Milton Farmers Market Starts THIS WEEKEND

Vegetables at Farmer's MarketIt’s BAAAAACK!

You know that winter is gone and summer is approaching when the Milton Farmers Market is back open for business.  From 7AM to 12PM you can sample more than 40 vendors fresh produce, great food, fantastic people and even catch a glimpse of Milton’s own treasure, Ann Kornuta, as she works her magic and paints another great masterpiece while entertaining the crowd.

From the Chambers website:

Every Saturday morning from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM
From May 14 to October 8, 2011
Downtown Milton on Main Street from Martin to James

Check out the 2011 Farmers’ Market Vendors

Nestled in the foot of the scenic Niagara Escarpment, the Milton Farmers’ Market has been bringing farm-fresh goodness and old-fashioned hospitality to Main Street, in downtown Milton, since 1972. Our farmers proudly display “picked fresh this morning” produce and the streets come alive with artisans and flower vendors. The Milton Chamber of Commerce operates the weekly Saturday morning event from May through October and is one of Ontario’s best outdoor Farmers’ Markets. The 2010 Market will host over 40 vendors.

The most popular spot at the market is the Chamber Scholarship Café, home of the “bacon-on-a-bun” the café sells this delectable treat to all visitors to the market. The Café is also operated by the Chamber and generates funds for the Chamber Scholarship Fund which offers annual scholarships to all local high schools. A great breakfast for a great cause!

For questions, comments, a list of vendors or to reserve a booth email

I know I’m excited about the start of the Market.  If you havent had the opportunity to take it in, I strongly urge you to head out to Downtown Milton and take in the atmosphere.  And yes, the “bacon-on-a-bun” is AWESOME!

See you there.

Downtown Street Festival June 6th

Its that time of year again.  Milton will be holding its annual summertime tradition of the Downtown Street Festival

There have been many festivals in the past, but this incarnation came directly from the work people did (including myself…shameless plug) from the Town of Milton’s 150th Anniversary Committee.  Back in 2007, the committee and MANY Town of Milton volunteers pulled off a fantastic family funtime event which was only going to be a one time deal.  Thing is, people LOVED it, so the Town decided to make it an annual event.

Lots of activities for the kids are planned and no shortage of things to do.  FAS Milton will also be holding events by St. Pauls United Church that day as well.

Miltons favourite painter, Ann Kornuta might be there as well.  She is a fixture in downtown Milton on Main Street painting up a storm.  You can see Ann each and every week at the Farmer’s market as well. 

Oh ya, thats on too.  Gotta love Milton in the spring and summer.  There is SO much going on.

If you want to get involved as a volunteer for the Downtown Street Festival (and I know they are looking for lots of people to help out) … here’s how you do it.

Tuesday, May 26 OR Wednesday, May 27
6:30 – 8 pm, Milton Sports Centre (Meeting Room #4) 

 Volunteers must attend one of the above sessions.

Sign up today!

Volunteer Application Form

Additional Information

Call 905-878-7252, ext. 2620

See you there!

AnnK's BIG Art Show

Some of you are familiar with Ann Kornuta…artist extrodanaire…or as we like to refer to her as “AnnK…Milton’s Artist”.  Every Saturday in the summertime you can find her on Main Street cooking up another masterpiece, chatting with people at the Farmer’s Market.  No matter if the weather is boiling hot or cold and damp, shes out there with her brushes and paints trying to capture another piece of Milton.  Sometimes her paintings are quick and fast while others are more detailed and revealing.

Well tonight was a big night in downtown Milton as the Dorland Haight Gallery put on a show with Milton’s one and only Ann Kornuta.  As I walked up Main Street towards the gallery I could hear the music.  People were coming in and out of the doors, bustling with activity.  As soon as you walked in you were exposed to some of Ann’s newest works.

Her unique style of bright colours and landscapes were on display.  Many of the paintings she does are of Milton, the old and the new and how the town has changed over the last several years.  Im a big fan of her paintings of the downtown core as she always has dazzling colours, interesting shapes and funky styles.

Her paintings can go from bright and cheerful to almost sad and depressing.  In some of her work, you can see how the town itself is developing and an ominous view to what might be happening in the future.

There were a lot of new faces to me and some familiar ones as everyone came out to support our favourite artist.  I actually had a chance to meet Jennifer Smith who is also a Milton blogger for the first time.  (Nice to see you finally!)  Peter Haight, the gallery owner, was also there looking very dapper if I do say so myself.

You can find her paintings at Dorland Haights Gallery in downtown Milton and for a quick view of whats shes been up to recently you can check out her “gallery page” on her website as well.

I love this picture (although its sold) as it reminds me of my house with the balcony and front porch area.  Maybe she can make ME one soon? *cough* hint hint.

Ive always said that this town has a lot of hidden treasures and Ann is one of those talented individuals that should get more recognition than she does.

It was a great show tonight and I cant wait for the next ones.

Go West

Go West

If you have ever gone to the farmers market in downtown Milton, you are familiar with Ann Kornuta. Shes the one who seems to be painting all the time.

Every week, or as often as she can, she can be found in front of the Haight Gallery in the midst of all the vendors in the farmers market, painting. Shes just another example of the amazing talent found in the town of Milton.

Ann spends a lot of time on her craft and over the years has assembled quite a portfolio of artwork. She has a website containing pictures of her work, and tonight she sends me a link to show me some of the new pieces. I’ve been a tad busy these past few weeks so I’ve fallen behind on some of them.

