Federal Election Today – Please VOTE!

Today marks the end of several weeks of campaigning for the federal election.  The polls have risen for some parties and fallen for others.  There have been many ups and downs over the last couple of weeks, which makes it interesting to say the least.

It was reported recently in the Milton Canadian Champion that the turnout in Halton for the advance polls was higher than ever…which is a GREAT SIGN!

Now we need to ensure that the voter turnout in Halton is the highest yet.  If you havent already done so, please take the time today to go vote.  The campaign in Halton has been a much different one than in other years.  Gone is the personal attacks and other shenanigans that make people turn away from federal politics.  This time around there has been a good debate on issues and party platforms.  Each of the all candidate meetings in Halton has been well attended, great questions asked and a good discussion of issues that are important to people in our riding. 

The polls are open until 930PM tonight so after you get home from work, please take the time to head to your local polling station and cast your ballot.  Elections are an important part of our democracy.  You do have a voice, and despite some peoples feelings, your vote does indeed count.  Many elections in this area have been decided by a very narrow margin and it would be a waste if your voice wasnt heard today.

Each one of the candidates have been working hard going door to door, speaking with residents of Halton and talking about issues important to you.  Its a testament to the great people we have running in this riding.

Take some time today if you already havent to view the websites of the candidates to see where they stand on issues, look at the party platform and make an informed choice for today.

Click here to find out where to vote in Halton.

Here is a list of the candidates and links to their websites for more information.

Pat Heroux – NDP

Connie Laurin-Bowie – LIBERAL


Judi Remigio – GREEN PARTY

Tony Rodrigues – CHRISTIAN HERITAGE PARTY (no website for candidate) www.chp.ca

Hope to see you at the polls!

Stunts failed

As I mentioned last post, the Green Party of Canada has been doing its best to get “into the picture” and be relevant to Canadians.

A few months back, Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion came up with a “deal” that she would run against Peter MacKay and the Liberal party would run no one against her to help her win in Nova Scotia. Whether that works or not is a different story. Personally I think she’ll fail.

Just recently, a former Liberal (booted out of Dions supposedly “democratic” caucus) joined the Green Party to make history and be the first official Green Party MP in the House of Commons.

These stunts were pulled off with the intention of getting Elizabeth May in the leaders debate in the present Federal election campaign. Thats all it was…a couple of stunts to “raise awareness”.

Problem is, it didnt work. The broadcasters in charge of the leaders debate said, no Green Party. Supposedly 3 of the 4 party leaders said “HELL NO” to Elizabeth May. NDP Leader Jack Layton, said nothing. Bloq…same thing. Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper was a bit more direct than others by saying that given the “deal” between May and Dion, the Green Party is just another version of the Liberal Party…and shouldnt be included in the leaders debate.

Id much rather have a discussion about the environment without all the BS and the tree huggery that goes on. Instead Elizabeth May has turned the GP of Canada into a joke, deal making party instead of the option it should be for Canadians.

The Green Party is missing something. Its missing a leader that can sell environmental issues to business. No one wants to be preached to. No one wants to be told what to do. Thats what the current leadership of the Greens does.

The message the GP of Canada has is important and needs to be heard. But it doesnt have to come at the expense of tricks and smoke n mirrors. If people would sit down and read what the GP of Canada has to offer they’d read that there are more to the GP than environment. Theres tax issues that need to be discussed. Incentives for businesses to help them move towards a better policy.

Jim Harris started this upward swing towards legitimacy. Too bad the party took a step back with Elizabeth May. As a business person, if you say something that makes sense, both environmentally and fiscally, Im going to listen. Elizabeth May, however good her intentions, fails miserablely.