Boston Pizza Supports Milton United Way

I just wanted to say a quick word of thanks to the “celebrity” servers from last nights event at Boston Pizza.

In case you didn’t know, last night the Milton United Way coordinated with Boston Pizza to donate 15% of the food sales in the restaurant to the UW.

It could not have been the success it was without the help and support of our celebrities.  When the call went out, they answered!

Scott Fox who as many people in Milton know is a strong supporter of a number of causes.  From his support of the Milton Hospital Foundation to the United Way, Scott has been amazing and dazzled many in attendance with his serving skills.  Believe me he did not take the night off !

Samantha Attew is a name many people know because she’s always ready to help out when needed.  She was recently recognized for her volunteering in our community by receiving the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee award this past weekend and didn’t hesitate when asked to help out last night.

Another great Miltonian is Yannick Carter.  In between smashing players on the CFL grid iron hes a strong supporter of the Oakville Milton Humane Society.  If you’ve ever wanted to see a 6 foot 2, 250 pound football player go all mushy when he see’s a dog or cat…thats Yannick.

He also enlisted the help of his fellow teammates Ryan Hinds, Jonathan Hood and Iasacc Brown to help out last night.  As everyone knows, Im a big CFL fan and when I see the players helping out the community as these guys do on a regular basis, it makes me even more proud to say that Im a fan.  They give of their time to help out the youth in our community with positive messages like focusing on physical health and getting an education.  They are true CFL ambassadors.

We should also say a big thank you to the staff at Boston Pizza.  They truly made the night fun for us all.  I couldn’t stay long because of a council meeting at 7pm but speaking for our celebrity servers, they did a great job and were awesome.

Hopefully tomorrow we should have the grand total of this event so stay tuned to my Twitter feed for that.  Also this coming Thursday (Valentines Day) is our touch down event where we will announce the grand total of this years fundraising campaign.  Ive been involved with the fundraising team this year for the United Way and they’ve been great.  Tune into TV Cogeco live at 2pm for coverage.

If you’d like more information please go to the Milton United Way website and if you do feel so inclined, make a donation to help the 1 in 4 Miltonian’s who use a United Way service.  Change starts here!

I’ll see you at the doors.

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