Happy Anniversary

It was 7 years ago today when my life took a different and better direction. My wife Pat and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary today. Looking back on that day not so long ago brings back some fantastic memories. The day was almost exactly like today with the sun shining (although a tad warmer) and much of the morning for me was spent relaxing watching the Ryder Cup at my best man Mike’s house, with a cup of coffee in hand and bacon and eggs on the table. Mike and I then went to the reception hall to assist in the setting up of a few items had a quick lunch and proceeded back to his place to get dressed with my other usher and good friend Satinder. Given a few butterflies here and there, a very calm and relaxing first half of the day.

In contrast Pat was dealing with about 20 people in the house from hairdressers, make up specialists, future inlaws, our neice and nephew Ashley and Richard (ring bearor and flower girl) and brides maids. She was up early in the morning making sandwiches for everyone making sure their day was as comfortable as possible, all the while getting ready for HER big day. From all accounts it was quite hectic that morning, and that was before the photographer got there.

Another funny part of the day was that she was 15 minutes late. As my brother Rick, Mike, Satinder and I waited in the back of the church with the minister, checking our watches as the start time approched, Pats limo was trying its best to make it along Queen Street in Brampton to make it on time. The minister had suggested if she wasnt there on time, that we all head out to a local pub for a pint or two while we waited. HAHA. Just as we were about to open the back door to escape…the bell rang letting us know that she was there. Good decision to wait for her!

I still feel guilty that I had it so easy. Me calmly relaxing watching what was going to be the last time in 1999 the United States had defeated the Europeans in the Ryder Cup while life was going “bonkers” at home. As a side note, just this past weekend the US team was descimated by the Europeans and it wasnt really close. Oh well, we still have 1999 eh?

I do have to thank Pat for all of her years of support and love. Without her, I really dont know where I would be. I just know Im in a great place in life…and most of it has to do with her. All I know is that just 7 years later we have a fantastic and beautiful son Anthony who just turned 6 years old, we live in a wonderful home in Milton, we have great friends and family and I am very thankful for the things we share in life and take nothing for granted.

Pat has been so supportive of me during this election campaign. She has been understanding to my daily routine of door knocking, almost passing each other like ships in the night as she comes home from work and I go out to knock on doors. She is making even more of a sacrifice than I am during this municipal election campaign and I wouldnt be able to do it without her support.

So to my loving wife of now 7 years…I love you just as much as I did that day and maybe even a bit more. Thank you!

I’ll see you at the doors.

Parking Issues

Over the course of the day I have had the opportunity to speak with many of the residents on Robson Cres. and they all seem to have the same concerns…parking and speeding.

I had explained this process to a few individuals on Robson but I wanted to post it as well to inform others who might have similar problems.

On Robson Cres there is only parking on one side of the street (south side) and no parking on the north side. Many residents on the north side have more than 2 cars and are sometimes required to park a vehicle on the street for some time. Seeing how the time limit is 3 hrs, this poses a problem.

Lets say for instance you have some friends over for dinner and you would like to enjoy a couple extra adult beverages (wobbly pops as Ive heard them called) or wine. If your guests were to stay over, they would have to park on the street. There is a number to call at the town of Milton which is located on my magnet as well 😉 905-878-7252 ext 2530. You can leave a message with the plate number of the vehicle that will be parked on the road.

THIS can get a little on the frustrating side if you are a home owner and require 24 hour parking. There is a way you can get it by applying for extended parking which can be located here at the Town of Milton website.

Its important that when you are doing this you communicate with the residents to let them know if they dont respond and there is a low turnout, nothing with change. I believe there is a 12 month time frame on this so it cant be done every month.

Each plate is alloted a certain number of excemptions from parking tickets (18 each plate). You can check the Town of Milton site for more info or just email me and I can try to answer your questions.

Special thanks to Tim and Sandra from the HawthorneVillager.com website for taking the time to speak with me and the concerns on Robson. I can assure you and everyone in Ward One that if elected your town councillor I will put a lot of effort into serving you for the next four years.

I’ll see you at the doors.

Milton Fall Fair

I know the weather looks a little off this weekend but I urge everyone to head out to the Milton Fall Fair at the Milton Fairgrounds.

www.miltonfair.com for more information, directions and costs. Demolition Derby is on this weekend as well as a midway with games and rides for the kids. Come out to one of the events that truly shows off Milton Spirit.

Hope to see you there!

Parent / Teacher Open House

No door knocking tonight as my wife Pat and I get to visit Hawthorne Village PS to meet Anthony’s teacher and see his class room. He’s been very excited about us coming and is looking forward to showing us around.

It is saddening in a way to see the number of portables at HVPS with many of our children from Ward One having daily classes in them. Its a reminder to everyone who lives here that the growth in Milton is showing no signs of slowing down, except if your driving anywhere in town. 😀

The PT also comes back from the shop tomorrow which will be a welcome sight seeing how I’ve now grown tired of the rental…again!

In the meantime, thank you for your emails and comments to me about my website and blog and I look forward to continuing this “conversation” with residents of Ward One throughout the campaign and as your Town Councillor.

I’ll see you at the doors.

Name changes and traffic lights being installed

I just came back from the Town of Milton’s Administration and Planning Committee at town hall. For those who are unaware, there are 2 committees in place for the town: The administration and planning committee and the community services standing committee. All members of council are part of either one of these committees but everyone attends all meetings each month.

Tonight there were some discussions regarding possible changes at Thompson and Maple development (what seems to be mostly cosmetic changes to the complex) and whether or not a dealership will be built on Steeles and Martin Road (by Meritor as you come in off 25 south of the 401).

There were a few items of concern to ward one residents. One of them was the moving forward of a staff report to a proposed amendment to the zoning bylaw by Redwood Homes who wants to build 74 back to back townhouses by Ferguson Drive east of Armstrong Blvd over by Guardian Angels Catholic School.

Here is the link to the actual staff report. There are some that feel by adding additional homes right beside the school might eat into the current green belt. Since council adopted the staff recommendation, it will be ratified by council next week. If there are any other questions, please contact the town clerk for any more details.

Another item that was brought up by the planning department is the possible changes to the names of many streets in Milton. According to the report there are several streets that will be affected and I will look into the possibility of any of our Ward One streets being affected.

Given the past problems with other municipalities and the emergency services not being able to find the right location in a time of urgent need, the Town of Milton feels it necessary to move forward with this study and get the process started. This was also endorsed by the Town of Milton Fire Department as something that is essential to providing the best service to Miltonians. Stay tuned to my site for details.

And finally something that I know has been a thorn in the side of many people who use Britannia Road. Judging from the number of calls I have received I can only imagine the number of calls our councillors have received on this.

Regional Councillor Barry Lee brought up the concerns of many residents regarding the 4 way stop sign at 4th line and Britannia. There have been talks with the Town of Milton and Region of Halton to speed up the process and get a traffic light installed ASAP. Paul Cripps made mention that the traffic lights will be going up in the next 5 days or so with a few days after that to be completed.

I am one of the drivers who uses Britannia Road as I work daily in Mississauga and I can assure those who have also been affected it is a major inconvenience. The work is going to get done and not too soon for most of us. I will be updating my site to let people know the progress of the installation as soon as possible.

Please exercise caution and patience while driving through this area. I would love to hear what you think about this, so please feel free to comment on the blog or send me an email to mike@mikecluett.ca it’s your opinion that matters and I would like to hear from you.

I’ll see you at the doors.