Today Is Election Day

Its been over 10 months since I began my campaign to become the local councillor for ward 6.  On January 11, 2010 I visited town hall and filed my nomination papers and started what was to become a tiring, yet satisfying campaign.

Over these past 10 months I have met many of you, a couple of times over, and heard what issues you find to be important.  In this time I spoke about 3 main things…responsible financial management, neighbourhood safety and accountability.

The first item of business for the new council will be to review the 2011 budget which has a projected 6.91% increase to the mill rate.  You have told me you want value for your dollar and you want your taxes spent wisely and this rate increase is simply too much.  Council needs to review line by line each item in the budget so we can see whats working, what isn’t working and where we can find savings.  I have made the promise I wont support the 2011 budget if the increase is over the rate of inflation.  I hope my council colleagues will work hard over that budget process to see if we can find the savings and give you value for your tax dollar.

We’ve talked about neighbourhood safety at length as well.  Im glad my opponent has been reading my blog since he started his campaign mid September and now understands this is an important issue.  Over the months and in fact the last few years, I have been talking about the importance of neighbourhood safety on our roads.  The town of Milton wants to become a pedestrian friendly town, but we need to look at options like traffic calming devices and other ways to slow down vehicles in the residential area so that all pedestrians are safer.  We’ve discussed the idea of a signalled crosswalk near Kennedy Circle and Thompson Road as there are people who would like to take advantage of the great splash pad and soccer fields on one side or others to go to Shoppers Drug Mart or Metro or the Dollar Blitz to shop without packing the kids in the car to travel less than 500 metres.  Over the next four years I want to bring these ideas forward and I need your input and help to get it done.

Last but not least, we talked extensively about accountability.  About being there when you call or email and giving you a quick response.  Ive promised, as I have done over the last 4 years, to update you on whats going on in Milton, at Town Hall, and how it affects you using this website/blog and other forms of social media like Facebook & Twitter.  During some important council meetings  you can find me sending updates through Twitter on what was going on, and when the decisions are made.  Its something I will do my best to continue as councillor, even though I’ll be sitting at the table, Ill make sure you can follow along.  Either by Twitter or what we hope to do is stream the meetings online so you can see whos working for you and asking the questions that need to be asked.

So now the brochures have been delivered and the doors have been knocked on and I’ve done my best to meet as many of you as I could over the last 10 months.  I leave it in your hands to make the decision on who you feel is the best candidate to represent all Miltonians at the council table.  If you havent made that crucial decision yet, I ask that you review my website and that of my opponents and see who has the plan for a better Milton.

You can vote today starting now at 10AM to 8 PM tonight.  If you live north of Clark Blvd in Ward 6 you will be voting at Guardian Angels on Bennett Blvd – and if you live south of Clark Blvd you will be voting at Hawthorne Village School also on Bennett Blvd.

If you have any last minute questions, call my cell (647) 888-9032!

Thank you everyone for making this a fun campaign.  Ive enjoyed meeting everyone and discussing the issues and while some of us disagreed we still came to the conclusion that the dialogue needs to continue and we need to work together to make Milton a better place.  I am humbled by the support I’ve received and the pledges of support and the volunteers who have worked endlessly to help me get the message out and for that Im eternally grateful.

I’ll update the blog once the polls close and the results come in.  Afterwards I will be at Ned Devines celebrating with other candidates, supporters, friends and family so feel free to drop by tonight (I’ll be there roughly after 9ish) and say HI!

Until then….I’ll see you at the polls.

Final Countdown

Theres only one day left before the election on Monday. I’ve been out knocking on the last few doors left and meeting as many people as I can before Monday. After that its in your hands.

I can only hope that I’ve given you a reason to vote FOR me instead of against someone else.

While I was out today I spoke with a gentleman who asked, why should I vote for you. In my most recent brochure I outlined those very reasons.

Mike is the only candidate who has committed to continue to knock on doors in between election campaigns.

Mike is the only candidate who has committed to use new technology like to help keep Ward One residents informed of issues that are important to them.

Mike is the only candidate who has committed to forming Citizen Advisory Committee’s to make sure the taxpayers and residents have a voice at the council table.

Mike is the only candidate who has a written plan of action to work to reduce speed limits on streets, to work with future developments to have more green spaces and parklands so that our childrean have safer places to play, to spend OUR taxpayer dollars with respect and to represent YOUR voice on town council for the next four years.

There is only one choice on election day. Vote Mike Cluett, Ward One Town Councillor.

To add to that I am a voice for the residential area of Milton. For many years town council has lost it focus on family based issues like neighbourhood safety, green growth and taxation. I would like to be your voice on town council for the next four years. Every thing I have talked about is in writing…a written committment to you. I ask for your support and your vote on election day and I will continue to give you support every day after.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me or phone me (905) 878-1327.

I’ll see you on Election Day.

Future Dunking and Coffee Talk Prep

Over the past several weeks in the campaign there have been many “Meet the Candidate’s” meetings, informal debates, information sessions, Milton Masterpiece Theatre’s, and other things to keep the daytimer of a candidate full.

