Work to begin at Hwy 25 and Louis St. Laurent

Good news!  Work is now scheduled to begin at the intersection of Hwy 25 and Louis St. Laurent to allow for a widened intersection and installation of a traffic signal as well.  Work is expected to commence soon and be completed by June 2011.

This means that the extension of LSL towards 25 is almost ready to be used.  This will help in alleviating traffic along Britannia Road east / west ( a route I take daily).  What I will be looking for and asking for a timeline is the installation of a traffic signal at Thompson Road and LSL.  With the new east / west route up and running, this means there will be more traffic going through this already busy intersection in the morning.

Here’s a map of the work area.

REMINDER: Beer Vats To Move Into Milton Tonight

The 6 extremely large Molson beer vats are now parked along Highway 25 (Bronte Road) in between Britannia Road and Derry Road.  There are some lane restrictions there so be aware as there will be delays.

At approximately 9pm tonight, the vats will continue their journey through the GMA (Greater Milton Area) along Derry Road towards Trafalgar Road and make their way north to Steeles.  Its unsure of where they will end up because of some potential slow downs (cutting hydro wires etc) but they should be all the way through the residential area of Milton by the morning. Follow them on Twitter if you would like to see some pictures and updates on the journey.  They have been doing a great job keeping people informed of where they are in the process and taking many pictures along the way.

Ned Devine’s would be a great location to sit and watch as they come up Highway 25 and turn east on Derry Road. 

See you then!