Mike’s Plan

A Plan For A Complete Community

Since being elected to Milton Town Council in 2010, I have established a reputation for being informed and accessible. It became apparent early in this term that the representation for Wards 1,6,7 & 8 was lacking, so I took it upon myself to attend Regional council meetings to keep up-to-date on what was happening and be the voice of the residents.

Over the next several years Milton will continue to grow. The majority of the new growth in Milton will happen in wards 1,6,7 & 8 and the decisions we make NOW will have an impact on the quality of life for years to come. We need reliable and experienced leadership for Milton. I am committed to working with you to ensure that we build a Complete Community.

A Complete Community is one that you can live, work, play, and learn in. A Complete Community is one where you have the option to find employment, allowing you to spend less time commuting and more time with your family.

A Complete Community contains smart residential development, quality schools, clean parks and abundant job opportunities for residents. A Complete Community has activities that are located within walking distance transit stops.

A Complete Community is where the planning and implementation of smart street designs serve the needs of all modes of transportation, be it pedestrians, cyclists, or automobiles.  Here’s how!

Balanced Growth

My plan involves taking the initiative to getting Milton Education Village approved by the Province of Ontario and moving forward on Derry Green Business Park to attract both industrial and commercial businesses to Milton.

The essence of balanced growth is to have a plan such that all variables grow in planned relation to each other. We must grow in all aspects – more business opportunities provide Miltonians with more choices. I will continue to support and (more importantly) advance a number of projects instrumental in designing a Complete Community:

Fairness for Milton

I will also strive to increase the voice and impact of Milton while at Halton Regional Council. I plan on addressing the current imbalance which currently sees Milton having just 3 representatives out of 21.(Oakville – 7, Burlington – 7, Halton Hills – 3, Milton – 3, The Chair is elected Regionally wide.)

By 2041, the projected population of Halton will be over 1 million people, with 350,000 of those calling Milton home. Milton needs an experienced voice for taxpayers at Halton Region.

Accountable to YOU

The coming years will bring about many changes to our area and almost exclusively to Wards 1,6,7 & 8. This is why it is vital that we have a strong and experienced voice – both locally and at Halton Region. When elected in Ward 6 in 2010, I had made a promise to residents that I would continue to knock on doors and listen to them. I have kept that promise. If elected to be your Local/Regional Councillor on October 27, you’re not just voting for Mike Cluett. You’re voting for Milton. You’re voting for Halton. You’re voting for a Complete Community.

I invite you to send me your thoughts and comments on my plan during the election campaign.  Please email me mike@mikecluett.ca or call me directly (647) 888-9032. I hope to count on your support and vote on election day October 27.

I’ll see you at the doors.