Got that smooshed feeling….

Yesterday wasn’t a fun day. For those of you who know, my beloved PT Cruiser has been on the wrong side of another vehicle a few times in her life. Yesterday was just another bad day, but with a construction dump truck.

I was leaving home to head to Mississauga. Heading towards Derry Road on Armstrong I was behind a large dump truck. The driver moved the truck over to the far left hand side of the lane but not seeing anything to indicate where he was going, I held back. He moved up closer to the line and stopped. Again there was no indicator. There was enough room on the right hand side where I could safely go through so I moved up a bit to look for traffic headed eastbound on Derry Road. Again, I glanced over at the truck and saw no indicator to show he was turning right. I moved up slightly and when the eastbound traffic was clear, I was ready to make my turn. Unfortunately, so was the truck and it ended up turning into my car on the drivers side from the back quarter panel to the front.

Long story short, no one was hurt except the car and a few disgruntled drivers behind us having to deal with a little more back up than normal.

With that being said, I urge everyone out there to exercise even more caution than normal when construction vehicles are involved. They are much bigger than most cars and things like this are becoming more and more the norm according to the police officers I spoke with recently.

On the bright side of things, it’s nice to see an increased police presence at the intersection of Yates and Bennett. For those of you who don’t know, there was a stop sign recently installed about 2-3 weeks ago. From that point on there have been several cars that have not stopped properly and / or simply ignored the signs entirely.

With our kids back to school and the good weather, it’s important we open our eyes a little wider and take care while driving.The police have been stopping people with a no tolerance mindset which is good.

They have been right there, in plain view of drivers and still, tickets have been issued. There have been some people who have noticed people not driving as fast on the streets as well. This is a good sign.

So, as for the car, I have to wait until Monday when I hear back from the PT’s doctor (Miltown Collision) and until then, I’m headed out to knock on a few doors, then head out to the Salvation Army Quarter Carnival at Pinelands Park on Trafalgar Road (north of 401). Hopefully the rain will hold off for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ll see you at the doors.


Nights are getting darker sooner…

Ive noticed recently that its getting darker much earlier than expected. I was out on Beaty Trail this evening and noticed it was just after 8pm when it started to get dark. I did manage to get to quite a few homes this evening and spoke a lot of people.

I ran into a lady who was doing some cleaning in her garage…I scared the bejeepers out of her as I walked up the driveway (I AM very sorry!) and she was disappointed her husband wasnt there as he kept up to date on municipal issues and had a few questions. I will be making my way back to their house because his input is needed. As with everyone in the Town of Milton, their opinions and views should be heard.

While she was describing her husbands passion for municipal politics all I could think of is the Citizens Advisory Committee … he would be a great addition! Its important for people who live in the ward to be involved.

Another gentleman I spoke with also made mention the fact that his voice seems to have gone unheard. Each time he has commented on certain issues with the town, he hasnt received the response he would have liked. “You have to live here on a daily basis to know whats going on” he told me.

Most of the issues that I faced this evening had to do with the Trudeau raceway as it was called, speeding, parklands and neighbourhood safety topped the list of concerns. Seems to be a universal concern of many people in Ward One.

As an aside, someone called me “the guy with the great fridge magnet!” He was referring to my campaign magnet which includes some frequently used numbers, as well as my website and email address.

If you would like one of these magnets, just send me an email at and I will have one of our campaign team drop one off for you. It does come in quite handy.

Another day and another 60-70 homes down, and I cant even imagine how many homes to go before November 13th. I better get some more rest.

Just as reminder the Salvation Army KHI Community is having their Carnival on Saturday September 9th starting at 3pm at Pineland Farms off Trafalger Road (north of the 401). There is going to be a bake sale, BBQ, bouncy castle, prizes and lots of fun.

I will see you at the doors!

On the Road……

Hello Ward One! I’ve had some recent “issues” with my blog on, SO…here we go again. This is the NEW-er premiere blog for the Mike Cluett Campaign.

Ever since I started knocking on doors for the past few months, it has been a great experience. NOW its time to kick it into high gear. Summer is over, kids are back at school and the routines are (or soon will be) back to normal.

NOW, its time to think about our town.

We have a very important decision to make this November and at the risk of being over dramatic, it’s probably the most important election in the recent history of Milton.

Change is happening all around us. New roads are being built (maybe not at the speed we would LIKE). More homes are being occupied as families, young and old, experience their dreams of living in the Town of Milton. We all share or have shared in those dreams; the brand new home smell so to speak.

That is why it’s important that everyone takes the time to review what all the candidates are proposing for the next 4 years. That is the main reason why I decided to have a campaign website. It’s a communication tool, as this blog is, for those of us in Ward one AND the town of Milton to have a constant flow of communication. It will be utilized as a tool for me, as your town councillor; to let you know what is going on in our ward, and to communicate directly to you. With the decisions that the next council will be faced with looming in the horizon, it’s very important for your town councillor to be able to hear what you have to say.

Here’s how I will do that as your town councillor.

1) Immediately establish a Citizens Advisory Committee

This Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) will prove to be another tool of communication for residents of the ward and the town councillors to exchange ideas and get feedback on certain issues. These CAC’s can meet bi monthly and the councillors can send their reports directly to Council meetings so that the views of the residents are on the record.

2) Continue to knock on doors in between elections.

It’s all well and good to knock on doors during an election period to get your platform out there, but what happens in between elections? Many of you from the conversations I have had at the doors have expressed concern and frustration at getting answers from both our current representatives AND from Town Hall. I will commit to continue knocking on doors in between elections to ensure your voice is heard and your questions answered.

3) Utilize technology.

The website will continue to be used as a tool for communication once elected. It is here where I will give updates on when roads are slated to be paved, status of stop signs at intersections, etc. It also will continue to be used as a forum for residents to speak directly to me about what concerns them.

THIS is just a start. It only works if everyone participates. I am letting you know what I will do as your councillor and I hope I can count on you to make it work.

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible before November 13th. In the meantime, please take an opportunity to post a comment in my blog or send me an email at

Time to get some rest…out knocking again tomorrow evening!

Take care,