Watermain Construction Update Wards 7 and 8

I met with Halton Regional staff earlier this morning to get an update on the watermain development in ward 8 (Derry Road/Louis St Laurent – Tremaine Road to train tracks).  The watermain construction is complete and servicing to this area will be switched to the new watermain.

The Region will be dropping off information to homeowners explaining everything and letting people know they MIGHT experience some changes in water pressure, which wont be permanent and the quality of water will NOT change.  This should happen within the next month.  The remainder of homes west from the tracks to 25 will be undergoing these changes later in the year and everything should be completed by fall 2013.

If there are any questions, dont hesitate to ask or you can always call 311 anytime.

Attention Residents in Louis St Laurent / Hwy 25 Area

Just received an email from Town of Milton staff informing us that MADD Canada will be filming a documentary called “After Party” of a car crash. Details are listed here.

This will be in the area of Diefenbaker Street / Louis St Laurent just west of 25 in Ward 7.  Please pass this information along to people you know in this area.  Traffic shouldn’t be disrupted while filming too much but people will get worried if they don’t know whats going on.

To: Milton Council

Please be advised that I am working with MJM Productions for the filming of a MADD Canada Documentary entitled “After Party”

They are looking at filming on Louis St Laurent Avenue between Diefenbaker Street and Bronte Street South/First Line. They will be doing overnight filming of a car crash and the filming is proposed for October 25,26 and 27th starting at 6:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.

Halton Regional Police and Milton Fire are aware of this filming and will be on site during the car crash.

Advanced Road closure signs will be installed at some time next week. Area residents are now being papered and the filming company will be getting signatures from any resident that faces Louis St Laurent Avenue. Detour signage will also be installed when the closure is taking place.

Local access will be maintained to the subdivision on the north side of Louis St Laurent Avenue.

At this time filming permits have not been issued and I will advise you of when this has been completed.

Heide Schlegl, C.E.T., MITE, Dipl. M.M.

Letters to Editor re: garbage

As I have brought up here on my site a few times, there has been a growing concern with the amount of trash collecting along the side of Louis St Laurent in ward 6.  Since the opening of the new high school (Craig Kielburger Secondary School) earlier last month, there has been a growing problem regarding garbage.

This frustration has led to what I assume is more than one letter to the editor of the Milton Canadian Champion.

Dear Editor:

I’m a Milton resident and I live close to the new Craig Keilburger Secondary School at the corner of Fourth Line and Louis St. Laurent Avenue.

Since school began, there has been a huge increase in the amount of garbage along the bike path and sidewalk area running from the high school to the Metro plaza.

Recently, while I was out for a walk with my family, my husband picked up a full shopping bag worth of trash.

I have noticed two garbage bins put in by the Town along this stretch, however, they quickly overflow. Two isn’t enough.

Brenda Lacey


Thank you Brenda for sending that letter.  What follows here are not excuses for the garbage, but it can provide a little insight as to what has happened and what we are doing at the Town of Milton to address it.

When the new high school opened in September there were some delays in the completion of the school cafeteria.  From what I understand now, those issues have been fixed and it is now functional for students to eat their lunches during break time.  Seeing how the students didn’t have anywhere to go for lunch hour, many students (and I do mean MANY) made their way up Louis St Laurent Avenue towards the Metro mall for lunch.

What was happening on the way back is the students ended up throwing their garbage along side of the road as they returned to school.  This as you can expect, caused quite a bit of mess and that is unacceptable.

The town has now installed two garbage containers alongside the street with the hopes the students at CKSS will use them to dispose of their garbage as they head back to school.  So far, its seems to have improved, but not to the point where I or any resident in the area would find to be acceptable.

The students are being urged by their principal through announcements and assemblies not to toss their waste along the street at any time and hopefully the message will get through to them.  Another problem that has come up with the installation of the garbage containers is some people in the area are using them for their own garbage.  This causes them to overflow, and in turn doesn’t help at all solving the problem.

If you miss your Monday morning garbage pickup, please do not use these containers for your excess bags.  Staff is aware of the problem and is doing what it can to pick up the waste when it does overflow so that we don’t continue to have this problem.

