Landslide Victory for Cluett

From the Milton Canadian Champion

Mike Cluett, 2010 candidate for Milton's Ward 6.

CLUETT, Mike 1216 (78.71%)

SOOMRO 329 (21.29%)

Mike Cluett has become the new councillor for Ward 6 following a landslide victory.

The father of two said he was motivated to get into public office to ensure a positive future for his offspring, and last night he got off on the right foot to do so.

Cluett said he was pleased with voter turnout in the new ward.

He said: “We tried to get as many people out as possible as the number of voters going out to the polls has been dropping the last couple of years.

“Considering this is a new ward I think we did well.”

He added that his first order of business in office would be to tackle the budget and to ensure councillors start “sharpening their pencils.”

His opponent, Maqsood Soomro, conceded defeat saying running for office had been a “wonderful experience.”

He said: “I think I did better than a lot of people expected, but there always has to be one winner and one loser.”

Today Is Election Day

Its been over 10 months since I began my campaign to become the local councillor for ward 6.  On January 11, 2010 I visited town hall and filed my nomination papers and started what was to become a tiring, yet satisfying campaign.

Over these past 10 months I have met many of you, a couple of times over, and heard what issues you find to be important.  In this time I spoke about 3 main things…responsible financial management, neighbourhood safety and accountability.

The first item of business for the new council will be to review the 2011 budget which has a projected 6.91% increase to the mill rate.  You have told me you want value for your dollar and you want your taxes spent wisely and this rate increase is simply too much.  Council needs to review line by line each item in the budget so we can see whats working, what isn’t working and where we can find savings.  I have made the promise I wont support the 2011 budget if the increase is over the rate of inflation.  I hope my council colleagues will work hard over that budget process to see if we can find the savings and give you value for your tax dollar.

We’ve talked about neighbourhood safety at length as well.  Im glad my opponent has been reading my blog since he started his campaign mid September and now understands this is an important issue.  Over the months and in fact the last few years, I have been talking about the importance of neighbourhood safety on our roads.  The town of Milton wants to become a pedestrian friendly town, but we need to look at options like traffic calming devices and other ways to slow down vehicles in the residential area so that all pedestrians are safer.  We’ve discussed the idea of a signalled crosswalk near Kennedy Circle and Thompson Road as there are people who would like to take advantage of the great splash pad and soccer fields on one side or others to go to Shoppers Drug Mart or Metro or the Dollar Blitz to shop without packing the kids in the car to travel less than 500 metres.  Over the next four years I want to bring these ideas forward and I need your input and help to get it done.

Last but not least, we talked extensively about accountability.  About being there when you call or email and giving you a quick response.  Ive promised, as I have done over the last 4 years, to update you on whats going on in Milton, at Town Hall, and how it affects you using this website/blog and other forms of social media like Facebook & Twitter.  During some important council meetings  you can find me sending updates through Twitter on what was going on, and when the decisions are made.  Its something I will do my best to continue as councillor, even though I’ll be sitting at the table, Ill make sure you can follow along.  Either by Twitter or what we hope to do is stream the meetings online so you can see whos working for you and asking the questions that need to be asked.

So now the brochures have been delivered and the doors have been knocked on and I’ve done my best to meet as many of you as I could over the last 10 months.  I leave it in your hands to make the decision on who you feel is the best candidate to represent all Miltonians at the council table.  If you havent made that crucial decision yet, I ask that you review my website and that of my opponents and see who has the plan for a better Milton.

You can vote today starting now at 10AM to 8 PM tonight.  If you live north of Clark Blvd in Ward 6 you will be voting at Guardian Angels on Bennett Blvd – and if you live south of Clark Blvd you will be voting at Hawthorne Village School also on Bennett Blvd.

If you have any last minute questions, call my cell (647) 888-9032!

Thank you everyone for making this a fun campaign.  Ive enjoyed meeting everyone and discussing the issues and while some of us disagreed we still came to the conclusion that the dialogue needs to continue and we need to work together to make Milton a better place.  I am humbled by the support I’ve received and the pledges of support and the volunteers who have worked endlessly to help me get the message out and for that Im eternally grateful.

I’ll update the blog once the polls close and the results come in.  Afterwards I will be at Ned Devines celebrating with other candidates, supporters, friends and family so feel free to drop by tonight (I’ll be there roughly after 9ish) and say HI!

Until then….I’ll see you at the polls.

Profile of Ward 6 Contenders over the past few weeks has put together a number of profiles for the races in this years municipal election.  This weeek he profiles Ward 6 local council race (of which yours truly is running)  This website is a great source of what is happening in Milton, how to find out infomation on our town and great sports talk (that is if you’re a Leaf fan)

Check out the piece and make sure you vote (it is purely unscientific but you can vote anyways)

I’ll see you at the doors.

