Happy Canada Day Milton

Thank you to everyone who came out to the annual Veterans Breakfast at Victoria Park this year.  Every year the Knights of Columbus hosts a pancake breakfast in honour of our veterans.  Its not just on Remembrance Day that we honour those who have fought for our country, those who returned and those who didnt, and it couldnt have been a more perfect day to do so.

MPP Ted Chudleigh (pictured here) as well as Halton MP Lisa Raitt joined members of council Mayor Gord Krantz, Clr’s Greg Nelson (who did some of the cooking) Colin Best, veteran Rick Malboeuf and myself to honour those brave heroes, who without their efforts we wouldnt be able to stand proudly and celebrate our freedom that many take for granted.

After the breakfast there was a brief remembrance ceremony at the cenotaph followed by a parade of veterans leading us to the gates of the Milton fairgrounds.  It was heartwarming to see the support of the community as they marched along with the veterans, applauding them and thanking them for their service.

We then assembled by the bandstand where those in attendance (including myself) reaffirmed our oath to Canada.  Normally there would be a swearing in ceremony for new Canadians, but this year its been done regionally and not locally.

After the formalities concluded, people by the dozens lined up for a piece of Canada Day cake and cupcakes to start off what was to be an amazing Canada Day in Milton.

Another big THANK YOU goes to the crew who organized the days events.  I know many of them personally and many, MANY hours went into preparation for this day and they should be thanked over and over for a wonderful day.  Great job!!

Milton Canada Day

The family and I will be on the move to Milton’s fairgrounds in the next little while to take part in the official opening of Milton’s Canada Day Festivities. In case you have never been to our Canada Day Celebrations, heres some idea of what to expect.

Every year there is a veteran’s breakfast at Victoria Park from 10 -11 am. Then at 1130 there is a brief ceremony at the cenotaph to honour the men and women who have given their lives for our country. This is a great time to mingle with some of Milton’s veterans and have a chance to say thank you as well.

Afterwards they form a parade with the veterans, city politicians, our MP and MPP and march towards the fairgrounds and the stage for the formal part of the celebrations. After the dignitaries speak, the town officially opens up the day for celebrations by a cutting of our Canada birthday cake. The planned events go on all day long and will last until 11pm.

Also this year at 12:30 there will be a swearing in ceremony to welcome Canada’s newest citizens. Its a special day for them and what a better day to become a Canadian then on Canada Day!

Each year the Canada Day celebrations get better and better. Seeing how this will our first Canada Day with both Anthony and Miranda, it will be even more special. Theres always lots to do down at the fairgrounds with games, rides, and goods for everyone.

I urge everyone who attends to help raise money to pay for our celebrations by giving as generously at the entrances with the members of the Canada Day committee and the Lions club. Our celebrations are paid for exclusively from private donations from individuals, companies and people like us…ones who join together each year for one amazing day in Milton.

Happy Canada Day everyone.