I would just like to let residents in the area know that we are looking into it and doing what we can to help solve the problem.  Personally, I would like to ask students at CKSS, many of them I met yesterday at the grand opening of their school to work with us, and not dump garbage on the road.  CKSS is now a big part of our area and some might say a second home to our kids and hopefully they will treat this “home” with the same respect they treat their own home and surrounding area.

Thank you for sending the letter with your concerns and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to call or email me mike.cluett@milton.ca anytime.

I’ll see you at the doors.

UPDATE On Construction Louis St Laurent

I know I havent been updating my blog as much recently and I thought occured that I do one REALLY BIG one.  Sort of an omnibous blog post.  Theres so much going on in Ward 6 and surrounding areas it would be too much to read and to post.  So stick around, you’ll see more updates coming including information on the most recent public meeting on the Milton Education Village, updates on the new Blue Boxes that are coming from the Region of Halton as well as changes to the bag limits for collection.

As many people in Milton have now noticed, the intersection of Thompson Road and Louis St Laurent has been under construction from Sept 29th to most recently today.  That intersection should be fully operational by the days end, which I know is a relief to those who live on Kennedy Circle on both sides of Thompson.  I know that because many of you have called and emailed me.  We thank you for your patience during this process and the construction was only extended an extra day (TODAY) so they were pretty good at keeping their deadline.

The contstruction will continue westward on Louis St Laurent towards Hwy 25 (Ontario Street – Bronte Road) to complete the water main installation from the Region of Halton.

Stay tuned to my Twitter account for up to the moment details of road construction in and around Milton.  Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on Twitter and email about the information I post here and on other forums (Facebook, Hawthorne Villager) in keeping with my promise of informing residents of whats happening in town.  I really do appreciate them.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience, and I’ll see you at the doors.

UPDATE on CKSS Intersection

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who has called, emailed or spoken directly with me regarding the situation at Craig Kielburger Secondary School.  Some will have seen that since the opening of the school in September, there has been concerns for the safety of the students due to traffic, lack of traffic calming measures and garbage.  Here is the most recent update.

As a result of many studies in the area surrounding CKSS at Ferguson and Louis St Laurent, staff will be moving forward with a recommendation to install traffic light at that intersection.

From Engineering Services

Please be advised that we have completed a number of traffic studies at this intersection related to the opening of Craig Kielburger Secondary School.

We completed a study for an all-way stop and the warrants weren’t fulfilled due to the low side street volume. The all-way stop warrant doesn’t take into consideration pedestrian volumes.

We did a study for an Intersection Pedestrian Signal (IPS) and warrants were fulfilled we also ran the warrants for a set of traffic control signals and warrants were also fulfilled.

As a result we will be installing a full set of traffic control signals at this intersection.  We will be starting the design and begin ordering the required equipment within the next two weeks.

Once I have a schedule of when the construction will commence and an anticipated completion date I will advise everyone.

As soon as the date of installation is known to us, I will post it here.

This just leads me to ask people in the area to take caution, as they normally should in school zones, while driving along Louis St Laurent Ave towards the school.  There has been and will continue to be a lot of water main construction going on and coupling that with increased traffic (both vehicles and pedestrian) it can lead to something we don’t want to deal with.

To address a number of concerns with reference to garbage along Louis St Laurent, that is also being addressed.  You will notice a few garbage containers installed along the street to allow students and others to place their garbage in the receptacles instead of on the road or on people’s property.  It’s also good to note this ISNT a location to dump your garbage if you missed the pickup.  Staff will be monitoring the area to make sure they are emptied when full and the area is kept clean.

I have also been in contact with the principal of CKSS and the area school board trustee and they are informing students via announcements and other measures, to help keep the area clean when they’re walking on Louis St Laurent towards the Metro mall before, at lunch and after school.

Bus drop off locations are being looked at as well, so it limits the potential of traffic backup along LSL in the morning and in the afternoon.  Drivers should be aware of this and Halton Police will also be monitoring the area for speeding, jaywalking and other infractions as well.

It’s a growing process.  And right now we’re going through some growing pains.  It helps when we all work together to make sure our students get to and from school safely.

If anyone has any concerns, please feel free to email me mike.cluett@milton.ca or to give me a call.