Milton United Way 5K/10K Event October 6th 2013

The race is just over a month away and pledges are now open for the 2nd annual United Way 5K/10K run and 5K community walk on Oct 6th.  I’ll be participating this year so feel free to pledge your support here.

Need some incentive?

Meet Ronaldus Maximus of Milton United Way fame.  Notice the hair?  Im sure everyone who meets him notices it.  Here’s the deal.

If I get to $1,000 in pledges I’ll wear a Ronaldus Maximus wig for the race!

All for the United Way of Milton.  So pledge NOW and post a comment to let me know you did.

I would appreciate any support you might be able to give so please be generous and take into consideration that next to being Dave Hester from Storage Wars for Halloween last year, THIS will be something hard to live down.  Again, its all to go help the 1 in 4 Milton residents who use a United Way service.  As our town continues to grow, the need for funding grows as well.

Lets all help be part of the CHANGE … it starts here.

Metrolinx Statistics Milton GO Station

Found this report online today and it had some very interesting statistics they’ve collected on who uses the GO Station in Milton, how many drive, bike, walk etc.  As you might have heard Metrolinx has started up what they call the BIG MOVE.  Its a plan for the next 25 years to look at options and create a transit system that can be integrated together to help promote increased use.  There are $56 BILLION projects planned and of course it takes money.  Part of this BIG MOVE is to find out the HOW we pay for it.

One of the issues I have with this whole process is that the provincial government (who runs Metrolinx) is essentially only discussing options for “dedicated revenue sources” which in government speak means TAXES.  Everything is on the table from dedicated gas tax increases, sales tax increases, congestion taxes, parking levies for businesses and the list goes on.

This blog post wont get into my disdain for the “tax first” mentality but to go over some statistics they’ve collected from Milton GO transit riders and review them to see what we can do first locally before jumping into the “dedicated revenue sources” discussion.

Here are some of the statistics that I found interesting:


1,910 people end their trip at Milton GO Station (ie from out of town – mostly Cambridge/Guelph western riders)

2,720 people start their trip at Milton GO Station.

Of the 2,720 people starting their trip here, 86% use car, 7% walk, 4% bike/other and 3% use transit.


GO Station access

76% of people drive and park
12% of people who drive get dropped off
7% of trips are made by local transit (not including GO Bus)
5% of trips to GO Station are made by walking


Majority of GO customers 74% live within 5KM of the GO station.

With all the discussion going on about the Big Move and coming up with ideas to fund this massive investment in transit, what kind of funding sources can be used here?  Parking fees?

My beef with the Big Move is that the provincial government agency Metrolinx have set up these meetings to discuss what needs to be done.  Forget for a second that they’ve moved plans for Milton expansion from their 15 year plan to 16-25 year plan, one could say that a case is being made for charging for GO parking.  Now given our current service level, I don’t think charging for parking is appropriate seeing how we have limited number of trains for this location but if there was increased service/flexibility would it be an idea you’d consider?

This goes out to those who take the GO in the morning and drive/park to the station.  What is stopping you from using Milton Transit?

Construction on Louis St Laurent Coming

The Region of Halton has notified the Town of Milton that construction of 750 mm watermain installation from Reg Road 25 (Bronte Rd) to Fourth Line along Louis St Laurent.

The contractor is The Cannington Group and the expected start date was June 27th but will being very soon.  The expected completion date is December 21, 2012.

Notices were circulated to homes facing Louis St Laurent recently but seeing how there’s going to be a few homes affected by this, I thought I’d post it here.

In speaking with staff both at the Town of Milton and the Region of Halton, they said there will be mainly lane restrictions throughout this process but there will be a time where the intersection of Thompson Road and Louis St Laurent will have to be closed down.  They will provide us with notification when this is going to happen (they predict roughly near the end of the summer) and I will post it on my website when it does come up before council.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I can forward them on to regional staff.

Community Services Standing Committee June 11 2012

The next meeting of the Community Services Standing Committee is this coming Monday June 11, 2012 at Milton Town Hall beginning at 7pm.

This Committee consists of five Councillors and the Mayor. Committee members review all reports, formulate policy and make recommendations to Council on matters over which Council has authority under the Municipal Act. These matters are related to Community Services, Fire, Library, Transit and other operational programs. If you wish to be a delegation at the Community Services Committee, you must register in writing with the Clerk’s Office by 10:00 a.m. on Monday, the day of the meeting.

The following Council Members sit on the Community Services Committee:

  • Gordon Krantz, Mayor
  • Councillor Tony Lambert, Wards 1, 6, 7 & 8
  • Councillor Greg Nelson, Ward 2
  • Councillor Rick Malboeuf, Ward 4
  • Councillor Arnold Huffman, Ward 5
  • Councillor R. Di Lorenzo, Wards 7

Here is a copy of the agenda for you to review.  Some of the items to be discussed include:

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these reports and would like to make a presentation to council, please contact the clerks office before 10am on Monday.  The last public meeting for the Scott Neighbourhood Park was pretty full with interested residents, so if you’d like to have your say, here’s your chance.  Otherwise if you have any questions I can ask them on your behalf so please email me

If you cant make it to the meeting, as always you can watch online. Just click on my links to the right and enjoy!

Potential CP Strike Will Affect Milton & GO Transit

This will be an updated blog post as more information comes forward on this issue.

As you might have heard, CP might be going on strike midnight tonight which will cause some disruptions to transit riders who use the GO Train.  Here is what we have received so far from Milton Transit.

