Velodrome Public Session Last Night

On behalf of Regional Councillor Colin Best and myself, I would like to thank everyone who attended the public session on the velodrome last night.  The turnout was a lot better than many other sessions Ive held and that just goes to show people want information on the future of this endeavour.

We tried our best to provide as much up to date information as possible and answer questions of residents.  There is still some concerns we have and over the next few days I will be diving into the business plan and posting details on my site as I go through it.  Its an important decision to make and we as a council have to be fully informed before we make that decision.

If you would like to review the online version of the report (both links are about 9MB) you can check them out for some light reading 🙂

Here is a couple of articles from the Milton Canadian Champion courtesy of Christina Commisso & Matthew Van Dongen of the Hamilton Spectator.

Velodrome Concerns Raised

Make Velodrome A Go

Here is some coverage from CHCH News who came out to the Milton Sports Centre.


  1. Howard Pfeiffer January 30, 2012 at 11:07 am

    The MontrealVelodrome was renovated starting in 1989 and transformed into a Biodome managed by the City of Montreal in 1992. It is part of the Montreal Nature Museum (Parc 2011).

    Now why would a sports centre like Montreal close a money maker and turn it into a Biodome???

    The Velodrome isn’t a moneymaker. For us, it will be a cash drain and a traffic builder. Fix our traffic congestion problems before you add to it….Interesting that Mattamy also go the next 450++ homes added to the expansion.
    Why not show the financials from the likes of Carson city and Manchester that you displayed at the open house….

    What expert prepared the financials handed out…Are they aware of other facilities financials to make these asssumptions?

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