Derry Road Closure Alert

Road Closure alert:

Derry Rd will be closed west of Bronte Street to Scott Blvd from 5 am Aug 7th until 8 pm Aug 9th for needed work on the underpass. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience.

Final completion date has not been announced but late fall 2014 is the target date and everything seems to be headed in that direction. I will keep you posted.

#TheIssue Airs on TV Cogeco Every Thursday

I just wanted to say how much fun it was being a part of the panel on TV Cogeco’s new show, The Issue.

Its a current affairs program for the Milton area and this past Thursday I was honoured to be part of the show.  I was a panelist along with moderator Mark Carr, Robert Duvall of RDC Networks and the President of the Milton Chamber of Commerce Richard Bolton.  We spent the hour long show talking about growth in Milton and the challenges it faces for both residents and businesses alike.

If you have Cogeco TV, I urge you to tune in every Thursday night at 7pm (its repeated throughout the week as well) and engage in the conversation.

January 2013 Ward 6 Newsletter

Just a quick post to say HAPPY NEW YEAR and for you to download a copy of my newsletter for January 2013.

HERE is the link for the Newsletter.

I will be working on a delivery system where you can opt in via email and have them automatically sent out as they are ready.  Slowly but surely.

One of my resolutions this year is to be more effective in communicating with residents in Milton.  I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts on my video newsletters…should I do it more often….themes/topics of discussions…”VLOG” like postings? Let me know as I’m open to any idea.

Lets hope 2013 is happy and prosperous for you all and I look forward to seeing you at the doors.

AMO Coverage in Milton Champion

Milton politicians stress need for more schools at AMO – Key concerns discussed at provincial conference

Julia Le – Milton Canadian Champion:  A need for more schools was among the key concerns Mayor Gord Krantz and eight councillors raised last week during the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference.

Krantz, councillors Sharon Barkley, Arnold Huffman, Mike Cluett, Rick Di Lorenzo, Cindy Lunau and Zeeshan Hamid, Tony Lambert and Local and Regional Councillor Colin Best were joined by Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr and Halton District School Board Trustee Donna Danielli as they met with Deputy Education Minister George Zegarac at the conference held in Ottawa to explain the challenging situation they are finding the Town in and the dire need from the Province to commit to building more schools to support the fast growing communities and the families and young children moving into them.

The meeting was originally schedule with Education Minister Laurel Broten, however likely due to the issues surrounding the current negotiations with teachers’ unions and school boards, Broten was unable to attend the conference, held each year to bring together municipal and provincial leaders and offer panels, discussions, and keynotes on a selection of municipal interest topics led by industry experts.

The group served as a united front in presenting Zegarac the reality Milton faces.

Danielli, the school trustee for the Milton 2, 3, 4 and 5 areas, said if it wasn’t for the repurposing of the old E.C. Drury High School, P.L. Robertson Public School was projected to have 40 portables by 2014. The old high school will now host a satellite location for P.L. Robertson as a temporary measure until a new school is built.

“It’s the best solution we have, but it certainly isn’t an ideal situation,” she said, adding that there’s no real place for full-day kindergarten and that families will have to be split up at different locations.

The group also lobbied for more funding to keep older schools up-to-date technologically and physically.

Danielli added the funding formula the province uses to dole out money to school boards needs to be revised.

“When you look at the 11 boards that are closest in area (to us), we’re at the bottom of the list in terms of per pupil funding,” she said.

The 56,000 students in Milton are receiving $1,000 to $1,500 when compared to surrounding school boards.

Krantz said he believes the group put its best case forward to the Ministry of Education and Zegarac, who seemed to be well versed in the town’s concerns.

“Was there anything ultimately resolved, well that’s hard to tell at this point, but I refer to it as keeping issues on the radar screen,” he said. “I think being in their face with your issues is just as important. (It shows) we’re not going away until we get some of this stuff sorted out.”

Danielli was more optimistic about the outcome of the meeting.

She said Zegarac seemed empathetic, even going as far as to say Milton was the “poster child of why we need capital funding.”

She doesn’t believe anything will be resolved until teacher negotiations have been settled, but hopes the Town will get the green light sooner rather than later to start construction before the end of the year.

Other issues Krantz and councillors discussed with the appropriate provincial ministers at the conference included making sure the hospital expansion was kept on the radar and the effect the Slots at the Racetracks program closure will have, not only on the horse racing industry but on the town.

The Province announced earlier this year that all payments made to the horse racing industry, including Mohawk Slots, through the Slots at the Racetracks program will end as of March 31, 2013.

Krantz and Lunau met with Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Ted McMeekin to discuss the importance of keeping the horse industry alive.