LOTS on the go in Milton

There are a number of things going on in Milton to say the least.

First off is the Time is NOW Grow Milton Hospital Rally slated for April 16th at 10 AM in Victoria Park (right beside Milton Town Hall) and the effort to collect as many signatures as possible on a pettion to strongly urge the provincial government to approve the expansion of Milton District Hospital.

You will see a number of people around town in the malls and on the streets working hard to collect signatures on the petition.  Please sign the petition and take one of our lawn signs to help raise awareness of the rally (its actually quite a cool looking sign too) and help Milton be unified in its voice at Queens Park.

More information on the rally can be found at www.growmiltonhospital.com including our Facebook pages, follow us on Twitter and request YOUR sign as well.

The day before the rally on the 16th is Milton Makeover Day 2011.  On Friday April 15th at 9AM our Ward 6 team (which seems to grow every day) will meet at McDuffe Park (4th Line/Clark Blvd) and do our part to help keep Milton clean.  Depending on how many people we get that day we will work on McDuffe Park and hopefully down towards Louis St Laurent between 4th Line and Thompson Road.  Despite the construction of the new school, there is still a lot of work to be done to keep this area clean as well.

For more information on our Milton Makeover Day for Ward 6 email freemantrailfamilty@yahoo.ca and she will get you signed up.

In June of course we have the Downtown Street Festival June 4th which includes the second annual TIGERFEST wrestling event and more activities than I can post here.  You can go here for more information on becoming a vendor, a volunteer or see what you’ll be missing if you DONT go.

Taking a deep breath here…

Finally on June 11th there is going to be a concert at the Milton Fairgrounds for Milton Rocks 2011 which is a benefit to raise money for Milton District Hospital.  www.miltonrocks.com

So as you can see there is no shortage of events and opportunities for you to get involved in your community, help out and even have a ton of fun!


Milton Makeover Morning April 15th 2011

Last year over 3,500 people participated in Milton’s Makeover Morning to help keep our town clean!  This year we hope that even more people get involved in the 7th Annual event.  This event is in partnership with the Milton Chamber of Commerce.

I have talked with someone from Ward 6 who is really interested in getting this set up for that day, so please email me mike@mikecluett.ca and I’ll forward your information to her right away.  There are lots of areas that need a good cleaning, one of which is along Louis St. Laurent between Thompson Road and James Snow Parkway as well as a few of our parks that need to shed the “winter blues” and prepare for spring.

If you are interested in registering, look below for the Online Registration Link and sign up today.

Let’s help keep our town CLEAN!

From the Town of Milton Website

Participate in our Milton Makeover Morning on April 15, 2011

Over 3,500 participants gathered together to pick up litter during last year’s makeover. The Town of Milton, in partnership with the Milton Chamber of Commerce, is encouraging everyone to participate in this seventh annual makeover on Friday, April 15. The Town is inviting families, friends, neighbours, community groups, school students and employees at Milton businesses to gather together to pick up litter on streets, boulevards, surrounding grounds, parking lots, local parks, green spaces and woodlots. Take some time to “stash some trash” to preserve and enhance Milton’s natural beauty.

Makeover supplies

To promote safety during this clean up activity, the Town is asking participants to wear protective clothing such as boots and gloves, and will be making free garbage bags and gloves available for pick up starting April 5 at the Milton Leisure Centre, Sports Centre, Town Hall, and Milton Chamber of Commerce.

Looking for areas to clean up?

Watch for a map coming soon for areas needing special attention during the Milton Makeover

Register and be recognized

Register using our online registration form so that your participation will be posted on this website.
Online registration form
Makeover participants

Arrange for special garbage pick up by April 13

If you anticipate you will have 5 bags or more of garbage after your clean up, please fill in the online form above or contact us as indicated on the bottom of this page; schools are not eligible for special garbage pick-up.

Milton Makeover Morning promotional materials

The “Don’t Be a Litterbug” logo and public information posters will help you to advertise the makeover. In addition, participation posters will help you promote the specific involvement of your school, group, organization or business.

Information Poster
Participation Poster (to promote your involvement)
Don’t Be a Litterbug Symbol

Other upcoming anti-litter/clean up activities

There are many opportunities to get more involved in litter clean up in the community:

  • Nassagaweya Rural Road Clean Up Day: Saturday, April 30
  • Good Neighbours Community Day: Saturday, May 7

For more details on these activities, review Additional Clean Up Day Information