Louis St Laurent Road Widening

LSL Road Paving from 25 to Bronte Street

For those residents who use Louis St Laurent between 25 and Bronte St you will see that the paving has begun to widen the lanes.

The Town is also looking forward to completing the construction of the overpass on LSL to go towards Tremaine Road as well later this summer/fall.

Looking forward for other Town and Region projects to be completed this year.  The winter did put many projects behind schedule with the extreme cold temperatures but everything is getting back on track.

Here is a link to more road paving projects from the Town of Milton.

We appreciate your patience.

I’ll see you at the doors.


Work to begin at Hwy 25 and Louis St. Laurent

Good news!  Work is now scheduled to begin at the intersection of Hwy 25 and Louis St. Laurent to allow for a widened intersection and installation of a traffic signal as well.  Work is expected to commence soon and be completed by June 2011.

This means that the extension of LSL towards 25 is almost ready to be used.  This will help in alleviating traffic along Britannia Road east / west ( a route I take daily).  What I will be looking for and asking for a timeline is the installation of a traffic signal at Thompson Road and LSL.  With the new east / west route up and running, this means there will be more traffic going through this already busy intersection in the morning.

Here’s a map of the work area.