Traffic Calming Policy

The Town of Milton has issued a report outlining the new traffic calming policy for our roads.  

The Town’s Traffic Calming Policy provides guidelines, procedures and criteria to initiate, investigate and implement traffic calming measures within residential neighbourhoods. Its purpose is to address safety concerns related to speeding and excessive volume in a fair and efficient manner.

Guidelines in the Policy apply to local and collector roadways within primarily residential neighbourhoods.

Traffic calming measures can be effective in addressing issues related to vehicle speed, excessive traffic volume and overall neighbourhood safety. Commonly used traffic calming measures include speed humps, traffic circles, curb extensions, curb radius reductions and raised median islands.

The Policy was developed by staff and approved by Milton Council. Residents will be notified about the implementation schedule and procedures.

Here is a link from the Town of Milton website.

Public Consultation for High School Boundaries

Thanks to “daycaremom” from the Hawthorne Villager for posting this information.

On Thursday November 25th, there will be a public consultation meeting at Milton District High School regarding the school boundaries for public high schools in Milton.  As many in our ward are aware of, a new high school is being constructed at Louis St Laurent and 4th Line.  When that school and other new ones that will be constructed come online, the school board will be looking into boundary changes.

Public Consultation For New High School in Milton (SRA 105)

The Halton District School Board invites the public to attend a Public Consultation Meeting to review and provide feedback on various boundary change scenarios for the public secondary schools in Milton.  This consultation will take place on:

Thursday, November 25th, 2010 @ 7PM – Milton District High School 396 Williams Avenue, Milton ON

Halton District School Board staff will present information concerning each of the scenarios and parents/guardians will participate in discussions about each option.  Staff will be on hand to answer questions.

Here is the link to the HDSB website for all the information you’ll need.  On the right hand side you will see the link to the proposed boundaries in different scenarios.  In each of these scenarios, you will see that our ward and most of Hawthorne Village itself will be attending the new school when its constructed.  It is still important to be informed and if you have children that will be attending high school in the coming years, you should still attend.  I might not be able to make it due to other commitments but I’m sure there will be a report from those in attendance coming shortly.

Feedback forms

Enrollment Projections (All Scenarios)

MAP Scenario 1

MAP Scenario 3

MAP Scenario 7