150th Anniversary Plug and Pizza Overload

This has been a very busy weekend.

I was out knocking on doors along Bennett Road and Armstrong for the good part of the morning. In the afternoon Anthony had one of his birthday parties. Yes I said parties. Ever since the last one, he’s wanted to have his party at Chuck E Cheese and have a soccer party. So we did both. His soccer and school friends had one yesterday and tonight was family / cousins at Chuck’s. Fun times were had by all, but now I’m feeling a bit of pizza overload.

Again early this morning out visiting some more Ward One residents and later in the afternoon there was a special BBQ for the 150th anniversary committee out in a beautiful area of Milton. As you are aware, I am the Chairperson of the Master Committee and we have been hard at work planning the 2007 celebrations for the past 2 years.

The chair of our Promotions sub committee Kevin and his lovely wife hosted 20 or so of the 150th committee members and special guests. They have a beautiful home and backyard and a great time was had by all. (A BIG thank you goes to our hosts!)

The plans for Milton’s 150th are well underway and some very BIG things will be coming shortly. You will NOT believe it when you hear it. I can’t say anything just yet but it IS huge. I will leave it at that. (How’s that for suspense eh?)

We were also introducing to everyone the winners of our 150th contest that was held earlier this year. The contest was open to all residents of Milton to choose the mascot and Theme for the 150th Celebrations. Rose Brooks and Michelle Job were our lucky winners and they get to join the Mayor of Milton and ring the bell on New Years Eve. There is a long list of names that have had the honour of ringing the bell and now we can add two more.

If you are interested in helping out in the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Milton, you can contact me or visit our webpage. You will be seeing and hearing more about the committee soon as we get closer to the start of the celebrations. The more help the easier the task becomes so if you can afford some time to attend a few meetings and plan some events, drop me a line.

Tomorrow evening is a very important Administration and Planning meeting at council chambers. I will have some information on this meeting and more tomorrow.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.

Voting locations

I have updated my website with the voting locations for Ward One and an updated map as well. On the map you will find your polling station based upon where you live in the ward and you can then see where you will be voting on November 13th.

If you have any questions email me anytime.

This is probably the most important election in Milton’s recent history. It is imperative that we make the commitment to vote on November 13th. Last election was a very low turnout. We can do better.

I’ll see you at the doors.

The guy with the cool magnets…

Here is a preview of my campaign fridge magnets. If you would like one and I haven’t got to your door yet, just drop me an email at mike@mikecluett.ca and either myself of a member of my campaign team will be happy to give you one.

The number of candidates for Town and Regional council seems to be growing by the day which is a good sign. This means that there is some interest in what is going on in Milton. Some people are happy with the progress and some feel there could me more done. What seems to be the most common theme at the doors is that the decisions that have been made are poorly thought and the communication between levels of government (i.e. Town and Regional) can improve drastically.

As your councillor I will do my best to ensure that improves. The left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right one is doing and in this period of incredible growth, it needs to improve. The most important part of the communication process is however, the communication from you, the taxpayers, to the levels of government.

We need to know what you’re thinking and what your concerns are. It’s important that we get feedback from you on major decisions BEFORE they are made. This is why door knocking in between elections and utilizing other forms of communication is something that is essential for our elected representatives. My website will be that tool along with my commitment that I will continuously seek out your opinions and concerns over the next four years as your town councillor for Ward One.

This election campaign is just the beginning and it will continue over the next four years. I ask for your support on Election Day which is November 13, 2006. More details as to where the polling stations are going to be located, times, etc will be posted here as they come available. I look forward to meeting you at the doors.

Change is in the air…

Door knocking tonight was a bit chilly. It didn’t really rain for a long time but for most of the afternoon the drizzle fell in true autumn fashion. I can’t believe that autumn is just around the corner. Plans are underway for my son’s 6th birthday party and I hope that it’s warm enough to be outside.

The past couple of nights at the doors seemed to uncover similar themes as with the weather. In between the many comments on “Trudeau Raceway” and the excessive speeds drivers reach (even on a drizzly night in September) confusion about a local park, and providing people information on how they find out if their names are on the voters list *hint: just drop me an email at mike@mikecluett.ca *

A lot of people I spoke with agreed with me that we need to work at reducing speed limits in residential streets and have an increased police presence to enforce these limits. You can have all the by-laws and regulations you want. If people don’t comply…they are meaningless.

It really doesn’t make sense to have an area heavily populated by young families such as ourselves with a speed limit of 50KM/hr. Natural driving urges will bring that closer to 60KM/h (as most do on the 400 series highways) and the potential for an accident increases.

Even while talking to people just off “Trudeau Raceway” I saw some crazy stuff on the side streets. There was a driver who tried to pass someone on the left hand side on a two lane road because the driver wasn’t driving fast enough for them. People are getting frustrated at the level of non compliance of the posted speed limits and they all seem to agree its going to take a tragedy to open some eyes. There were some that have lived in Hawthorne Village for close to 5 years and they have given up trying to get some action from local levels of government.

The feeling of change is definately in the air.

Got that smooshed feeling….

Yesterday wasn’t a fun day. For those of you who know, my beloved PT Cruiser has been on the wrong side of another vehicle a few times in her life. Yesterday was just another bad day, but with a construction dump truck.

I was leaving home to head to Mississauga. Heading towards Derry Road on Armstrong I was behind a large dump truck. The driver moved the truck over to the far left hand side of the lane but not seeing anything to indicate where he was going, I held back. He moved up closer to the line and stopped. Again there was no indicator. There was enough room on the right hand side where I could safely go through so I moved up a bit to look for traffic headed eastbound on Derry Road. Again, I glanced over at the truck and saw no indicator to show he was turning right. I moved up slightly and when the eastbound traffic was clear, I was ready to make my turn. Unfortunately, so was the truck and it ended up turning into my car on the drivers side from the back quarter panel to the front.

Long story short, no one was hurt except the car and a few disgruntled drivers behind us having to deal with a little more back up than normal.

With that being said, I urge everyone out there to exercise even more caution than normal when construction vehicles are involved. They are much bigger than most cars and things like this are becoming more and more the norm according to the police officers I spoke with recently.

On the bright side of things, it’s nice to see an increased police presence at the intersection of Yates and Bennett. For those of you who don’t know, there was a stop sign recently installed about 2-3 weeks ago. From that point on there have been several cars that have not stopped properly and / or simply ignored the signs entirely.

With our kids back to school and the good weather, it’s important we open our eyes a little wider and take care while driving.The police have been stopping people with a no tolerance mindset which is good.

They have been right there, in plain view of drivers and still, tickets have been issued. There have been some people who have noticed people not driving as fast on the streets as well. This is a good sign.

So, as for the car, I have to wait until Monday when I hear back from the PT’s doctor (Miltown Collision) and until then, I’m headed out to knock on a few doors, then head out to the Salvation Army Quarter Carnival at Pinelands Park on Trafalgar Road (north of 401). Hopefully the rain will hold off for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ll see you at the doors.