CN Officially Announces Plans for Milton Intermodal Facility

downloadEarlier this morning the  Milton Chamber of Commerce hosted a breakfast sponsored by CN for the announcement of their plans to construct a 400 acre $250 million intermodal facility in Milton.

The news broke earlier this week and over the last 48 hours, I along with other Milton and Regional Councillors have heard from Milton residents on both sides of the issue.  There is a long history with these lands, CN and previous attempts at locating an intermodal and many respond with “here we go again”

The announcement was brief and all the details of their proposal as well as ways of contacting CN directly are located at a website  This website is run by CN.

They will also be opening an office in Milton that will be open Saturdays where Milton residents can take their questions and concerns directly to their staff.  The office will be at 61 James Snow Parkway and opening March 28th from 9am to 2pm.

The presentation made by CN mainly focused on the benefits of intermodal transport as opposed to trucks and other forms of goods transit and what they perceive will be the benefits brought to Milton.  There were a few questions afterwards, even one by a CN employee in attendance.

There will be more to come as information becomes available so stay tuned to @Mike_Cluett and as always, please send me your comments, questions and concerns to

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