401 Interchange At Tremaine Road

If you travel along Steeles Avenue, Derry Road and Britannia Road during rush hours, you will know how busy it can get.  Thousands of cars pour onto and off of the 401 on a daily basis, causing congestion headaches and losses of valuable family time. A large part of this congestion problem is that many residents in the west side of Milton (Wards 7 & 8) who commute out-of-town daily are restricted to  entering and exiting the 401 from Hwy 25, James Snow Parkway, or Trafalgar Road.

Halton Region recently began the process of entering into a cost sharing agreement for the construction of an interchange at the 401 and Tremaine Road.  This multi-million dollar project requires the cooperation of all levels of government.

The construction of this interchange is a MUST for Halton Region, and the Town of Milton especially, as it will reduce the number of cars on east / west routes in Milton – making it easier for residents in the west side of Milton get home, and providing better access to Milton Education Village – Laurier Campus.

As your Regional Councillor, I will work with and encourage Town & Regional staff to continue with this project, and consult with other levels of government regarding infrastructure funding to ensure its approval and construction.

One more step towards a Complete Community.