expected to make their way to the family-owned farm don’t make for a good mix.

“The liability exposure for all concerned is huge,” said Hughes, pointing to the poor visibility issues and crumbling infrastructure on Bell School Line.

Race Director Craig Fagan of Midweek Cycling said scrapping the Milton event all together will be “disastrously difficult.” 

“This is by far the most prestigious event. It is what determines who is going to be selected to represent Canada at the Olympics.”   He said Appleby Line is the circuit’s “key climb.”

“That’s what really sets the national champion apart. The women will be climbing that hill eight times and it really determines who’s the strongest.”

He added that riders from as far as Quebec have been spending their weekends in Milton to train for the race. The event is considered a primer for the Canadian Olympic qualifier.

Currently, the women’s race (nine circuits) is set for 10 a.m. to noon and the men’s race (14 circuits) from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The route begins at Rattlesnake Point, travels northbound on Appleby Line, east on No. 14 Side Road, south on Bell School Line, and west on Britannia Road.

Fagan said about 5,000 racers and spectators will descend on Milton to watch the race. With major artillery roads being closed to traffic on and off throughout the day, the committee said traffic snarls are certain. 

During the meeting, Councillor Colin Best suggested the race times be changed — the women’s 2.5-hour race in the early morning and the men’s 4.5-hour race in the evening.  “I have no problem with riders starting at 7 a.m. or earlier if that’s what we need to do to get things done,” said Fagan.

However, he added that four hours of prep time would be needed prior to each race, which could cause noise concerns for neighbours.

Insp. Ivan L’Ortye of Halton police, who’s coordinating police during the paid-duty event, said traffic will be moving in the same direction of the race with left turns on the circuit prohibited.

“The underlying theme is we don’t want to mix cyclists and cars. We want this to be well-choreographed,” he said. “Obviously I think there will be significant delays, but we don’t feel it’s safe to have northbound traffic on the course.”

Mayor Gord Krantz asked Fagan about possibly compensating Springridge for the potential loss of business due to the race.

However, Fagan pointed out that with events of this scale, in many cases municipalities pay for the event to come to town.

“These events tend to turn around and deliver. In Halton, that will be one-point-something million dollars coming back to the community, which we don’t get a piece of. We haven’t asked the municipality for any financial aid.”

The committee delayed voting on the cycling championships until Town staff work with organizers and Springridge to determine if a new time for the race is possible. The report will have to go council for approval before the June 25 race is permitted. 

So with the committee’s decision to delay the vote, it will provide the parties involved with the opportunity to come to a compromise with the start time to accommodate Springridge Farms regular business hours.  As John Hughes stated, that day is the farms busiest day in revenue terms and it would have a severe hit on their business.

I hope that they can come to a resolution, but still there is no doubt the traffic issues will be intense.  Other concerns brought up at the meeting by Councillor Lunau was the condition of the road.  Bell School Line hasn’t undergone a major repair since the last race in 2007.  The race organizer assured council that these are “semi-pro’s” and they know how to handle themselves on rougher terrain.  With cyclists flying down the road at speeds of “80-90 km/hr” the risk is still there for a disaster to happen.

Another issue that came up was the fact local residents were not informed of the race route during the planning stages of the event.  One area resident spoke up during the meeting letting their concerns be known and as far as I know, they plan on speaking again when the report comes before committee.

How should these “world class” races be planned in the future?  Should their routes be approved by the local municipality before they are advertised around the world?  As Mr Fagan said, people from all over will “descend” upon Milton to practice for the race, which will bring in revenue for the town.  Whether this race goes through or not, I would make a suggestion to the race organizers to pay closer attention to the local residents and possibly submit their race plans/routes BEFORE they begin their advertising campaigns.  This way it wont look like the municipality is backed into a corner to approve a race mere weeks before it begins.

I will await the updated report on negotiations and council will make its decision at that point.

Milton Today TV Coverage of McHappy Day In Milton


Although Milton Today TV was’nt there all day covering McHappy Day in Milton, they did get a chance to speak with Allan Halls from Milton District Hospital, Mayor Gord Krantz and the owner of the McDonalds Steve Antolin and the importance of this event. Thousands of dollars are raise for both Milton District Hospital but also Ronald McDonald House for kids.

It was a great day and we had a blast speaking with people in the store and in the drive thru. The employees of McDonalds should be commended on their enthusiasm for the event as well as their day was much longer than ours and they kept it going.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the organization of the day. The weather was amazing and the spirits were high all throughout the day.

BIG SHOUT OUT to Milton’s own Scott Fox from BPM TV (Twitter @scottfoxonair) who did his part in getting everyone going through the drive thru to put on some smiles and open their wallets to add more to the total.