CKSS Students host Community Clean Up

While driving to school or work today did you notice a number of students walking along Louis St Laurent and 4th Line as well as other areas in town?  Those were CKSS students participating (in what I believe is the first annual) Community Clean Up.

Many students at CKSS took time from their schedule today to tackle the garbage problem that we face in this area.  Even before 930 this morning I had received a couple of calls and tweets about how impressed they were with their initiative in cleaning up our neighbourhoods.

I have outlined through my Twitter many times this past year there is a growing problem with garbage and the roadside dumpings that have happened.  Many residents have taken it upon themselves to dump household waste in the green containers along Louis St Laurent and a number of our local parks instead of paying for extra garbage tags.

Town and Regional staff are continuously looking at this problem to see what solution we can come up with.  Seeing garbage bags ripped open by racoons or other animals with waste flying all around isn’t attractive whatsoever and I get a lot of comments from local residents and students about this.

So once again….thank you to the students of Craig Kielburger Secondary School for taking this task on and giving back to the community.  Your hard work has not gone unnoticed.  Great job!

Work Begins at Intersection of LSL & Ferguson

I just wanted to post a quick update regarding the intersection of Louis St Laurent and Ferguson Drive.

As many of you remember, there has been a lot of concern about the safety of students in this area directly across from Craig Keilburger Secondary School and the lack of traffic control, especially during school hours.  Town Staff has confirmed with me that work has already started getting underground wiring installed for so that when the traffic lights are ordered/received, they can begin installation.  There is no timeframe as of yet to when it will be completed but its in progress. 

If you see workers at this intersection and wonder whats going on, its the preliminary setup for the traffic lights.

I’ll keep you posted on when the full lights/crosswalk will be installed when I get it.  As always, its imperative that you continue to communicate with the students of CKSS that they should cross the street with caution, not walk out into traffic and be safe in and around the school.  Its also important to remind drivers that they should exercise caution when driving in this area and obey the posted speed limits.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.  I’ll see you at the doors.

Official Opening of Craig Kielburger High School

It was more like a rock concert than an opening!  All the students of CKSS were in the gymnasium of their new school to celebrate in the opening of Milton’s newest high school.

The CKSS Spartan’s squad lead us with some great music and dancing.  There was singing by the glee club followed by student after student talking about what makes them different, yet the same, as each one of them declared afterwards that they “are the face of CKSS”

The excitement continued to build until what many were waiting for happened…Craig Kielburger was introduced to a standing ovation.  He talked about is journey as a 12 year old speaking to politicians and government officials to do something that many want to do…change the world.

He spoke passionately about his teachers, his parents and his family.  Everyone who supported him in his journey.  Many would have said a 12 year old couldn’t make a difference in the world…but he has.  Craig told us stories of people who inspired him in other countries to continue his quest and how deeply honoured he was to be there today.  Looking around at the students in attendance, you could see they were hanging on every word.  The opening ended with a mini concert from the band Neverest.  Once it was over students surrounded him to shake his hand and meet with him personally.  Like I said, it was like a rock concert.

Thank you to everyone involved in the organization of today’s event and I am very honoured to have been invited to attend along with Principal Donna Taylor, Mayor Krantz, Halton school board trustees Donna Danielli and Nancy MacNeil and the teachers of CKSS among others in attendance.

Congratulations on a fantastic opening and good luck with the rest of the school year and the years to come.  Im very proud that in 2 years my son Anthony will be able to attend CKSS as they are laying the ground work of a successful curriculum and a great learning environment.

UPDATE on CKSS Intersection

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who has called, emailed or spoken directly with me regarding the situation at Craig Kielburger Secondary School.  Some will have seen that since the opening of the school in September, there has been concerns for the safety of the students due to traffic, lack of traffic calming measures and garbage.  Here is the most recent update.

As a result of many studies in the area surrounding CKSS at Ferguson and Louis St Laurent, staff will be moving forward with a recommendation to install traffic light at that intersection.

From Engineering Services

Please be advised that we have completed a number of traffic studies at this intersection related to the opening of Craig Kielburger Secondary School.

We completed a study for an all-way stop and the warrants weren’t fulfilled due to the low side street volume. The all-way stop warrant doesn’t take into consideration pedestrian volumes.

We did a study for an Intersection Pedestrian Signal (IPS) and warrants were fulfilled we also ran the warrants for a set of traffic control signals and warrants were also fulfilled.

As a result we will be installing a full set of traffic control signals at this intersection.  We will be starting the design and begin ordering the required equipment within the next two weeks.

Once I have a schedule of when the construction will commence and an anticipated completion date I will advise everyone.

As soon as the date of installation is known to us, I will post it here.

This just leads me to ask people in the area to take caution, as they normally should in school zones, while driving along Louis St Laurent Ave towards the school.  There has been and will continue to be a lot of water main construction going on and coupling that with increased traffic (both vehicles and pedestrian) it can lead to something we don’t want to deal with.

To address a number of concerns with reference to garbage along Louis St Laurent, that is also being addressed.  You will notice a few garbage containers installed along the street to allow students and others to place their garbage in the receptacles instead of on the road or on people’s property.  It’s also good to note this ISNT a location to dump your garbage if you missed the pickup.  Staff will be monitoring the area to make sure they are emptied when full and the area is kept clean.

I have also been in contact with the principal of CKSS and the area school board trustee and they are informing students via announcements and other measures, to help keep the area clean when they’re walking on Louis St Laurent towards the Metro mall before, at lunch and after school.

Bus drop off locations are being looked at as well, so it limits the potential of traffic backup along LSL in the morning and in the afternoon.  Drivers should be aware of this and Halton Police will also be monitoring the area for speeding, jaywalking and other infractions as well.

It’s a growing process.  And right now we’re going through some growing pains.  It helps when we all work together to make sure our students get to and from school safely.

If anyone has any concerns, please feel free to email me or to give me a call. 

Quick update on CKSS situation

Im just getting ready to head out to our council meeting tonight but I wanted to update those of you who have emailed or called me in the last few days regarding the situation on Louis St Laurent, the new high school and about 1,200 new students in town.

Here’s an update on the new Craig Kielburger School situation in Ward 6.  As many of you know there have been a few issues since the new school has opened up.

The cafeteria not being available for students has left them with few options and one of those options being walking up Louis St Laurent, hanging out at the Metro mall, and then making their way back to school….leaving a huge mess behind.  The principal will continue to let them know that behaviour should stop going forward, so lets hope the kids listen.

There are also a number of traffic issues we’re facing and town staff has informed me a number of counts for traffic, pedestrians etc will be done very soon to assess what can be done along that route (ie traffic stops, stop signs, lights, etc)  I’ll keep everyone posted when the results come in and this is now a top priority of staff!

Thanks to everyone who emailed/call me with their concerns.