McHappy Day In Milton A Success

WOW!  Thats all I have to say.  Thank you to everyone who took part in the McHappy Day in Milton on May 2nd. 

The McDonalds restaurant was packed from noon onwards.  I was privilegedto be a part of a wonderful event.  You might have seen me near the drive thru’s asking for your change and smiles. 🙂 Everyone was so generous in purchasing “boots” for the wall, balloons for the kids and simply taking your spare change and dollar bills and donating it to the cause. 

One of the McDonalds employees Mark shared some great information with me today:

Hey Mike, Just thought I would share some numbers with you from Yesterday’s McHappy Day here in Milton. We raised $8294.00 for the Milton District Hospital Foundation & Ronald McDonald House Hamilton!!! That blows away last year’s total by over $2700!! We sold the most Happy Meal’s out of any of the 1400 McDonald’s stores in Canada for the 3rd year in a row! Hopefully I will have a solid number for donations across Canada by mid afternoon!

Thanks again for your Support! Hope to see you around town!

That total is awesome and thanks to Mark for posting that on my Facebook Page.  (You can go there too, click LIKE and be informed of things that are going on in Milton that affect you.)

In addtion to myself, other local officials came out to help including Mayor Gord Krantz, Brian Penman, Greg Nelson, Rick Di Lorenzo, Arnold Huffman (and if Ive missed any Im sorry) as well as KISS 92.5FM Host (and local Miltonian) SCOTT FOX was there too.  Scotts a trooper as hes always on the end of my jokes because of his boyish good looks 🙂

Lets keep up the good work Milton and hope that next years total is over $10,000!!!!


Milton Today TV Coverage of McHappy Day In Milton


Although Milton Today TV was’nt there all day covering McHappy Day in Milton, they did get a chance to speak with Allan Halls from Milton District Hospital, Mayor Gord Krantz and the owner of the McDonalds Steve Antolin and the importance of this event. Thousands of dollars are raise for both Milton District Hospital but also Ronald McDonald House for kids.

It was a great day and we had a blast speaking with people in the store and in the drive thru. The employees of McDonalds should be commended on their enthusiasm for the event as well as their day was much longer than ours and they kept it going.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the organization of the day. The weather was amazing and the spirits were high all throughout the day.

BIG SHOUT OUT to Milton’s own Scott Fox from BPM TV (Twitter @scottfoxonair) who did his part in getting everyone going through the drive thru to put on some smiles and open their wallets to add more to the total.

McHappy Day in Milton

Please join me and other Milton dignitaries, such as fellow council members Mayor Gord Krantz (12pm-1pm) councillors Zeeshan Hamid (3pm-5pm) Rick Di Lorenzo (4pm-6pm) and Colin Best (4pm-6pm) and Milton’s own SCOTT FOX at McDonalds today (4:30pm-5:30pm)and support McHappy Day.

One dollar from every Big Mac, Coffee or Tea and Happy Meal sold in McDonalds Milton will be donated to Milton District Hospital Foundation and to Ronald McDonald’s House in Toronto.  

I will be there from 3pm to 5pm supporting these great organizations.  If you drop by to say HI, and please don’t laugh at me.  Growing up I never held a job at McDonalds, but I promise to do my best NOT to embarrass myself.

Many thanks to McDonalds staff and volunteers who give so freely of their time and to the residents of Milton who come out in droves every year to McDonald’s to support Milton District Hospital Foundation!

If you are interested in making a donation to the Milton District Hospital Foundation, you can click here for a one time donation.  Our hospital needs the support of the community and every dollar counts.  From the MDHF website….

Your single gift donation is an important way to become a part of Milton District Hospital Foundation and to have an impact on patient care for you, your family and our community.

Every gift to Milton District Hospital Foundation, regardless of amount will make a difference. Your contribution will help us pay for essential equipment purchases and help ensure a strong future for Milton District Hospital Foundation – one that our children and grandchildren will benefit from in the decades to come. 

So please, take some time to go to McDonalds today or if you cant, make a donation to the MDHF and / or Ronald McDonald House.  It all goes a very long way.