Derry Green Business Park

derry green

Derry Green Business Park is the second of Milton’s two planned employment areas which will cover over 800 hectares located in Ward 1.  Once completed it will be the location for thousands of job opportunities in prestige office areas as well as industrial / commercial for Milton residents.

During this term of council, I along with Milton Town Council adopted an amendment to the Official Plan to move forward with this development which is awaiting approval from Halton Region.

The fact that Milton lacks quality job opportunities for local residents means that more people have to commute outside of their home community every single day.  That has a direct impact on our quality of life as we spend more time in our cars than with our families.  As more companies move to Milton, they will also pay development charges and property taxes which in turn puts less pressure on you – the residential taxpayer – to shoulder the future increases in taxes.

What are the benefits?

  • Less pressure on residential taxpayers to fund town services & park maintenance
  • Increased ridership and more revenue for Milton Transit
  • Less time commuting and more time with your family
  • More choices for you and a better future for your family

My plan involves working to ensure Halton Region approves the Official Plan Amendment as we work to attract companies to move to Milton.

As your Regional Councillor, I will strive to make Derry Green Business Park a reality and bring more opportunities to you and your family – one more step towards a Complete Community.