Milton Council,

GO Transit staff have recently notified Town Staff of a potential strike situation that would impact GO Transit’s Milton Rail corridor service. Effective 12:01 am on Wednesday, May 23, 2012, the Teamsters Union representing Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) train crew and rail traffic controllers will be in a legal strike position. GO Transit’s Milton Corridor is owned by CPR and will be directly impacted by any strike action. CPR and Teamsters will pursue a negotiated settlement right up until midnight, Tuesday May 22, 2012.

In the event of a CPR train crew and rail traffic controller strike, there will be no GO Transit Milton Corridor Train service effective midnight, Tuesday May 22, 2012. All current passengers will be encouraged to find alternative transportation methods starting Wednesday, May 23, 2012. All other GO rail corridor and bus services will continue to operate based on their public timetables.

Town Staff will be working with GO Transit officials on providing updates to customers. In the meantime, we will continue to support all GO Transit Bus services as per Milton Transit schedules, where possible.

I will provide further updates as they become available.

Thank you,

Tony D’Alessandro, M.E.Des, MCIP, RPP

As more information comes in I will post as soon as possible.

Here is the lastest from the National Post & Scott Deveau

Commuters in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal could face disruptions Wednesday morning with a potential strike looming at Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd.

The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, which represents roughly 4,800 CP engineers, conductors, yardmen and rail traffic controllers, served strike 72-hour strike notice over the weekend warning its members were prepared to walk off the job as early as 12:01 a.m. Wednesday morning if a new labour agreement could not be reached by then.

Both sides in the dispute continue to meet, but were also called to Ottawa Tuesday morning for a meeting federal labour minister Lisa Raitt to discuss what would happen in the event of a strike.

“Our government is concerned that a work stoppage would have a negative effect on Canadian businesses, families, and the economy,” Ms. Raitt said in a statement. “That’s why I have invited both parties to attend a working summit in hopes that we can avoid any disruption of services.”

If a labour disruption were to occur, it would not only halt CP’s freight rail service in Canada, but also potentially disrupt the morning commute of thousands of VIA Rail, GO Transit, West Coast Express, and AMT passengers on routes that pass over CP’s lines.

Contingency plans are being put in place, but customers are being encouraged to check the website of the various rail companies for updates.

VIA Rail said it expects service between Toronto and Ottawa, Toronto-Kitchener-London, and Sudbury to White River to be impacted by the strike because its trains on those routes pass over CP lines.

Malcolm Andrews, VIA Rail spokesman, said it was still being determined what mitigating measures would be put in place and to what extent its operations would be affected.

“We will be putting updates on our website,” he said. “Should this all come to pass, we’ll keep that updated as the situation evolves.”

GO Transit said it expects there will be no rail service in its Milton corridor and that its service originating from Hamilton station to be impacted outside of Toronto in the event of a strike.

All GO bus service will continue to operate out of Milton, however, and all four trains originating in Hamilton will depart from its Aldershot station instead with bus service between those stations.

Meanwhile, West Coast Express said it was working with CP and its partners at Translink on contingency plans for the Vancouver area in the event of strike.

“These contingency plans include a number of options: expanded Train Bus services; bus shuttles to SkyTrain Stations; and, encouraging West Coast Express passengers to ride share or telecommute when possible. In the event of any job action, we will act on these plans when possible and provide updates for customers as soon as they come available,” it said on its website.

AMT said its service from Blainville to Saint-Jerome, Candiac and Vaudreuil to Hudson would be impacted in the event of a strike and that it continues to monitor the situation.

CP’s talks with the TCRC has been held up on numerous issues including work rules, fatigue management, and changes to the pension plan proposed by CP’s management, which the TCRC claims will be cut by 40%.

The TCRC sent a letter to CP’s management over the weekend committing to keeping commuter rail service running in the event of a strike in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

But it is likely that management would lock out the TCRC workers in the event of a strike.

Ed Greenberg, CP spokesman, said the railway wouldn’t have the resources to staff the commuter or inter-city passenger rail lines in the event of a labour disruption.


Chris Wattie/Reuters files

“I continue to encourage the Canadian Pacific Railway and the TCRC to either reach a deal or agree to submit to a binding process to settle their dispute and avoid a work stoppage,” federal labour minister Lisa Raitt said in a statement over the weekend.

“Should there be a work stoppage, we have indicated that we would be proceeding with a safe and structured shutdown of our freight and commuter train operations,” he said. “Without the resources in place, it is simply not possible to run reliable and safe commuter service. We would hope if the union is interested in running commuter rail and inter-city passenger rail that they would agree to an extension to the negotiation talks or reach an agreement to the company.”

He said the railway would also be willing to enter into binding arbitration with the union in order to ensure rail service continued.

Ms. Raitt said she is monitoring the situation closely and encouraged both sides in the dispute to continue to negotiate.

“Today, I will remind the parties that the best solution is the one they reach themselves,” Ms. Raitt said. “I encourage both parties to continue negotiating and reach a prompt resolution to this dispute.”

Some of the railway’s customers are already calling for back-to-work legislation in the event of a strike.

Ms. Raitt has demonstrated a propensity to intervene to prevent labour disruptions in the past, including the tabling of numerous back-to-work bills to prevent work stoppages at Air Canada and Canada Post.

The threat of a strike at CP comes less than a week after its chief executive Fred Green resigned under pressure from activist investor Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management L.P., which has been pushing to see him replaced with Hunter Harrison, the former head of rival Canadian National Railway Co.

Stephen Tobias, an industry veteran and former chief operating officer at Norfolk Southern, has been named interim CEO of CP while the search for a successor is conducted.