Door Knocking Notes & School Board Trustees

I had a great time knocking on doors last night near 4th Line & Louis St Laurent and meeting up with regular readers of my blog, like Andre (Thanks for reading!)

If you were going through that intersection last night, you know they are doing some repair work finally because going through the stop sign almost felt like an off road course.  The kids love it by the way, but its not good on the suspension of the car.

Many of the people I spoke with were looking for updates on when the high school would begin construction and I’ll be sending Donna Danielli an email today to find out.  Donna is our Public School Board Trustee who has worked very hard over the last 4 years. 

With this election comes a change in the number of trustees for Milton.  There are now 2 positions open for the October election, one for the “southern” wards 1,6,7 & 8 and the other for the” northern” wards of 2,3,4 & 5.  This will provide them with more of an opportunity to concentrate their focus on a smaller area instead of the town as a whole.

School board trustees are often overlooked as a “minor” position and are not given the due they deserve.  Hours upon hours of work are put into this job with almost very little recognition.  I know from experience dealing with a number of trustees that this position is anything but “minor”  It takes dedication and a lot of hard work to do what they do and to help ensure that as the town grows, so do the opportunities for our education system.

This election as you choose who you want to support for Regional Chair, Mayor, Regional Council, and Local Council (thats me!), take some time and research who you want to be your public and catholic school board trustee.

If you live in wards 2,3,4 &5 drop Donna a note as shes running for re-election at the public school board level.  Tell her I sent you.

The evenings are becoming more comfortable for strolls (and door knocking) and Im looking to do some more tonight and later on this week.  I hope to see you at the doors.

*edit*  Thanks to Gary for letting me know I had the wards Donna was running in listed incorrectly.

Widen Roads Around Future High School

According to a few people I have talked with in the last few weeks, some are worried about the addition of a high school at the corner of Louis St. Laurent and Fourth Line.

Not because of the school mind you.  That is a welcomed addition to our continually growing region of town.  Our school age kids will grow into high school students faster than we think, and having a high school close by is most welcome.

The problem most people have, including this letter published in the Champion today, is that they feel the roads the way they are will not stand up to the increased level of traffic.  According the letter writer, there are no plans to have LSL and Fourth Line widened at all before the school goes in.

She has a point.  High schools are built to house many more students that the other public/catholic schools in the area and between staff, parents, and yes some students can drive their cars to school, the roads will not be able to handle the higher number of cars that will be travelling to and from school.

I will endeavour to find out from the town what the plans are for that intersection and see if widening the road is in the books.


Widen road before high school
Nov 27, 2009

DEAR EDITOR: This letter is in response to the Champion’s November 18 story entitled ‘High school completion pushed back.’

While a new high school in the area of Louis St. Laurent and Fourth Line is a welcomed addition, the lack of foresight is appalling.

Living in a small town like Milton, which has grown dramatically in the past few years, one would think the people in charge would have learned a few things by now.

How does it make sense to increase traffic the school will generate at the busy corner of Louis St. Laurent and Fourth Line but not widen the roads?

The traffic impact study says the roads can handle the extra traffic. Interesting. Do the people who do these studies live in that area? I do, and can tell you it’s already a jam to get out of Milton in the mornings and come back in the evenings. That’ll be even worse with the extra traffic from school staff, students, parents and buses on our still ‘country roads.’

And when the new houses go up on the south side of Louis St. Laurent, will the road still be okay then, too?

Trustee Donna Danielli believes the students who live within the boundaries will walk to school. That’s all well and good when the weather is nice, but what happens when it’s raining or snowing or just too cold?

Is the Town that gullible to think parents won’t drive their children to school?

To Town officials, just widen the roads before the school goes in and before more houses go in. Do it because it makes sense. Do it because it’s the smart thing to do. Do it right this time since you’ve had plenty of practice at getting it wrong.


Illegal dumping on Earth Day

Is this what Louis St Laurent and 4th Line will look like if things keep up?  I dont know about you but its getting rather annoying.

For those who dont know about the area, this intersection will be the new home of a public Milton high school and other ammenities in the coming years.  But what seems to be happening, given the fact that construction hasnt started yet, is people are using this area as a dumping ground for their garbage and nothing seems to be done about it.

Over at the Hawthorne Villager Forum, there is a discussion going on about what can be done about it.  Seems appropriate considering today is Earth Day.  It just seems people like to treat their community like a dump.

Colin Best, Regional and Town Councillor in Milton responded to some of the concerns on the blog by saying this.  If you see anyone in Milton illegally dumping garbage … CALL THE TOWN with the plates of the vehicle and descriptions as well.

colin b.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:21 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Synergy and other posters

Yes the Town is working on more enforcement of littering. Last week at the committee meeting I requested staff to review the 1991 littering by-law and step up enforcement which the committee agreed on as our engineering staff is doing weekly pickups on streets such as Louis St. Laurent Blvd. If you do see people dumping please take their licence plates and call the Town either at 905-878-7252 during the day or 905-878-7141 after hours and weekend line.

Monday night committee also approved the accelerated the design and construction of the next section of Louis St. Laurent from Yates to Highway #25 in the next year which will increase the traffic and make it more difficult for anyone to stop and dump, as the design will be similar to Thompson Road and Derry Road with curbs and sidewalks linking the area.

Colin Best
Local & regional councillor