Milton Education Village & Innovation Centre


The Milton Education Village (MEV) and Innovation Centre are key growth initiatives by the Town of Milton.  The MEV will be a 400 acre development in cooperation with Laurier University.  Earlier in 2012, I along with Milton Town Council reconfirmed our commitment to establish this state of the art campus through a Memorandum of Understanding with Laurier University.

One of the main parts of the MEV is the Milton Innovation Centre.  It was opened in 2013 at 555 Industrial Drive, with future plans to locate within the MEV.  The innovation centre is a local initiative dedicated to “enabling an entrepreneurial culture for business start-up, incubation, intersection for innovation, education and training.”

According to the Milton Community Profile released earlier this year, Milton is rich with innovative, educated and entrepreneurial people.  These are the types of individuals who start and operate their own businesses and the centre is designed to foster a cooperative and supportive environment for this type of business development to grow.

The problem we faced before the establishment of the Centre was that Milton residents did NOT have these resources available to them and had to travel to other communities to build their business and then eventually stay there…leaving Milton behind. I have no doubt a state of the art university campus will attract more companies to move to Milton, providing local residents with thousands of job opportunities – not only in professional fields, but also service and part time jobs to meet the needs of our growing youth population.

What are the benefits?

  • More options available for our growing population to get an education right here in Milton
  • Business will follow education, leading to more job opportunities for Milton residents
  • Increased ridership and more revenue for Milton Transit
  • More choices for you and a better future for your family

As your Regional Councillor, my plan involves working towards the approval of the Milton Education Village with the Province of Ontario and continuing to grow the Innovation Centre while working to attract companies to Milton and more job opportunities for you.

One more step towards a Complete Community.