2012 Milton Town Council Expenses

UPDATE March 25th

In a report released today for this coming Monday’s council meeting, the 2012 salaries and expenditures have been released.  Click here for the detailed report.

Here is a brief outline of the salaries / benefits / expenditures of each member of Milton Town Council.

In case you are wondering why my salary is lower than other local councillors, since being elected I have chosen not to accept pay increases as I feel that any raise approved by council, should be effective the date the next council is elected.  I’m opposed to any level of government approving a pay increase for themselves and Ive stood by that from day one.

The column of Professional Development includes conferences that councillors attend on behalf of the town of Milton including AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) and FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities)  In 2012 I attended both FCM and AMO which explains the PD amount of $3,604.00 for me.  For your information, I will not be attending any conferences this current year of 2013.

Our regional councillors Colin Best, Tony Lambert and Mayor Gord Krantz also receive remuneration from the Region of Halton.  Their expenses were recently released at an Administration & Finance committee meeting earlier this week.

UPDATE:  Here is a listing of the detailed breakdown of Milton council remuneration when it comes to “Professional Development”  These are the conferences we attend through the year that members of council can gain further insight into issues that we face, network with other members of local council and meet directly with provincial/federal ministers to lobby for issues we find important.  Last year for instance a number of local councillors attended the AMO Conference in Ottawa to meet with provincial government ministers to discuss Milton based issues such as the horse racing industry changes and schools.

Here is the breakdown.

Here you will find the breakdown of each of the conferences for each councillor and how much we claimed while attending.  For example Clr Huffman attended 3 conferences in 2012.  I attended both the AMO and FCM Conferences in 2012  Our regional councillors who attended claimed some expenses through the region (you’ll find those numbers in the regional council section of this post.  Clr’s Malboeuf and Nelson did not attend any of the conferences this year.

If you have any questions of this or any other report, please feel free to leave a comment, share this post or email/call me anytime.

I’ll see you at the doors.

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