Britannia Road Public Meeting December 14 2011

Last night was the third public information session held by the Region of Halton at the Boyne Community Centre. This is phase 3 of a phase plan that is working at finding out the best solution for Britannia Road to deal with the increased amount of traffic now and until 2021 and beyond.

This is the link to follow for more information.  They said the details of the presentation, the information boards, comments forms etc will be online later today so keep checking.

From the comments I received last night from a very full house of concerned residents is that it was very informative and they were happy with the level of communication they are getting.  Councillor Best, Councillor Barkley and myself were in attendance for the presentation.  Councillor Rick Di Lorenzo was there earlier but had to leave and had an opportunity to ask about roundabouts given that we have been asked by many on the Hawthorne Villager about how they can be implemented.

Roundabouts are in the plans for mainly the intersection of Tremaine Road and Britannia and lights for a majority of the other major intersections.  This is not to say they will be ruled out entirely over the course of the next several years but given the fact Tremaine and Britannia will be a major intersection around the Milton Education Village, it was deemed necessary.

I can see the pros of roundabouts in certain intersections and I understand many think it will keep traffic flowing but given the information I have read, Im not quite convinced they would be a good choice at a lot of intersections.

If you have any questions once the reports go up or any detailed inquiries, please email me and I’ll do my best to get the answers.

Thank you to everyone who attended last night and we will do our best to keep everyone in the loop as to whats happening with this very important project.

Work to begin at Hwy 25 and Louis St. Laurent

Good news!  Work is now scheduled to begin at the intersection of Hwy 25 and Louis St. Laurent to allow for a widened intersection and installation of a traffic signal as well.  Work is expected to commence soon and be completed by June 2011.

This means that the extension of LSL towards 25 is almost ready to be used.  This will help in alleviating traffic along Britannia Road east / west ( a route I take daily).  What I will be looking for and asking for a timeline is the installation of a traffic signal at Thompson Road and LSL.  With the new east / west route up and running, this means there will be more traffic going through this already busy intersection in the morning.

Here’s a map of the work area.