Calling All Communities – From FCM Conference Saskatoon 2012

As per my video newsletter, I promised a link to the presentation and workshop put on by the FCM Conference in Saskatoon this past weekend. It provides some more information regarding cell towers and the need for more involvement with local municipalities and the telecommunication companies as we move forward. There will always be a need for cell towers with society’s ever increasing demand for data and cell services and we all need to be proactive, instead of reacting to individual applications to maintain transparency.

Its over an hour, which includes the question and answer session and provides more information and a good debate. Enjoy.

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Input Needed For Proposed Bell Cell Tower In Milton

UPDATE:¬† Many thanks to Angela for getting a hold of me with updated information as she wanted to ensure that the public is getting the information correctly….so thanks Angela ūüôā

An application has been made by Altus Group Limited (on behalf of Bell Canada) to install a cell tower in Milton in front of New Life Church on Thompson Road near Clark Blvd.

The date of the application is February 28th and this starts the process for input from places like the Town of Milton.  I had originally posted the due date for submissions was March 20th, but that is wrong.  The notices havent been sent out to area residents as of yet but will be sent shortly.  There will be an opportunity to send in your input and in addition to that there WILL be a public meeting scheduled for a later date before the decision is made by Industry Canada. 

Its important to know that the Town of Milton is a commenting agent only.  The town will not be making the decision on this matter as it is under the jurisdiction of Industry Canada, which is the federal government.

Notices WILL Be sent out to homes in the area of 120 m radius of the proposed location which encompasses homes in both ward 7 and ward 6.

The tower will reach a height of 29.9 metres tall.

The proposal is for the installation of a cross style steel telecommunications mono-pole tower.

It will include:

  • Fenced mechanical compount 8 x 9 m (equipment shed dimensions 2.03 x 2.44 m)
  • Installation of buried hydro line and / or overhead hydro line
  • Installation of concrete filled bollards
  • Planting of spruce trees to surround compound.


If you do have any questions, please contact the following:

Angela Janzen, Planner – Policy

Town of Milton 150 Mary Street Milton ON L9T 6Z5