Remembrance Day Ceremonies 2014

Remembrance Day is approaching and the Poppy Campaign is now in full gear.  If you see a Legion member or Cadet or one of the many volunteers out at the mall or while shopping for groceries, please take a moment to make a donation and say “Thank You” to a veteran.

There are a number of events coming up in Milton to pay your respects and take part in the ceremonies for Remembrance Day.

Sunday November 9th

Parade of Veterans begins at 1:30 pm from Branch 136 (21 Charles Street, Milton ON) where it will end at the cenotaph at Victoria Park beside Milton Town Hall.  Afterwards the parade will make its way down towards the Legion HQ where members of the public can come to the Legion Hall.

Tuesday November 11th

At 11AM on the 11th day of the 11th month please join us and Milton Branch 136 veterans & members as we celebrate Remembrance Day at the Evergreen Cemetery.

Many men and women have fought for our freedom over the years and continue to do so today.  Lets honour them by taking part in Remembrance Day ceremonies in Milton.  For more information on our local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion or if you would like to join today please visit the website

Lest We Forget!

Milton Remembrance Day Ceremonies

This weekend there are two ceremonies to celebrate Remembrance Day.

The first one is on Saturday morning at the Evergreen Cemetery on Ontario St (across from EC Drury) starting at 1045AM at the cenotaph.

The second one is Sunday morning in downtown Milton beginning at 130 pm and will include a parade of Scouts, Guides, Cadets and a whole host of others including our veterans.  The ceremony will begin at Milton Town Hall at the cenotaph for 2pm.

Afterwards please join us at the Legion Branch for some food, drinks and great conversation with our veterans.  Its a great opportunity to say thank you to those who fought in wars for our freedom and remember those who didnt make it back.

Canada is an amazing country because of these brave men and women and while she should remember and thank them every day, please take some time this weekend to attend either one of these events.

Pictured here on Canada Day Veterans Breakfast are yours truly, Regional Councillor Colin Best and fellow councillor and Vietnam veteran Rick Malboeuf.

Lest we forget.

Remembrance Day in Milton

Bright red poppy’s are appearing on the lappels of suits and jackets everywhere which means Remembrance Day is approaching.  This is a time where we remember those who gave their life for our country in battles all over the world during our history.

Its also a time to remember those soldiers who came back to tell the stories of these battles and to thank them for their service to our country.  Over the next week, there will be volunteers from the Royal Canadian Legion at storefronts all over Milton with poppy’s.  Make sure you thank the veterans and donate for a poppy.

There are two more ceremonies to be held in Milton for Remembrance Day.  The next one is on Sunday November 6th at Milton Town Hall cenotaph starting at 1:30PM.

If you cant make it on Sunday, you can join Legion Members at the Milton Evergreen Cemetery at 11AM for a brief ceremony.

Please take the time to remember those who helped make our country and other countries free and pay respects to those who did not make it back.  Canada is a great place and will continue to be a great place because of their sacrifice.

Lest we forget.