Last night was an “informal” discussion / debate for the Halton Public School Board Trustee position. Given all the debates across town recently, Pat and I havent had the chance to see these two in action (these two meaning Paul Tate and Donna Danielli)

Seeing the fact that our son Anthony is in the public school system, I found a way to attend this meeting…as a parent. My first thought and comment to Pat was that Im glad to be on the OTHER side of the debate table for a change. 🙂

That meeting went well with about 10-15 parents attending at Hawthorne Village Public School. Afterwards I was speaking with Heather, who organized the debate, about some other issues of importance to her and others like a bike path by Trudeau to name one.

Some good discussions came out of that evening, during and after the debate. While the rooms were being cleaned up I had a chace to talk to a young father of a 6 month old who grew up here in Milton but now lives in Burlington. Hes worried about what Milton has to offer our youth.

And he has a right to be concerned as we all should be. He has seen first hand growing up in Milton if theres nothing to do…kids get into trouble. Milton is being built now to benefit young families…children from babies to 10 years old. But they wont stay young for long now will they. I know that because it wasnt too long ago, Anthony was crawling around and now he’s reading Pat and I his Jack and Annie books. What about when he turns 15 or 16?

What will he or many of our children do then? Splash pad just wont cut it when theyre that age and the movie theatre can show only so many films.

I am confident that the town has programs to keep the youth engaged but is it enough? Not from what I’m hearing. Its something we should be thinking about now, because if we wait another few years, it will be too late and our kids will be reading much more to us than Jack and Annie books I can assure you. We need to start talking with business owners and investors to encourage them to talk to kids…engage them…and get their input to come up with ideas … SOON!

Heather and I were also discussing other means of raising much needed funds for the school when I offered my services to be dunked at the next carnival fundraiser for Hawthorne Village PS. Me and my big mouth!!! HA.

Its all good. Im hoping Heather WONT remember that promise, but then again she is very good at remembering things our local representatives have promised and NOT delivered in the past.

Just as a reminder Pat, Anthony and myself will be at Cafe Deda tomorrow night starting at 7pm until 830pm (or until Farris boots me out…whatever comes first) HA.

I look forward to seeing you then to answer any questions you might have or if you just want to come by and say hello.

Talk to you then…and I’ll see you at the doors.

Why lawn signs?

Election day is getting closer. As I reminded my wife Pat and son Anthony on Sunday before heading out to the meeting on the St Mary’s Quarry situation held by F.O.R.C.E. (their website is )I turned to them and said … “Only 7 more days!” With that I got a nice hug from both, encouraging me to keep going…nothing better than that!

While out knocking on doors last night I was asked “why is it important to put up lawn signs?” Thats a pretty good question.

Like many of you living in this ward, we have worked very hard to build up our community. It isnt just a collection of dwellings, cars, and trees. Its home. There arent just occupants in the homes down the street from you…theyre friends and neighbours. Many of you are out at nights during the days speaking with your friends and neighbours about many different things…football, hockey, sports, lawn care and landscaping tips, etc. You share your opinions on many issues, just like the issues we’re talking about during this election.

Many of you have told me at the doors that you are supporting me this election and will be voting on November 13th and I am very grateful and humbled by that. Some of you have gone so far as to offer help by handing out flyers and keeping signs in good order. Again, thank you very much.

This election is going to be a close one. From what I have heard the voter turnout is going to be a lot more than last time. And for that…people should be informed about the issues, concerns and the candidates running in this election as well.

I ask that if you are going to give me your support in this election that you send me a quick email to request your Mike Cluett sign for your lawn. With that you will be showing your friends and neighbours that you support safer streets in our community; that you support better representation on town council with more input on issues that are important to you and your family; that you support someone who will be spending your tax payers dollars with resepct; and that you support a fellow friend and neighbour as well.

Signs arent vital to be supportive, but they do show support and in turn I would be very happy to have you show suppport for me on November 13th.

Just as a reminder tonight is a school board trustee debate at Hawthorne Village starting at 7pm. If you are concerned about who will be representing us on the public school board for the next 4 years, its important we come out…ask questions and get involved.

I’ll see you at the doors.

An AMAZING Question

I just got back from the second half of my day knocking on doors and I wanted to post this great question I got from a lady on Auger Terrace.

The question was “Would you like to work with one of the incumbents or a new addition to town council for this ward?”

My answer was simply I would want to work with anyone who is committed to increasing the quality of life in Milton.

I hope my counterpart on council will work with me to help reduce speed limits on our streets and work with the local police to enforce those limits.

I would like to work with my counterpart to review future developments and see that there are more green spaces and parks for our children to play safely.

I hope my counterpart is as committed as I am to spending your tax dollar with respect and work to ensure there are no unnecessary tax increases.

And finally, I hope my counterpart wants to work with me in establishing a Citizen Advisory Committee, having town hall and information sessions to make sure the taxpayers are informed so we dont have any more “Pristine” surprises a couple of weeks before the next election.

I am very proud of the fact that the Ward One local councillor campaign has been a campaign of ideas and visions for Milton and not about bashing the other guy. Out of the people running for this position I will be working hard for the people who elected me…YOU! Thats the job of the local councillor … to work for you, to speak out for you and to inform you.

Its a responsibility I take very seriously and I hope I will work for you after November 13th.

I’ll see you at the doors.