Report on Cell Tower Expected Soon

Looking at the upcoming reports listed on the Town of Milton website recently shows that there is a report on the Bell cell tower proposal at New Life Church is expected to be presented to the members of the Administration & Planning standing committee (of which I am a voting member) on May 14th.

There has been an exhaustive amount of information presented during this process.  If you remember back on March 1st, I was the first to point out this potential development in our area.  From that point on, I have done extensive research in this field and believe me, my eyes are bleary with the sheer number of reports out there, and talked with residents in the immediate and surrounding areas to get their views on the proposal.  You can also contact Halton MP Lisa Raitt’s office by going to and sending in your comments & concerns.

The most vocal have been those who oppose the tower in our area, but I have discussed this with a number of residents who are in support of the tower and allowing the New Life Church to move forward with it.  I will be the first to admit there is a lot of information on both sides of this, and as I mentioned in a Champion article, this debate is very similar to the debate the Region of Halton recently had regarding fluoride in the water.  Emotions have been running high as the process moved forward.

I await the receipt of this report, as many residents in our wards are and as soon as its made available I will have a link to the report here.

So mark your calendars for May 14th at Milton Town Hall.  The meeting starts at 7pm and if you would like to speak on the report, you can register as a delegation for the meeting.  I will have all the information available when the report is ready.

Until then, I’ll see you at the doors.


  1. Whats the fuss May 1, 2012 at 10:25 am

    Many thanks for keeping us posted on your site about this potential tower Mike. Ive checked other councillors sites and theres been very little if not anything about this. Makes me wonder who we elected.

    I saw Tony on my street but refused to answer the door when he came by for obvious reasons as I didnt want to cause a scene.

    I really dont understand the fuss about this tower. There is enough confirmed information and studies done by Health Canada to show that while not perfect, it doesnt pose that kind of threat to the safety of the people in Milton. Ive talked with a number of those collecting signatures and found many of them just dont like the cross and this is the best arguement to get rid of it.

    Im a Bell subscriber and the service here in our area is horrible and this will go a long way to improving it. If Bell doesnt improve the service, Im changing providers and they know it.

    I hope that the decisions made are not based on emotion but on fact. I know you have to do what you have to do to represent the area and quite frankly I know IM not in the vocal majority in this case.

    Keep up the great work and if any of your collegues are reading this…step up and represent like Mike does. Many people voted you in to do something, not to act like the previous councillors did and do nothing until election time.

  2. Mike Cluett May 1, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    Thanks for your comments. I really do appreciate them.

  3. Matthew F May 7, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    I just read on the Villager site one of the people who are opposed to the tower (handle, not a real name by the way) saying people are frustrated with you right now.

    IM SO UPSET at them now. For one, you “broke” the story first and it took a few weeks of people harrasing Rick and Tony (as some of the commments on other threads of yours show) to get them to acknowledge what was going on.

    If it wasnt for you I dont know how many people wouldnt have heard about this proposal. You didnt jump the gun like Tony did. Its ok that he has his opinion but hes too busy trying to redeem himself becaue of his DUI and ASSAULT charges & guilty pleas and hes trying to win back some votes.

    Its ok to have an opinion but if your opinion doesnt agree with yours thats ok too. Its called a democracy and not being bullied into supporting things either way. Mikes been pretty darned clear about his opinion. Hes helped foster the conversation and allowed anyone and everyone to post on his site too.

    So before you go to a internet forum and set up an annonymous handle to bash someone, at least have the guts to put your real name.

    Mike is an example of what a real representative is in government at any level. The others are just trying their best to follow the leader. Whatever the decision is, Mike has my support AND vote.

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