Changes to the way we vote!

I was speaking to a few people while door knocking yesterday who brought up some interesting questions.  It made me realize that the changes to the way we vote municipally in Milton haven’t been communicated as well as they should.

First off they thought there were two councillors elected, as it was the last time around.  That has changed.

With the ward boundary review complete, starting with this election there are no longer 4 wards.  There are now 8 wards.  Now instead of electing two councillors per ward we elect just one.  You have one choice for each position.  For example, you would cast one vote for local councillor in ward 6 (preferably for Mike Cluett).

As the election date draws closer, people are beginning to see a number of signs appear on our lawns and roadways.  There are a number of positions up for grabs on October 25th and they are the following.

  • Mayor (one to be elected)
  • Regional Councillor Wards 1,6,7,8 (one to be elected)
  • Local Councillor for each ward (one to be elected)
  • Public School Board Trustee (one to be elected)
  • Separate School Board Trustee (one to be elected)

There isn’t a race this year for Regional Chair as Gary Carr was acclaimed and will serve another 4 years.

I have some information on my Election 2010 page regarding the boundaries of ward 6, polling locations and advance poll dates as well.  Click on ELECTION 2010 to see where you will cast your ballot on or before the 25th.

So, my friends and neighbours in Ward 6 will see a number of signs popping up over the next couple of weeks.  They will contain a number of names running for the other positions and its important you do some research, check websites, call the candidates and read their literature that comes to the door.  Hopefully the candidate will see the importance of visiting you face to face, as I have over the last several months – and continue to do up until election day and beyond.

Hopefully later today or tomorrow, the candidate speeches from TV Cogeco will be online and I’ll make sure I get my 3 minutes of fame up on the website for you to see.

Remember to do your homework and ask the tough questions of the candidates on what their vision of Milton is, and how they will get there.  Ive talked several times about my plan of action:

Financial Management – The first job of the new council will be to approve the 2011 budget.  Town staff has recommended a potential increase of 6.91%, that’s almost 3 times the rate of inflation!  This election, we need someone who will ask the tough questions and do what they can to keep the increase at or below the rate of inflation.

Neighbourhood Safety – Protecting our children is vitally important.  Milton Town Council needs to review speed limits in residential areas and look at other ways to control traffic such as crosswalks, traffic calming tools, radar boards and the promotion of a neighbourhood watch program.

Accountability – Your elected representative needs to be accountable to you!  My commitment is to continue to update my website with important information that you will need to stay informed as Milton changes.  I will also knock on doors, hold regular town hall meetings and issue newsletters in between election campaigns, not just during them.

Thank you to those who have shown their support for me up until today.  Thank you for putting a sign on your lawn to let your neighbours and friends know that you are supporting me this election.  For those who remain undecided, I am available for you if you’d like to chat about my plan and the ways we can help secure Milton’s future, together.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.

Late Nights & TV Cogeco Speech

Just finished with my speech for TV Cogeco this morning.  For those who don’t know, TV Cogeco has provided candidates during elections an opportunity to present something about them for 3 minutes.

Speaking in front of a large group of people seems intimidating but it seems worse when its just you and a large camera aiming right at you.  I will provide the text of that speech when all the candidates are finished (I don’t want to give any of the candidates any help 🙂 )

Last night was a late one as I received a number of calls and emails about missing signs on some of the routes around town.  Thanks to everyone who has kept an eye, and will continue to keep an eye on my signs for the remainder of the campaign.  I’ll be checking in with Town Hall to see if any of the signs went against the Milton by-law (as far as I know they didn’t)

Speaking of signs, if you would like one for your lawn, email me and I or a member of my campaign team will be out shortly to put it on your property.  As Ive mentioned before lawn signs serve a number of purposes.

First they let people know there’s an election going on.  Despite having a number of articles in the local paper, there are still some people who are unaware of the town’s elections on the 25th.  Part of the job as a candidate is to let everyone know when its happening, and to let them know where they can vote (hopefully for Mike Cluett)

Secondly they show your friends and neighbours that you are engaged in the community and are supporting one or more of the candidates running.  As you drive around Ward 6 you will see a growing number of signs on lawns as I hit the doors and talk with people directly.

Thank you to those who have taken a sign.  Be sure to tell your neighbours about me, what I’m running on and what my plans are.  Hopefully they will be convinced as well to take a sign to show support to help secure Milton’s future…together.

I’ll see you at the doors.