CHCH News Coverage of Miltons Decision on Bell Cell Tower


  1. Cindy P May 15, 2012 at 9:16 am

    Hi Mike.

    Im a ward 6 resident who lives on Clark Blvd on the east side of Thompson and I wanted to post some comments on this whole cell tower thing.

    I had a chance last night to watch the meeting online and a few comments made by one of the presenters made me a little bit upset.

    This presenter THANKED Tony Lambert for being on this issue from the beginning. I almost spilled my coffee when I heard this because outside of the people who were against the tower I had never heard from him. The first time I heard about this was from your website and when you came and knocked on my door to ask what I think about the tower.

    Tony was no where to be found until he came up with the idea that he could get his name in the paper by opposing this. I know some council members did a lot of work talking to people on this but you did the lion share if not the most.

    For that gentleman to say Tony did everything to bring this to light is simply wrong. I have my own opinions on Tony that arent news breaking as some other posters here mentioned before. I understand hes getting his life in order and thats fine but I question the judgment of a person who drinks and drives with his kid in the car without a car seat and then claims he wants to keep kids safe. Doesnt make sense. Tony has forever lost my vote and my confidence in his ability to be a representative on council.

    I wanted to publicly thank you Mike for your hard work. Not just on this issue but every issue that comes up in town and in our ward. If we had more councillors like you, this town would be an even better place to live.

    I just couldnt let those comments go without saying something and I hope that gentleman is reading this and is aware of the big mistake he made and I hope he apologizes to you.

    Keep up the great work Mike.

  2. Mike Cluett May 15, 2012 at 9:49 am

    Thank you for the feedback.

    The cell issue isnt a done deal as I mentioned to many of the people last night at the admin & planning committee meeting. This still has to be ratified by Milton Council on the 28th of May.

    Once our decision is delivered to the parties involved they will try to come to a resoultion. If that doesnt happen, Industry Canada will make the final decision. The tower STILL can be errected despite committees actions last night.

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