4th Line Is Now Open

Just a quick note (on my Blackberry Playbook WordPress app) to announce that the temporary road closure at 4th Line near Menefly and Beaty is now open.  Its been awhile to get this work done, but its finally done. 

There will be some road work done in the spring to repair some damage but at least you can go north on 4th Line to Derry Road.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.

I’ll see you at the doors.

Update On New Lights & Kudos

I haven’t been able to get official confirmation from the Town of Milton on the exact start date, but as per my previous post on NEW LIGHTS COMING it looks like work has started.

They were trying to get these lights installed and running by the end of July, but as projects go I guess there have been delays.  By adding lights at Clark & Thompson Road it should help regulate the flow of traffic and hopefully help slow down drivers heading north or south on Thompson.

The area of main concern on this street for me is still the intersection of Thompson Road and Louis St Laurent.  I know that work on LSL heading towards 25 is nearing completion but something needs to be done fast in that area.

Residents are taking their lives in their hands as they try to cross from either side of Thompson when traffic is going.  People in ward 7 wanting to walk to the Metro mall run the risk of crossing several lanes of traffic in an area that doesn’t have a lot of lighting.  There are also a number of residents in ward 6 that I have heard from while knocking on doors who are also concerned about that area.

Many of the ward 6 residents say they have to take their cars to drive across Thompson Road to use the park, instead of their preferred choice of walking or taking the kids strollers.  The Town of Milton spends money promoting physical activity and the benefits of an active lifestyle but yet in this area, that option isn’t available and there’s nothing helping them do this safely.

Drivers coming north on Thompson Road (80km/hr zone) dont slow down as much as they should when entering the 60km/hr zone north of LSL and there is the risk.

Once I get official confirmation and an approximate finish date for the new lights at Thompson Road and Clark Blvd, I’ll update the blog right away.

I also wanted to recognize some good work by town staff as well.  Myprevious entry informing residents of the potential road closure of 4Th Line from LSL to Britannia garnered a lot of email response and responses on the Hawthorne Villager as well.

The Town of Milton issued a notice on their website informing Miltonians that from September 2010 to December 2010, 4Th line will be closed to traffic  to allow the Region of Halton to install a much needed water main.

At this point James Snow Parkway from LSL to Britannia is almost complete and it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever if 4Th line is closed before that stretch of road is opened.

In response to my blog, Heide from the Town of Milton sent me an email last night around 10PM informing me of this.

From: “Heide Schlegl” <heide.schlegl@milton.ca>

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 22:03:21 -0400

To: <mike@mikecluett.ca>

Subject: Fourth Line Closure


Just to let you know Fourth Line won’t be closed until the lights at James Snow Parkway and Britannia Road are functioning. Therefore the closure of Fourth Line may not commence exactly on September 1, it may be delayed by a week or so.


I just wanted to publicly acknowledge Heide in getting back to me so quickly.  She could have very well waited until Monday morning to send me that but she took it upon herself to let me know right away.  To me it shows dedication to her job and the quality of people we have working at Town Hall.  Sometimes they get bashed when they shouldn’t.  Thanks Heide.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.

4TH Line Temporary Closure Announced

Well CFL fans, tonight is an important night for the Hamilton Tiger Cats team.  After a crazy week in Steel Town with the City Council back and forth and some of the councillors approving then voting against the west harbour deal, death threats against the Hamilton Mayor (which is delporable if you ask me) its time to get the onfield product ready to go against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, for the 4th time this season.  I hope the team has been able to stay away from the media circus and concentrate on getting back on track and moving closer to the Eastern Division leaders. (Yes that means the Argos/All’s)  I heard that Bob Young will end the media silence this past week and have an interview with Dave Randorf from TSN at half time of tonights game.  We’ll all be watching and listening closely.

Back to Milton.  I received a notice from the Town of Milton in their news section that 4th Line from Louis St Laurent to Britannia will be closed from September 2010 to December 2010 to allow for the Region of Halton to install a watermain feeder to Milton.

The temporary closure will be in effect from September 1, 2010 until December 31, 2010. Local and emergency access will be maintained throughout the construction.


Plans detailing the project are available for viewing at the Halton Region Office at 1075 North Service Road West, Unit 27, Oakville, ON or at The Town of Milton, Engineering Services, 2nd Floor, 150 Mary Street.

On August 23, 2010, Council will give consideration to the proposed bylaw. At this meeting, Council will hear, in person, or by their counsel, any person who applies to be heard. Persons wishing to be heard must notify the Clerk’s Department in writing, no later than 10 a.m. August 23, 2010.

Any inquiries should be directed to the following:
Traffic Inquiries Project Inquires
Heide Schlegl,
Coordinator, Traffic & Parking
Engineering Services Department
Phone: 905-878-7252, ext. 2506
Fax: 905-876-5029
E-mail: Heide Schlegl

Joseph Proietti, C.E.T.
Design Supervisor,
Water Services
P 905-825-6000 ext. 7613
F 905-825-0267
E-mail: Joseph Proeitti

I dont want to be a doom-sayer here but a set of traffic lights at Thompson and Louis St Laurent would come in handy during this period of time.

People coming down James Snow Parkway to Louis St. Laurent and normally turn down 4th line towards Britannia will now have to go all the way over to Thomspon, turn left and go down Thompson towards Britannia.

Can you say traffic mess?  Of course you can.  Seeing how there isnt a set of lights at Thompson and LSL (not enough traffic to warrant one)  Thats ok though as traffic will flow nicely down Thompson Road towards Britannia right?  Think again.  Why?  OH, I forgot there isnt a right hand turn lane to Britannia.

So…. from September to December look for Thompson Road to be a mess in the morning and afternoon.  We can use that time sitting in traffic to think of other options to bring forward.  Remember, you can have your say on August 23rd.  I know some of us will.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.