Halton Municipalities Respond to CN Proposal

Halton Municipalities Respond to CN Proposal


Incomplete. Improper The Town of Milton demands a “Full environmental review”

Here is the press release from the Town of Milton

Halton Municipalities Respond to CN’s Submission to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Posted on Friday April 17, 2015

News release-

On Friday, April 17, the five Halton municipalities (the Town of Milton, the Town of Oakville, the Town of Halton Hills, the City of Burlington and Halton Region) jointly issued a formal response to the Canadian National Railway Company’s (CN) project description for its proposed Milton Logistics Hub. The project description was submitted by CN to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) and is available for public comment through CEAA’s website until Monday, April 27.

The joint response highlights several concerns, including:

  • CN has provided incomplete information;
  • CN has improperly narrowed the scope of relevant environmental effects;
  • CN has failed to identify all possible federal approvals; and
  • CN has not demonstrated how this project is exempt from the Canada Transportation Act railway line approval process.

The joint response also asserts that the proposed Milton Logistics Hub project should be subject to a full environmental assessment by CEAA. It outlines a number of reasons for this suggestion, specifically citing CEAA’s mandate to protect the environment and human health, and to consider any adverse impacts that may be caused by a project like the one proposed by CN.

“As municipalities, we have key responsibilities to protect the public interest,” said Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr. “We expect to see our federal regulators do the same.”

“We have heard from our residents in the Town Milton,” said Mayor Gordon Krantz. “The Town of Milton demands a full environmental review of this project.”

The Town and the Region encourage residents to review CN’s project description and provide comments through CEAA’s website before April 27.  After this date, CEAA will review feedback and determine whether this project will require a full environmental assessment.

To review and comment on CN’s project description, visit http://www.ceaa-acee.gc.ca/050/details-eng.cfm?evaluation=80100

For additional information about the proposed Milton Logistics Hub, please visit http://www.milton.ca/en/build/CN-Rail-Proposal.asp or http://www.halton.ca/cn

– 30 –

Backgrounder attached: CEAA Letter – Milton Logistics Hub Project by Canadian National Railway Company (CN)

For further information, please contact:

Brett Kelly
Communications Specialist
Town of Milton
905-878-7252, ext. 2154

Heather Anderson
Manager, Communications
Halton Region
905-825-6000, ext. 7576

Are We Prepared?

Today I had the opportunity to take part in an exercise at the Region of Halton.  A number of elected officials were invited to take part in an emergency management overview and test our skills on how to handle a real emergency.

Of course the emergency wasn’t real, but our reactions and skills were put to the test during a staged emergency event.

This was all in real time starting from the announcement of the event and laid out what the different departments would do, how it would handle the situations, demands, and communications to the public.  Needless to say we were overwhelmed and thank heavens it wasn’t real as there might have been zombies running around in Oakville and Burlington (Councillor Jeff Knoll would get that the most 🙂 )

From the beginning, our communication skills were put to the test.  Having to contact and communicate with so many departments, detailing information we’ve received and passing it along.  Of course things were missed by the elected folk, but in a real emergency, that couldn’t happen.  In a real emergency, if details are missed as to possible injuries or fatalities could result in chaos and even worse more lives could be lost. 

In the end we were all given a passing grade (and really would they fail US?) but many of us now understand the massive undertaking involved in getting so many departments of the region, local officials, emergency services and communications to the public up and running.  I have a new appreciation for the roles these individuals play and I am very thankful we have some very competent people handling things in the emergency management team.  Things have to be done with lightening speed with little or no room for error and I can honestly say that I feel much safer knowing how prepared this team is for any emergency it might face.

Thank you to the organizers of todays event as it was eye opening and humbling to say the least.

If you would like to know more about the Region of Halton’s Emergency Preparedness Campaign you can go to www.halton.ca/beprepared for info.  Its a good place for tips on how to prepare you and your family in case of an emergency.  There are some valuable tools and kits you can order to make sure you and your family can survive any emergency.

If youre on Twitter you can follow them www.twitter.com/bpreparedhalton for updates on information, events and tips on emergency preparedness.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.

Federal Election Today – Please VOTE!

Today marks the end of several weeks of campaigning for the federal election.  The polls have risen for some parties and fallen for others.  There have been many ups and downs over the last couple of weeks, which makes it interesting to say the least.

It was reported recently in the Milton Canadian Champion that the turnout in Halton for the advance polls was higher than ever…which is a GREAT SIGN!

Now we need to ensure that the voter turnout in Halton is the highest yet.  If you havent already done so, please take the time today to go vote.  The campaign in Halton has been a much different one than in other years.  Gone is the personal attacks and other shenanigans that make people turn away from federal politics.  This time around there has been a good debate on issues and party platforms.  Each of the all candidate meetings in Halton has been well attended, great questions asked and a good discussion of issues that are important to people in our riding. 

The polls are open until 930PM tonight so after you get home from work, please take the time to head to your local polling station and cast your ballot.  Elections are an important part of our democracy.  You do have a voice, and despite some peoples feelings, your vote does indeed count.  Many elections in this area have been decided by a very narrow margin and it would be a waste if your voice wasnt heard today.

Each one of the candidates have been working hard going door to door, speaking with residents of Halton and talking about issues important to you.  Its a testament to the great people we have running in this riding.

Take some time today if you already havent to view the websites of the candidates to see where they stand on issues, look at the party platform and make an informed choice for today.

Click here to find out where to vote in Halton.

Here is a list of the candidates and links to their websites for more information.

Pat Heroux – NDP

Connie Laurin-Bowie – LIBERAL


Judi Remigio – GREEN PARTY

Tony Rodrigues – CHRISTIAN HERITAGE PARTY (no website for candidate) www.chp.ca

Hope to see you at the polls!