The picture above is called Go West which shows people looking westward to Canada’s fastest growing municipality….(yep you guessed it) Milton. I love this picture because it gives you the impression that people are waiting in line to come here to experience what many of us now take for granted…a great town and a great community.

One where we can, if we like, head to a big box store to buy camping gear for the long weekend at Canadian Tire. Or if we so choose, we can head to a local pub and take advantage of some nice weather and sit out on the rooftop patio of Ned Devine’s. There are so many parks in and around town to take advantage of the view of the escarpment or go for a hike. No matter what side of town you live on, there are many coffee shops like Cafe Deda, and restaurants like Symposium at the ready to have a quick cup of coffee or a meal for the family. Or, if we want to, head to downtown Milton on Saturday mornings and check out some great produce from local farmers and watch a talented artist as she puts together another fantastic painting while you wait.

Just some of the great things about this town.

Post Canada Day Celebrations

Its been quite the busy week getting ready for Canada Day but in the end the event went off without a hitch. The pictures I took are in the process of being downloaded and I will post them either here or on Facebook to show them off. *EDIT 1051PM* DONE

The first part of our day was preparing the 27 classic convertible cars for the parade route through downtown. We were quite lucky to have the Halton Police Honour Guard there as well to carry the colours and to further honour the inductees to the Milton Walk of Fame. Many thanks to the hard work of Halton Regional Police Honour Guard Drill Commander Constable Hans, who got everyone together in the honour guard. It added that extra touch of class to the event. Also included in the Honour Guard is Allan Eaton, Constable Leggete, Constable Robertson, and Constable Kelly. Well done!!

Over the past couple of years the 150th Anniversary Committee and the Milton Historical Society had been working on this project, and to our knowledge there is no other municipality in the world that has anything close to this. These 27 people will be the first to have their names written in the history books of Milton as those from Milton who made a national and or international impact in their chosen field.

The cars where shined to perfection and as we got ready to go, some of the streets hadn’t been blocked off yet so some of us had to take it upon ourselves (and our cars) to make sure we cut off traffic as the parade went through town. Being a lover of these fine pieces of machinery, I’ll have THOSE pictures up on this blog soon too…what a sight.

We finally got moving just as the clouds began to come in for what some of us thought was a quick shower. This didn’t dampen any ones spirits, especially those of the inductee’s…”BRING IT ON!” they said.

Once the parade had finished, they ended up behind the main stage and they were marched in by the honour guard and the inductees made their way to the tables as the veterans, who were honoured earlier at Victoria Park, were seated as well.

Another chuckle we had was trying to bring Milly the Millstone, (pictured here, courtesy of Ashley Challinor) the official Town of Milton Mascot, up the narrow steps without causing a scene and injury to Milly. Speaking as one who has worn the Milly costume at events, its NOT an easy thing to move around in and Henry deserves some praise for doing it as often as he does.

John Challinor and Bruce Carlin of the Milton Historical Society, who were the emcees of the event, kicked it off with the introductions…and we finally began! As I stood there on stage looking out at the crowd, I was blown away by the sheer number of people who took the time to come out to first honour the veterans of Milton and the inductees to the Walk of Fame. As the introductions continued, I slipped out the camera and took a couple of shots…I was just speechless. Ann Kornuta, local Milton artist and “photo-master” was running around snapping as many shots as she could for the Halton Compass. There was so much going on, it was hard to keep up with it all. TV Cogeco was out in full force as well with a camera centre stage as well as Sandy French hard at work along the sidelines. Stay tuned to Plugged In! on TV Cogeco for the full story.

One by one the inductees were brought on to the stage to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to their craft, to get a quick photo snapped and maybe say a few words. Each one of them who spoke, did so from the heart. Many of them had won other awards in their chosen profession but many of them stated that the Milton Walk of Fame honour surpassed all others.

The most heartfelt speech of the day belonged to Tiger Ali Singh as he recounted his years as a youth in Milton, the hard work and dedication of not only his father but of his brothers and his mother for keeping the family together. They continue to live in Milton while travelling all over the world performing in wrestling matches. Tiger Jr.’s speech brought tears to many eyes as he expressed his gratitude of being honoured this way along with his father. Tiger Jeet Singh got up to speak as well, but as he passed me on his way up the stairs he told me, I don’t know how I’m going to top that. Hes a man of few words but they spoke volumes.

After the last inductee spoke it was time for people to have a chance to meet them face to face and get their autographs. No sooner that we announced it, many of the inductees were swarmed from Albert Casson to Bruce Hood (who enjoyed the boos of the crowd as he came up to the stage…those who are hockey fans KNOW how much fun it is to booo the refs!) OMNI TV came out to tape the event as well for the showcase of the Singh family. It actually got to the point they needed to leave and needed an escort out of the park to the cars…ME being security for two 6 foot PLUS wrestlers…HA…I know I laughed too.

What else can we say about Milton’s Canada Day but WOW! From beginning to end there were tons of things to do, the rides were great and the food was even better than before.

And the only way to end the show was with ABBAMANIA who rocked the crowd with many of Abba’s hits from the 70’s. Young and old were dancing, singing and having a great time as the sun went town and the night sky readied for the fireworks. A special thanks to Kevin who did quite a bit of jumping through hoops, bending over backwards and many days and nights stressing out to get Abbbamania as the main event for the 150th Anniversary /Canada Day celebrations. Great job Kevin!

The fireworks were set to music this year and there wasn’t one person who left that fairgrounds disappointed. For around 25 minutes the sky turned bright and loud with the sounds of the fireworks set to music. Excellent job and w
e can only hope next years Canada Day’s celebrations can be topped. It will be tough.